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Light bulb with smell

With an unpleasant smell in your own home, we have to face, anyway. Suddenly there was a stink in the kitchen, in the bathroom smell, pet shits, Nakuru. Methods of struggle full of: open windows, air fresheners, scented candles and the like. But it turns out, this work can be trusted and bulbs.

Not all probably noticed, but the lights on location not worth — they progress. Emerging trends, and scientists are continuing to work. For example, here the Chinese have replaced the tungsten filament and the carbon nanotubes — it turned out that nanolampochka in something superior to the usual. In the meantime, even an energy-saving light bulbs — has entered into use — not everyone knows.

And they, however, have a number of advantages. A typical light bulb shines a thousand hours of 750-1, the new fluorescent live 6-10 thousand hours or longer.

Conventional light bulbs consume, say, 100 watts, and energy-saving — 23 Watt. At the same time both of them, mind you, emit the same amount of light.

But traditional lamps outperform the economy seemed to be novices in the main — the difference in prices is still very long and very tangible. It must be the time, but it is not about that.

I would like to draw attention to the unexpected opportunities that have appeared recently at " glass lighting ". And it — to eliminate the unpleasant odors and the ability to combat bacteria, fungi and viruses. It is these new qualities can offset the price gap.

So, the firm Technical Consumer Products (TCP) in the range of product is such as Fresh2 — This is the first in the world, according to the manufacturer, light, refreshing air.

The user simply turns on the light, and ten minutes later a revolutionary product begins to eliminate bad odors. Doing that it is ready within three years, with 75 per cent energy savings. $ 19.99 for a couple of light bulbs. Is not the miracle of miracles?

Well, you must explain how Fresh2 works. The secret is that the lamp is covered with titanium dioxide (TiO2), which when subjected to fluorescent light creates a photocatalytic reaction.

During this reaction negatively charged particles produced — electrons, and in their place are positively charged " holes ".

The emergence of a combination of pros and cons on the surface of the bulb contained in the air, the water molecules are transformed into very strong oxidizers — hydroxide radicals (HO), and which neutralizes odors.

Sounds kind of like, more or less clear and convincing. But Judy Hughes (Judie Hughes) and her fellow coworkers Gadgeteer site suggested that it sells consumer, so we decided to arrange Fresh2 a real test drive. Fortunately, the opportunity they have in America.

Having invested in the experiment was about $ 20, Hughes and the company got in a cardboard box two revolutionary light bulbs directly from the manufacturer. Included was a booklet with stories of users and a free T-shirt.

Hughes decided to conduct tests in the two smallest size rooms of his house — laundry (live people) and in the bathroom.

The laundry girl has " stiralka ", " dryer ", a water heater, a basket of dirty clothes. There is also stored food for dogs. Not to say that this room smelled bad, but some smell or odor was present. From the bathroom, she — toilet, everything is clear.

Screw Fresh2 not difficult, light " is tuned " a standard cartridge. By doing this, Judy tightly closed doors of both rooms, leave the lights burning in them and left for ten minutes.

Upon return no obvious differences ispytatelnitsa not feel it. The experiment was extended for an hour.

" I can not say that I entered smelled of flowers, — Hughes admits. — Instead, my sense of smell did not feel anything. No smell, just clean fresh air in both rooms ".

In general, the review has received rave. Only in the large rooms of test drivers is recommended to use multiple Fresh2 simultaneously. And — May the light always and everywhere.

In fairness it should be noted that if the light from the Technical Consumer Products, and the first in the world, is not the only one. We are informed that there is still O · ZONELite, created by the American company of the same name.

With TCP product from this lamp a lot in common. Here we see the same spiral shape, the same 23 watts (although there is a version of 42 watts), besides titanium dioxide, a photocatalytic effect and other.

Now differences. O · ZONELite guarantees 6000 hours against 10 thousand at Fresh2, the price of $ 39.95 per share against twenty per pair.

It is clear that these comparisons are not in favor of O · ZONELite, but the company describes other advantages of the product, which were either TCP forgotten, or they simply do not.

This, for example, an antibacterial effect, vindicated the scientists and independent experts, therapy so-called " winter depression " and the right focus on the " killing " tobacco smoke. So, it is possible, O · ZONELite is requested money.

In general, such bulbs in the toilet, as they say, the price will be. And in other areas — is another question. This is one of the manufacturers does not say out loud, but you do not understand the revolutionary light bulb, which is nice, but what — No, and destroy all the smells. Because it may be that in some homes will not smell anything.

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