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Lamps Legrand Series U21

The new generation of lamps U21 from the French manufacturer Legrand for a long time will be the best solution for emergency lighting.   Emergency Lighting Luminaires U21 carefully adapted to enhance the security of public and administrative buildings, sports and educational facilities, exhibition halls, business and residential complexes. Depending on the model, they are equipped with one or two lamps 6W capable of providing light output from 70 to 300 lumens. Available lamps with a period of battery life from the battery one or two hours.

Fixtures U21 Now series easier to install and maintain due to automatic connection terminals and easy routing of cables. Manufacturer carefully arranged special terminal blocks at the base of the lamp. This successful arrangement made it possible to mount the first base, and a reflector with a lamp and set the bowl on the completion of all works. Their installation is made easy with a characteristic touch of a click. At the same time snapping the reflector is connected by means of automatic electrical connection terminals. For greater ease of installation of expansion of space for the supply cables to the terminal blocks, and there are special guides and clamps cables.

U21 Series tends to universality. The product range includes light fixtures non-permanent and combined action of lighting fixtures. Due to the relevance of dimensions and location of the attachment points next generation emergency luminaires completely interchangeable with older versions of U21.

Lamps Legrand Series U21 Emergency luminaires can equally easily be used to Surface and recessed installation in dry walls (ceiling) in stone and solid wall (brick or concrete). U21 luminaires can be installed both vertically and horizontally, using one of four methods output cable – the rear or sides.

MSRP emergency lamp Legrand Series U21 from 1124 rubles.

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