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The mirrors in the interior

Interior design mirrors

Mirror – it is the most amazing piece of furniture. Using it is easy to destroy dull symmetrical borders apartments and even change the colors of the home, which no longer brings joy. The mirrors in the interior capable of many things: faded make bright, to push the boundaries of space, visually make the ceiling above, and in turn the usual mysterious & hellip;

Triangular, round, square, oval, rectangular frame in a rich or light baguette & hellip; Today, you can find a mirror of any shape in a fantastic setting. Very interesting models, which consist of pieces of different shapes, as in the constructor. They are not designed for precise photographic display, and to create an entirely new image of space, interesting effects in the interior, built on a play of light and shadow. Magic mirrors recognize everyone who during the repair with them trying to « revive » interior. They help hide the bad design elements, and their functions have long gone beyond the household: steel mirror design element that carries the decorative burden. They bring finality emphasize style and individuality. When used properly, the mirror can smooth out the rough edges, visually enlarge the room, give the interior volume and depth.

The mirrors in the interior

Mirror in the hallway

In the lobby, corridor or hallway mirror is often a business value. It is placed near the front door, it was convenient to look at yourself in all growth, fix her hair or headdress. If the hall is small, the mirror is often placed on the front door, reflection makes the space visually larger. In the narrow corridor is better to place the mirror on the side of the wall, visually expand the space and built-in wardrobe with mirrored doors.

Large mirrors in the interior create a pleasant illusion of more space. Often, in the corridors of one of the walls make a full mirror. This simple piece of furniture will help in solving the problems of uneven ceilings, often faced by apartment owners. Stretch or ceilings with a smooth surface is easy to hide surface defects. Experts recommend to finish the ceiling square slabs of medium size: small is very crushed reflection, and large slabs is difficult to establish. Your design fantasy went on, and now you want mirrored floors?   Easily. They are usually created using the polished metal plates, which are interspersed with floor tiles.

The mirrors in the interior

Mirrors in the bathroom

The traditional place for the installation of mirrors is considered tub. Most often, this piece of furniture over a washbasin. And the design, shape and size is selected depending on design concepts. Bathroom – this is the only place where the mirror can be almost anything. Although it is likely, such an interior bored pretty quickly.

Wonderful view give walls lined with mirror tiles. It can be ordinary or tinted. A more advantageous option is a combination of a mirror and ceramic tiles saturated or dark colors. To realize the idea completely, designers recommend to choose the first ceramic tile, and only after the order, and a mirror.

Living and mirrors

The mirrors in the interior living In this room for utilitarian purposes mirrors do not have, because it is not accepted in public looking at herself or comb. But it is in the living room mirror can not become a necessity and a harmonious part of the decoration, in fact, even the core of the entire interior, giving it the charm and perfection.

Beautifully reflected in the mirror decorations, decorated table, candles shine, environment, they enhance the mood and captivate the audience. Psychologists have noted that the mirror repeats and reinforces the impression of reality. If you want to experiment a bit with a living room, it is necessary to know a few secrets designers. For example, the mirror behind the mantel, dresser or shelf helps them to consider are things from all sides, without touching them. This is especially important for those who collect antiques, porcelain or crystal figurines and values ​​its treasures. The mirrors in the interior , which are arranged at an angle to each other, generate phantasmagoria creates the illusion of abundance of things.

If a mirror hanging on a musical instrument or a desk, it allows you to remove the psychological discomfort of a man sitting with his back to the entrance, because he will be able to see the guests, included in the room without looking back. But reflecting surface tea and coffee, or coffee table will multiply whatever it is, waking up an appetite.

Mirrors in the bedroom

The mirrors in the interior bedroom Psychologists say that a person who is in the bedroom, feeling a vague anxiety, if the door is not in the field his vision. Therefore, experienced designers recommend to place the bed so you can see outside the bedroom, but a good view can be achieved by means of mirroring. There is another unspoken rule: the mirror should not « view » a man lying on the bed (designers often engage in such an interior mistake in hotels). Therefore, conceiving mirrored walls or ceiling in her boudoir, think twice about whether to do it.

Feel like a wizard

It is impossible not to note the increasingly popular variation of – fragmentation. For example, it is possible to hang a square mirror assembled from small circles, which are arranged at a small distance from each other. Very popular and models derived from large elongated fragments that are combined frame. Such mirror designs are not aimed at the photographic display of the interior, and to create unusual effects, built on the refraction of light.

Furnishings mirrors more popular, often decorate the room with the help of so-called « storyboards ». This manner of place next to several large vertical mirrors. If your interior is designed in a minimalist style, and the mirror should have a clear geometric form. Baguettes are now out of fashion, they can be replaced exquisite small frames and the glass itself is treated by screen printing or sand blasting. Mirror surface – a vast area for the design of experiments, it gives the effect of age, color, paint the, rascherkivayut. One rule remains inviolable: If you select manual so that should not be illuminated mirror surface, and those items that it reflects.

Interesting solutions

The mirrors in the interior Stretched room seem larger, if placed on opposite walls of the panels and mirrors. Not necessarily mirror must be single. You can create a mirrored wall of the smaller paintings or « mosaic » of the polygons. If you do not want to hang a large mirror on the wall, or buy furniture with a mirror facade, we can mirror the screen, which is always possible to hide and push if necessary.

However, in defense of « mirror » Furniture should be noted that it looks quite original. Table with a mirror surface, mirrored shelving and drawer fit perfectly into any room. The mirror itself is an attractive bright decorative element, so it is necessary to emphasize, respectively, in the help of a beautiful frame and backlight. If the lamp frame and mirror frame are made in the same style direction, the mirror is not only functional but also decorative element of the interior.  

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