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Mirrors and interior design

It is not necessary to be a great designer to understand that using a mirror can be artificially changed not only the parameters of the room, but also to transform the interior beyond recognition. It's time to get rid of the stereotypes of Soviet times that the mirror is a subject that needs in the bathroom, hallway and all the usual dressing for guidance marafeta female.

Mirrors modern designers promise a new life and new breath. Ancient philosophers argue that the more a person has a mirrored space above his head, the greater the opportunity for spiritual growth. Interesting interior designers have come up with a solution — increase the area or plan to correct the deficiencies, the lack of light, or a deficit. All these drawbacks can hide a simple mirror, but it must be properly positioned to know a few rules.

These rules were known since ancient times. They enjoyed in tsarist times, when we created the whole mirrored halls for receptions, to show the beauty of their area. Now, down to business.

The mirrors in the hall

There is room in the apartment where without a mirror just can not do — this hall, we also need to look at themselves before going outdoors or to welcome visitors. But let even function properly placed mirrors. In the hallway or corridor is generally set large mirror in full growth. In a narrow hallway mirror is better positioned on the side wall, it is visually expand the space and give the necessary volume. It looks great as the rear side of the front door. Good decision mirrored closet door.  

Mirrors and interior design

If you place a mirror opposite the entrance door, it will create a sense of comfort when you cross the threshold of the house. Mirrors, located opposite each other and increase the area. Multiple reflection, and if we add to it the play of light — will not only expand but also to decorate the interior of the corridor.

The mirror in the bathroom

The mirror in the bathroom is as necessary as water or light. The larger its size, the better. For a good overview of the mirror mount is better and better inclined to hang additional small mirror with adjustable angles of rotation, so that you can get a view from behind. The bathroom mirrors can not be too much, they will always be used for its intended purpose.

Mirrors and interior design

It is not necessary to use a hinged mirror. Mirror tiles perfectly cope with the task of increasing the area. World of glass and mirrors has no boundaries. Mirror inserts on the tiles give a kind of a bathroom, with a mirror can be tinted the color of the ceramic.  

The mirror in the children

The children's room mirror is intended not only to increase the space. The child must learn to self-monitor themselves and their appearance, so this room mirror must be in full growth. Check box can be a style of furniture or give your own kid to decorate your mirror various toys, stickers, shells.

The mirror in the bedroom

Bedroom — it's pretty intimate zone, so do not get carried away with the mirrors in the room, because it is a seating area and nothing should annoy you, or create uncomfortable. The bedroom is quite small mirror near the chest and inside the cabinet. Bed in any case should not be reflected in the mirror, it will tell you all.

The mirror in the living room, dining room

In the living room or dining room is not accepted to look at yourself in the mirror. Therefore, in these rooms mirror perform only a decorative function. Mirror combination in the living room looks very organically, can serve as a supplement, because the core of the entire interior, creating perfection and harmony of the general style. If the room has a fireplace, the mirrors on either side create the illusion of length located in the middle of the room with a fireplace. Surprisingly looked beautifully decorated table at the mirrored walls, double shine spark creates a doubly festive mood. With the help of mirrors can saktsentirovat attention to certain subjects interior, which I would like to single out from the crowd.

Mirror as an element of interior

Mirrors unusual shape can be a highlight of the interior. Especially popular are fragmentary repetition when several individual paintings form a complete composition. As an option — raznoformennye small mirror located on a small distance from each other is a common square and frame decorative frame. It creates an incredible play of light. The exact image you certainly do not get in a mirror, but it will help to create a new game of the imagination, what basically bet and designers.

Very popular specular reflections arched openings and a parquet pattern. Visually, we doubled the area and volume of the room.

Mirrors and interior design
An unusual light effect and a significant transformation of the premises can be obtained by placing a few large or medium-sized mirrors close to each other, forming them into one frame. This option is called a storyboard, and is widely used for interior decoration.  

Any experiment with mirrors always meet the expectations. Golden baguettes today are not so popular, but the effect of aging, painting, drawing is often used in the interior. A very trendy geometric shapes, frameless mirror, when the mirror surface is at the same time frame. With grit screen printing can be applied to any color or frame, limiting the mirror plane.

Mirrors and interior design
In rooms with few windows just need a mirror to reflect light. Even a small mirror can turn a ray of sunshine in bright sunlight. Do not miss the opportunity to fill the light and warmth of your room, even if you have to install a sliding glass door or the whole interior partitions. Experiment with mirrors, because with their help we completely change the appearance, size and proportions of the room.

Mirror ceiling

Thus, we gradually come to the mirrored ceiling, this information is especially important for residents of city apartments where the low ceiling height. The mirror on the ceiling visually raise the room, giving it a special appearance and shape. However, such things should not be abused in the bedroom or in a room where you eat. A large number of reflections   can create a feeling of discomfort.

As in the ceiling and on the floor you can use the mirror elements (psevdozerkala). This is actually a polished metal, which only creates a mirror effect.

With the mirror we can how to improve the look of the room, and harm the general interior. To prevent overheating of the surface of the mirror, do not hang it in a place where exposed to direct sunlight, as it quickly fade. Designers there is a general rule the use of mirrors. Lit should not be a mirror, and what it reflects.

Mirrors and interior design

If we are talking about the mirrors and mirror products, it is worth noting a rather popular choice mirrors with diamond facets. Original compositions can serve as an excellent complement to the interior. Unusual composition and color-tinted mirrors with original lighting fixtures, shelves decorated apartments, houses, offices, shops, restaurants and other facilities.

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