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The lighting in the interior. Fundamental rules.

Most designers attached great importance to the coverage, considering the light peculiar language of the interior. Because improper use of light can completely distort all the architectural designs, and even the most sophisticated design can not save the integrity of the picture.

At the same time, it is   using the proper use of light, the space is filled by volume, color and texture, to create a mood that, if desired, can be mysterious, or joyful, relaxing, or vice versa, gloomy. Even one and the same thing would look different if it is to light from different angles.

How to achieve visual comfort

Achieving visual comfort — One of the main tasks of the lighting in the interior. However, this process is quite complex and includes several important points. There are several lighting options, without which it is impossible visual comfort. This optimal illumination and the principle of harmonious distribution of brightness using the main surface of the room.

Considerable importance is teneobrazovanie and correct color reproduction. But most importantly, — each of these options is designed to provide a solution not only functional, but aesthetic problems, depending on the destination of the illuminated areas.

On the other hand, in the interior design plays a role and an emotional person. The usual methods of registration of property has to be fed, and in return came a need for an unusual, festive and emotional richness of the interior. The   such situations are often used unusual ideas, originality, and which contributes to the   the emergence of a stunning effect.


The art of lighting in the interior of  

Proper lighting of the interior is akin to high art, no wonder it is called the theater. The fact that the theatrical action is precisely the right set svetopodachi, because the appearance of light at the right time and right place provides the gamut of the emotional response of the audience, which expects a director.

Around the same principle works and lighting in residential areas. Correct lighting scenes by   not only to highlight different areas, but also differentiate them.

Especially in the use of artistic possibilities of light needs a modern private accommodation. Thus, we achieve several objectives. First, the diversity of the world — pledge of functionality, and secondly, it allows to compensate the shortcomings that inevitably arise in natural light.

Generally, natural light depends on the layout of the apartment, so difficult to change. But artificial lighting can be adjusted as much as necessary. Up until that setting the ceiling lamps can simulate large sunlight or to compensate for his lack of.


Using of artificial lighting

Using the unlimited possibilities of artificial lighting designers are capable of such projects, which, at first glance, seem impossible. For example, if the lamp is next to a plinth, and their direct rays on the walls, the room lighting is diffused.

And if the light sources of the ceiling to make colorful and hide, we get the same effect as in the theater or the circus. Modern technologies allow the use of fiber optic materials, thanks to which the spectrum of lighting options has become even wider.

For example, recently there was a set of use cases in the light of space subjects. Earth and the stars scattered on the ceiling, illuminated by spotlights, create the illusion of the starry sky. This effect can be further enhanced with the   using reflective surfaces.


Types of artificial lighting

One of the popular techniques in lighting is to use combinatorial. To do this in the same room used several light bands, each of which performs a specific function. For example, spotlights the perimeter of the room contributes to the visual separation walls, at the same time setting on the walls sconces may replace the central lighting in the room.

To create the effect of contrast is often used halogen lamps, and for different levels of floor and ceiling ideal parallel lights by neon lights.

For many designers light has long been a kind of material, which allows the display lighting to a whole new level. A recent invention in this area has been the emergence of furniture made of luminous material. This result was achieved thanks to the use of acrylic panels, which have been built in diodes that emit light.

Considering that the life of the semiconductor diodes is 100   000 hours, when they are used, an average of 10 hours a day, total time service for 27 years. At the same diodes are able to provide 16 million colors, revealing an absolutely fantastic opportunity for a flight of fancy design.


Methods of application of artificial lighting in the interior

Diversify the interior space with light and you can own, without the services of professionals. For example, one of the options available — Installation points of light in the countertop.

To do this, you need to purchase the right amount of light bulbs with the inclusion of software, distribute them on the surface inside the frame, the top of the frame to close the glass, and the power cord to withdraw through a side opening. Get very festive and cheerful tabletop, with controlled illumination.

Another way to decorate the interior, — Use the mirror lighting. Self-install the lighting is simple: it is enough to build lampochnuyu garland in metal profile and use it as a frame for any home mirror.

The possibilities are endless light, and their importance can not be overestimated. Light — an integral part of the festive atmosphere, which you can reach with minimal effort, simply by installing additional indoor light sources.


For example, this way you can spice up the hallway. Traditionally, only the entrance is illuminated ceiling lights and wall sconces. But if the normal overhead lighting replaced with an unusual bottom, the effect is stunning.

You can also vary the lighting of the bathroom. And this is not necessarily to buy newfangled bath, decorated with lights. It is enough to install a few extra hidden fixtures to bathroom instantly transformed, filled with air, and all the objects in the room acquired features of weightlessness.


If you wish, using the possibilities of lighting, even the most ordinary interior can be converted into a refined and special. But it is important not to forget the sense of proportion. Excessive use of lighting can cause the opposite effect and cause tensions.  


Psychologists say that light is able to shape the mood. And a good mood and well-being possible only with full harmony in the interior, and the light, including.

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