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As you remove the old paint


As you remove the old paint Remove the old paint from wood surfaces

If you need to remove the old layer of paint from wood products, whether old furniture that wants to give a new life, or a painted door or window frame, start with proper surface preparation. This is especially true of old frames, because if you do not clean up the old coat of paint, and start to paint directly on it, the window can not be closed.

There are several methods for removing paint. The first heat is used (before it was carried out using a blowtorch), is now sufficient to use an electric hair dryer. The surface treatment should be done carefully so as not to scorch it. A stream of hot air is directed to the stained area to soften the paint. Once the paint begins to bubble, it can be easily removed with a spatula. To remove the ink from the depressions, take not flat trowel and a triangular, and you can use the machine for shaving. Be careful with the surface without damaging it, especially if the tree will then be subjected to varnishing.

It is possible to remove the old paint and mechanical means for this purpose with a dense metallic brush bristle for initial processing and softer bristles to clean already sanded wood. Many modern electric drill fitted with such attachments, it will speed up the work. After removing the paint is recommended to treat the surface (in places the strongest cracks and damages) the special filler and primed. Then, the paint will go to more evenly.

Removing paint from metal surfaces

With metal flaking paint can be removed with a metal scraper or brush, and vast tracts easier to handle special washes. You can use a special attachment on a power drill, then the work go faster. Carefully oshkurivayte rust, because it repels any paint. Dry the surface and prime metal chromate or zinc phosphate.

Aluminium surfaces can be cleaned with a special scraper, wire brush to use is not recommended, otherwise will scratch. After cleaning, apply a primer well. Products made of brass purified using only the solvent. Wire brush or steel wool only spoil the mirror surface of the metal. Before applying the primer, it needs to be polished using polyurethane varnish or transparent varnish.

Chemical paint removal

This method is suitable for cleaning all types of surfaces, but it requires careful and precise execution of the instructions from the manufacturer washes and solutions. The paint is removed with a solution of caustic soda or dimetilenhlorida.

Buy ready-made wash was in the store, of course, easier. Before you begin to surface treatment, wear old clothes and   latex gloves. Remover liquid is poured into a separate container. Apply it with a brush until the paint starts to bubble, then it can be easily removed with a flat trowel. The cleaned surface is washed with water or a solvent and allowed to dry.

The paste for removing paint can be prepared independently. The water is poured caustic soda until until it stops dissolving. There also add oatmeal. Be careful! If soda (sodium hydroxide) gets on your skin, wash it with plenty of cold water. The paste was applied on the same principle as the purchased washing. Especially well it removed the paint with complex shapes, since the paste dries slowly. Apply a thick layer of paste, wait awhile, and then scrape it together with loose paint. Surface and flush with water, neutralizing the soda.

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