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The German company Hauraton is recognized as one of Europe's leading manufacturers of surface water drainage systems for areas of different functional purpose: hiking and parks, sports fields of roads, parking of vehicles, filling stations, transport terminals industrial sites (including chemical and petrochemical industries), airports, seaports and train stations.

During heavy rainfall or spring snowmelt in the streets of our cities can be seen almost everywhere this picture: mounted on the facades of the   Houses drains flows directly beneath the water whipped the feet of passers,   tempted foundations, spoil the pavement. To solve this problem will help install gutters around the house or series Recyfix Faserfix.

In order to protect the facades of buildings in the range of   Hauraton is a unique series Dachfix. This system is designed to collect atmospheric waste     Surface waters with outdoor terraces and exploited roofs. Drains Dachfix can be made of galvanized or stainless steel, with different types of covering grids: slotted,   honeycomb, perforated.   Chutes gutters of different sizes are produced in the process of mounting them easily shortened to the desired length, and to adjust the installation height. Drainage from the gutter carried out by collectors of waste water. Removed from drains collections   can connect with him water ducts.

In order to protect from   clogging with sand and small stones drains fitted Dachfix channels of perforated material.   Whichever of the various methods   solve the problem of urban parking of vehicles was not   is selected, it is in any case requires a   rapid collection and removal of water from the surface. Special Series drains Recyfix-Park and Faserfix-Park thanks to the reduced installation height of less than 50mm, can be installed in the floor decks on all levels of the multi-storey car parks, underground garages and parking lots,   indoor car washes and auto service stations.

In a series Recyfix-Park gutters are made of thermoplastic, non-corrosive,   non-flammable and has a high chemical resistance. The material is easy to work and fit during installation. The   Series Faserfix-Park trough made of fiber reinforced concrete. Top gutters firmly closed bars made of ductile cast iron, galvanized and stainless steel. The patented quick fastening gratings at   help latches Side-Loc save   installation time and facilitates the   maintenance of the drainage system during operation. It is also possible vandalism strengthened arrays of bolts. Selection of drainage systems shall be based on class load.

parking for passenger cars it is recommended to use drains with a class load in 125 locations in the travel and   Truck Stop — with load class C 250. Parking freight transport, transport terminals, industrial zones equipped with gutters Recyfix-standard-Plus with load class D 400. At the entrance to the garage and parking, as well as internal travel, pedestrian zones, and   in other places with limited speed can be set a series of drains Recyfix-Top with lower class load.   Elements of urban infrastructure, experiencing maximum load, related to the movement of heavy vehicles, – airports, railway stations, ports, freight terminals, service station — for efficient surface drainage can be equipped with gutters Resyfix-Super, which are produced with   Load class up to F900 inclusive. High strength drains Resyfix-Super combined with low weight and ease of installation.

A similar series of   Faserfix made of concrete,   fiber reinforced. Concrete gutters are produced with a slope for better drainage. To collect the heavy fractions of the surface water drainage collection and supplemented by easy to clean grit chambers and traps stale air.

In some neighborhoods under construction can be seen   a paradoxical situation: the machine,   parked on a green lawn. The secret of this phenomenon in the use of special honeycomb panels Resyfix - Lawn lattices. Panels   made of polyethylene   high density, resistant to lowering of the temperature of -40 C, UV and other negative effects of   atmospheric phenomena. Honeycomb panel Resyfix withstand loads up to 200 tons per 1 m 2 . Equipped with their plots by 90% overgrown lawn grass, and the   preventing soil erosion. In addition to the public parking cars   vehicles honeycomb panels   widely used in Europe for the   Equipment sports fields and golf courses.

In addition to surface drainage systems for the improvement of urban areas the company   Hauraton produces several types of garden edging made of   environmentally friendly plastic, resistant to sunlight and temperature changes. All the products of the German company has domestic   certificates of conformity issued by the State Construction Committee, production is certified according to the international system of certification DIN   With EN ISO 9001.

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