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Cordless Drills

Market Overview
These devices are self-powered, combining the power, ease of use and fast charging batteries, they were appreciated by both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. We have tested and present to you 11 of the most common models dvenadtsativoltovyh drills.

Lightweight and easy handling made cordless drills multi-tool. They can be quickly adapted to a thin work such as polishing of various surfaces.

In recent years, appeared on the market portable power tools with built-in rechargeable battery. They are preferred because of the ease of use and relatively low prices. Technological advances in this area tend to be associated with developments in the manufacture of batteries.

The power most portable power tools depends on the voltage and amperage. And despite the fact that there are now tools with powerful batteries to 14.4 V, the advantage remains with dvenadtsativoltovymi, which best combines the power, autonomy, weight and comfort. Reduction of battery charging time - another important factor. All models are equipped with our review of the chargers to charge for 1 hour. Some models are equipped with a second set of batteries, allowing not idle during operation.

All the machines are sold with battery chargers " 1:00 ", but some manufacturers offer devices that allow battery charging to spend 8-15 minutes.

Characteristic differences

The first determining factor when choosing drills can serve as a shape and location of their arms.

Classic models have a " pistol " handle at the rear. Behind them are quite comfortable to hold when drilling screws or wrapping. But the position of the ring finger is not too successful, and therefore to keep the drill in position, we have to make some effort.

The handles are located in the center of gravity of the machine is much more convenient. They almost did not get tired and accuracy is significantly higher. Horizontal position for such drills is most natural. Of particular note is drill FESTO, received a silver medal for the best design at the exhibition BATIMAT-95. Here, the battery is separated from the handle, providing a good balance and bulky battery is almost not felt.

For heavy duty applications in which a drill to keep both hands now developed a model to more accurately focused on the center of gravity of arms. The battery is located so that the distance was exactly the width of the palm. The surface of the handle for greater convenience covered with elastomer or roughened.

Drilling solid wood requires a lot of speed drills and strong pressure. You must also hold fast to the tool, which can take up the front of the second hand.

Drills unassembled

The choice of usability determines the location of the engine, gearbox, the torque adjustment mechanism and stroke movement of the drill - Punch function, if any. The location of these nodes to each other, common to all the classic models presented here, to avoid energy losses and facilitates the procedure for replacing any parts. FESTO device more complicated, due to the use of new technological developments.

Other components

The engine block, gearbox and mechanism regulating torque rotation of the drill or screwdriver, usually combined in a sectional unit that avoids distortion. Some models, such as the, DEWALT, provide for the replacement of the carbon brushes of the motor drills. Torque control on most drills carried out a ring switch. Torque and speed of drilling and wrapping of screws have two mechanical speed calculated for various materials.

The electronic controller continuously changes the speed of rotation of the chuck for accuracy when drilling. Inertia brake motor allows to save time: 15 minutes, you can screw 150 screws.

The automatic cartridge consists mainly of two rotatable rings in different directions, providing clamping drill or screwdriver. Apart stands BOSCH, built for speed and ease of mounting a fixing ring. Maximum torque tool such as when driving screws or drilling holes provided when the adjustment ring is set to the most extreme position.

Nickel-cadmium batteries are designed for different amperage, depending on the power of the machine. Cartridges with self-locking drill axis are very effective and easy to use: for example, BOSCH models can do with one hand.

Removing and installing the battery in place - often produced by the operation. Therefore, the battery should have a shape that is easy to put on her allotted place.

Drilling concrete

Some of the models (MAKITA, METABO And ELU) have a distinct advantage over the other - the system of punch. This function significantly expands the scope of their application. To drill the concrete, do not forget to switch the drill at low speeds.

Test Results

This test was performed without pre-drilling with a pretty big screw (6 & times; 80 mm) and the very old and solid oak beams . Each model was wrapped five screws in different places. It is possible to establish the average power of each machine (the depth of the screw screwed). Results:

& bull; MAKITA - 71 mm,

& bull; ELU - 55 mm,

& bull; FESTO - 53 mm,

& bull; RYOBI - 47 mm,

& bull; DEWALT and METABO - 44 mm,

& bull; BLACK & amp; DECKER - 42 mm,

& bull; AEG - 39 mm,

& bull; BOSCH - 38 mm,

& bull; PEUGEOT - 26 mm,

& bull; SKIL - 13 mm.


The existing market drills are divided into two categories: some are professional and they can be purchased in specialty stores, while others considered amateur and sold in hardware stores.

Professional. Model MAKITA, the most powerful of the presented in our review, but too expensive. Ergonomic FESTO to quickly charge the battery, all the more responsible relationship " quality, price ". ELU - a complex and very powerful machine. A model DEWALT has superprofessionalnyh chuck that allows you to perform even the most complex work.

Amateur. As a powerful BLACK & amp; DECKER a bit cumbersome BOSCH well within their price. High RYOBI, multipurpose METABO, as well as attract AEG build quality. PEUGEOT distinguishes some awkwardness and lack of power. Also very is thin model SKIL.

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