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Mirages of the mirrors

Mirrors existed since the middle of XIII century, it is the time of the artisanal technologies have done in the Netherlands and Flanders. And two hundred years later became famous for its glass-blowing workshops now famous island of Murano near Venice.

The cost of the first mirrors and large glass surfaces has been so great that it is comparable with the cost of the average size of the estate, or, for comparison, the mirror was worth twice more expensive than a painting of the same size for the known artists of the time.

It is not surprising that collectors mirrors were persons of royal blood: Henry English VIII and Francis I. French This is an expensive pleasure could then only afford a king. A Louis XIV in order to completely slay guests the luxury of his palace at Versailles, built the long mirrored gallery, the walls of which were hung more than three hundred large mirror. Palace impressed everyone who visited it, its magnificence, and its owner was nicknamed " Sun King ".


It is not known who came up with the idea of ​​using the furniture inlay pieces of mirrors, but the fact that this idea has transformed beyond recognition and changed the face of the usual things, no doubt. Reflecting the light, mirror inserts fill the surrounding space with light " spray ", and the interior - ceremonial splendor. Once an association with long suites of palace halls, luxury and splendor of their attire. For example, a screen, made entirely in the " a palace-style ". Her mirror covered with a mesh fabric in the form of diamonds in the spirit of medieval window grilles and frames decorated with cast " crown " bronze and silver-plated embossed plates. This screen will appear naturally in the interior, atmosphere reminiscent of an ancient family estate, somewhere near Paris.


But the elements of palace interiors quite successfully combined with modern elements and furniture. This somewhat unusual mixture of styles and epochs gives originality situation. See how combines lights in the form of columns, decorated plates and bronze mirror with almost minimalist modern armchair and a luxurious wool rug. In this dark and muffled tone of the walls does not make a grim situation, on the contrary, adds to the interior of the aristocracy. As if in a family estate he settled the young heir and brought with him a small furniture from his apartment in the city.


And here is the mirror-finished plates of bed, although it has a magnificent view, but clearly refers to our time. Her finishing rather laconic and does not sin by excessive conglomeration of decorative details. There is something noble in it subtly reminding marble furniture villas of the Roman patricians. At the same time, the adjusted proportions, classical rigor decor and modern technologies used in the decoration, give it our contemporaries. This bed can make your bedroom the most ceremonial place in the house and you are following the example of the kings of France, you can receive visitors while lying in bed.


In a bedroom, you may need a dressing table and a console, the next photo will be very helpful. It does not take much space: due to its semi-circular shape can move up close to the wall.


And a low square table, almost entirely covered with mirror surface - rather, it is an interior decoration than a functional piece of furniture. Put it except that you can fine porcelain cup of coffee or, as in the photo, a bunch of snow-white coral. But as an unusual object in the environment, this table is fine.


The interest in the person to cause the mirror only to their use in everyday life, has long been considered the subject of a mysterious mirror. Not for nothing in fairy tales it is used as a magical attribute. A child with a childhood feeding storytellers tries to imagine a " zazerkalny " a world in which not all the way in the real world. Or tale diverts mirror predictor role and then her heroes are trying to learn from him his destiny (" the light of my mirror say & hellip; "). But it's all fairy tales of our childhood, but all kinds of stories about ghosts and phantoms born in the crosshairs of mirrors and disappearing in them, do not give rest to imagination is already an adult. And in fact, a mirror surface, reflecting the real objects, creating mirages of nonexistent and space. You all know how welcome when narrow room " expand " using a large mirror to a wall. But in addition to the creation of twins, mirror capable and, conversely, how to " dissolve " items. The most common chest, if it is covered with mirrored plates as if disappears, turns into a mirage.


Mirror inserts and inlays used in the decoration of furniture for a long time. And now antiques, mirror inserts which have experienced the devastating effect of the time, it looks as hereditary aristocrats. A cracked and worn only confirm their authenticity and eventful life. Nowadays things are valued " to the last ", so objects with traces of time find their place in modern apartments. For example, an antique table, once intended for a lamp or chandelier, these days can be used as an original cocktail. Established in the center of the room, it is advantageous to accentuate and pattern of the carpet and upholstery.


A vintage lamp with cracks on a mirror finish bring to your environment note of nostalgia.


But the mirror can not only be a relatively small objects. And confirmation of this - a handsome cabinet, which, as the old count, I want to address " Your Highness & hellip; ". This cabinet also belongs to the category of exotic things, but if you love the exotic, it is quite like you have, the more so that this rather capacious wardrobe.


So, what only items created or the human imagination of the mirrors and the hands of talented artists of any implement. And if you like some of them, you can take a chance and put them in his house - you are guaranteed a holiday feeling.

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