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Properties tinted glass

Properties tinted glass Properties tinted glassizgotavlivaetsya by FLOAT technology and contains in its composition a special additive (often – metal oxides), which give the glass light and heat absorbing properties and paint it in a bronze color. Glass provides svetoteplozaschitny effect by reducing the transmission of radiation in the visible region of the spectrum, as well as complete solar power.
Svetoteplozaschitnoe glass changes the spectral composition of light passing through it and thanks to this:
& bull; creates a more comfortable, compared to clear glass, lighting;
& bull; It provides clear perception and does not cause eye fatigue;
& bull; reduces heat gain inside the building;
& bull; It protects against the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays.
The color of glass may be light bronze (SC), bronze (B) dark bronze (TB). Dark bronze glass, depending on the degree of coloration is divided into pitch: TB-1, TB-2, TB-3, TB-4.

Features tinted glass:
& bull; The thickness of the glass sheet, mm 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12
& bull; Possible dimensions: 1600h1300, 1600h2500, 1600h2000
& bull; Weight of 1 m2 of the glass sheet thickness of 1 mm, kg: 2,5

The use of tinted glass:
& bull; for special glazing where there is the problem of reducing the brightness or need sided view in the daytime;
& bull; for the facade and interior of administrative, public and residential buildings;
& bull; for the manufacture of furniture parts;
& bull; for the glazing of vehicles, including windshields.


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