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Glazing of balconies: appearance

Balconies are glazed at all times. Yeah, not the best looks facade of a multi-storey house, decorated with variegated frames are sometimes not very neat appearance. And most of all, the owners of these dubious masterpieces not in the least worried about the current picture. Questions and problems relate only to the internal arrangement of glazed loggia, and on the outer side of the issue we think only when it comes time to wash windows, or utilities are beginning to demand lead facade in line with the aesthetic standards.

Modern high-quality balcony glazing often lies in the fact that artists are installed plastic windows, some of which may not be equipped with shutters — owner of the balcony is a beautiful appearance, good insulation, functionality. And headache on the subject of such banal things like washing windows outside. Another annoying lack of glazing appears, if the owners are willing to save a balcony, and ignore the installation canopy over the windows. As a result, the autumn rains turning the window into some semblance of the ship in the storm windows — they filled with water, and if the weather is planned as a bonus degrees, your PVC windows can suffer more. Of course, a tin visor or other drainage system does not insure against all, but it will significantly reduce the impact of extreme weather.

As for the care of the windows from the outside, then it's worth more to take care when discussing procedures for glazing balconies. Provide advance stuff — This will save yourself from future problems. But if you are already a happy owner of the non-opening windows, and a layer of dust on the outside everything is growing, it remains only three options.

The first disappears, if you live above the first floor — head down at your own risk from a nearby window to napolirovat window, do not, for security reasons. Of course, for sale, there are special devices that allow you to safely reach the blind windows of the neighboring. This high-tech mop somehow will wash your window, and it is the second option. And the third option — contact the company that specializes in cleaning windows in high-rise buildings: industrial climbing to help us. Can it is necessary to provide for the issue of washing windows from the outside even before you glaze a balcony?

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