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In our country the precipitation - a common phenomenon that occurs with surprising regularity throughout the year. In summer it is a short heavy showers, incessant rains in the fall and winter is usually accompanied by snowfall. In the spring the snow starts to melt, and there comes a time when the soil does not absorb water. On its surface are vast pools of hindering the movement of people and vehicles and disappearing only after a couple of days of good weather. However, the sun dries out only the top layer of soil, vnut p and the moisture remains for a longer time. Besides the fact that it adversely affects the excess plants, significant harm is caused by the foundations of buildings, and basements and garages are just flooded.
To solve this problem, and was invented by storm water drain (it livnevki, rainwater drainage) , which is a whole system of products for removing water and its purification . Powered livnevki pretty simple, but very effective: in the rain streams flow down from the roofs flows through downspouts, and then enter the elements of a point catchment - storm-water inlets. These products are equipped with filters for cleaning of debris, as well as built-in siphon. Water is diverted from the area of ​​the channel system, culminating trash box, and then, purified, flows into the central sewer.
A well-designed and timely storm sewer system installed to prevent waterlogging in the rainy season and stops reheating foundations. The cost of purchase and installation of drainage (drainage system, drainage system) pay off soon enough and the difference is palpable at the first rain. Installing livnevki allows for the collection and drainage of water from the roofs of buildings, roads, sidewalks, lawns. It significantly extends the service life of buildings and structures, reduces the cost of repairs and additional maintenance. Navigate through the area, equipped with guttering - whether street, courtyard, park or garden - much easier and more pleasant, and the inconvenience caused by unexpected rain or snow melting during the thaw, in it are minimized.
If the city soil moisture adversely affects mainly on the foundations of buildings and structures on the garden plots are mainly affected plants. Excess moisture often causes rotting stems and roots, but also in places with waterlogged soil quickly there is a lot of mosquitoes, which also considerably spoils the life of the owners of country houses.
To get rid of « unnecessary » Water in the garden area are two different kinds of drainage -   surface and deep. The first is for removal of atmospheric cages and divided into point and linear drainage.
to the system point drainage gullies are to be put under the gutters and watering taps. The location of the selected point of intersection of the slope, which receives water from all equipped with the plot. Built siphon septum hinder exit from the sewerage odors and baskets for garbage collection effectively delay leaves, small twigs, insects caught in the drain. Cleaning the dust-collecting is carried out fairly simple: just lift the grille inlets and pull cart, and then removing it from the trash and washing, to return back.
The most convenient for installation in the garden plots are plastic gullies - lightweight, durable, reliable and durable. From above they are covered with special grilles to protect the product from mechanical influences and pressures.
Linear drainage trays (channels, troughs) consist of a plurality of channels and trash boxes and display abstracted water into a central sewage system. Depending on the material used for the production drainage gutter subdivided into plastic, concrete and polimerkompozitnye. To create a reliable and quality of surface drainage in the garden of commonly used first two types.
Plastic trays (channels, troughs) is lightweight and easy to install. These benefits provide reliable and efficient drainage in the territory of any size, and, it can be done in a short time and at low cost funds. Special plugs, adapters, fasteners greatly simplify the assembly process, and drainage grating (storm water drainage) protect the product from mechanical influences and pressures.
Concrete channels (concrete gutter) exhibit high strength and delight of its low price. They are used in places with a high mechanical load on the road, around the garage and entrance gates. The depth of the channel is selected depending on the amount of rain and melt water, and the system provides reliable docking adapter products. On top of the concrete chute reserved bars of iron or steel, and an elaborate system of fastening prevents accidental displacement during operation.
The creation of drainage in the garden area requires the use of only high quality materials, because it depends on them, how effective will operate the entire system. Company « hydronic » It offers a wide range of products for stormwater and surface drainage of both domestic and foreign production. A wide range of all the necessary elements of drainage can satisfy customers from various regions, as well-established contacts with manufacturers provide the ability to deliver products to consumers in details please volumes.
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