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How to measure and steadily cut the window glass

It is impossible to imagine a beautiful window without carefully cut and pasted glass. Get tips from the professionals to make the glass works on the highest level.

Before buying window glass must be carefully measured its size to your window it was beautiful outside. It is necessary to carefully measure the height and width of the frame at different locations when the frame is not exactly rectangular. Glass size should correspond to the smallest dimensions. If you slice the glass yourself, be sure to add 3 mm to the width and height of the opening. It is necessary to take into account the tolerance of the expanding and fixing the glass. However, the order in the workshop should provide accurate dimensions: where tolerances are doing yourself.

If you work independently with glass remember: be sure to protect your hands from the cutting edges and possible fragments.   The glass may crack under their own weight, so it is transferred vertically. Keep the need for the region, and not under his arm. Are encouraged not to wear leather gloves. For the best protection, take two pieces of garden hose, cut lengthwise and put on the glass at the point of capture.
Before you cut the glass, lay it on a workbench or table GP blanket. Put a line in such a way to allow for the thickness of the glass cutter. Glass should be incised in one motion. Listen: if the glass cutter hisses, then pressing the desired strength. White glass shards indicate that you have gone too far with the pressure. The creaking sound emits a dull glass cutter, it must be replaced.

To a crack along the cut, raise the glass and tap the bottom glass cutter along the scratch. Then enclose   a pencil under the glass and gently push the two sides to break it.

If the window opening of unusual shape, it is very difficult to replace the glass. To work around this problem, remove the old   glass and the outside of the frame stick tape a piece of paper. Then carefully check the contour of the glass. Remove the paper and cut out a template, only very precisely perform this procedure.

To remove the size of the new glass for the lead frame, be careful to bend the clips until they have straightened to 90 degrees. Press to frame a piece of paper and rubbing mark prints clips. After installing the new glass, flatten a piece of solid wood clamps.

Before you cut, are professionals recommend to wipe the glass with a clean cloth dampened with denatured alcohol. It will remove all the fat fingerprints and dust, allowing glaziers slide smoothly on the glass. Mark felt pen incision and remove any fragments after razrzaniya.

The edges can be broken off with pliers glazier, if you want to remove a thin strip of glass. Regardless of the tools, hands effort should be directed straight down from the scratched line.

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