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Help repair - Thermo

Oh, those old windows and doors with peeling paint! Kind of depressing, "woodwork", has lost its original beauty, familiar to many of us: every time it is covered with new and new layers of enamel, which, like the rings on a tree trunk, you can determine exactly how much time in the apartment to make repairs. Not pleased with the walls, the sheets cleft cabbage every time take on more and more rolls of wallpaper. It is necessary to remove them all, but this darkness - a pre-soak, then strip off the spatula. It takes a lot of time ... It would seem that there is no escape ...

But do not rush to make such hasty conclusions. The optimal solution for today is - is the removal of old paint and wallpaper by heating. The essence of this method is simple: the surface is heated to a temperature at which the old paint is softened. You just hook lost its hardness and decorative coating adhesion and easy to remove.

To replace the lamp

More recently, it is well received, with the help of fire blowtorch. Today she had a worthy alternative: special tool designed to work in confined spaces, which is used by our consumer is not very wide, but every year the interest in this unit grows. Whoever had he borrowed them, agree with us. Meet - Technical heat gun.  

Thermo, like a blowtorch, creates a powerful stream of hot air, but unlike the latter does not require combustible fuels, but simply included in the wall socket. From home "hairdressing" dryer heat gun different power (930-2300 W), the temperature of the air flow (up to 650 degrees Celsius) and performance (200-650 l/min). Multiple adjustment can achieve optimal, given the characteristics of the material being processed, and, importantly, stable temperature throughout the operation, regardless of load.

Features air gun are largely determined by the use of special nozzles (nozzles): flat (" fishtail "), round (conical), a reflector (reflector) and safety (steklozaschitnyh).

As a rule, the tool has a pistol shape, but there are cylindrical model. It is known that the hot air flow can be used comprehensively. Depending on the temperature range, power, air flow and its regulation (smooth or stepped), and most importantly, nozzle design, Thermo as a universal tool suitable not only for removing varnish and paint from any surface, but also for drying, melting, tinning, welding seams "butt", molding, hot landing, cutting, etc. defrost.

Learn to wield a spatula termofenom and with maximum efficiency is quite simple - all leave for 10-15 minutes: the good, the tool rather compact and lightweight - weighs 0.6-0.9 kg.

Choosing the Right

To select the correct model of the instrument we recommend to pay attention to the following specifications:

  • Smooth adjustment of temperature . In its absence the user is tied to a number of predetermined temperature. The presence of this option significantly expands the possibilities of the dryer, as it allows you to customize the view of features of the processed material. For example, after the gluing of parts made of one kind of plastic you can slightly change temperature and to safely move the gluing articles of another kind of plastic.
  • Electronic Stability temperature . Thanks to her hair trying to keep the supply air temperature constant, regardless of load. Furthermore, the presence of this system increases the lifetime of the spiral filament.
  • heat shield. This element closes the nozzle air supply. If it is a removable, compact models increases, but increases the risk of getting burned.
  • Closed handle. user's hand is protected from the reflected stream of hot air and splashes of hot metal. For security, opt for a model with a closed grip.

should also be said about the nozzle termofenov, which we briefly mentioned above. To a large extent determined by the possibility of using the dryer nozzles (injectors), sold complete with a hair dryer or separate from it.

The nozzles with a surface distribution of the hot air used in soldering copper pipes and profiles, welding cracks plastic welding tape (round) for deformation of plastics, removing old paint, putty, wallpaper and veneer (flat).

Injectors with a special side structure (steklozaschitnye) are used to remove paint, varnish and putty from windows and other glass surfaces can not tolerate high temperatures. Reflector nozzle with front tap is suitable for warming up before the deformation of plastic pipes, solder, tin coating, shrinking. Nozzle adapter with reduced diameter are used for all types of corners, for concentrating the jet of hot air on the surface of small (e.g., removal of tin). This is a very short list of tips, in fact there are many more.

In order for your tool to work long and reliably, we recommend to observe the following operation:

  • after the tool let it run idle for about 3 minutes. After the work is also recommended to run for a while hair dryer 2-3 minutes at a minimum temperature and power. Spiral will be heated/cooled gradually, and tool life will last;
  • the temperature and air flow rate should correspond to the operation being performed as indicated in the instructions;
  • do not cover the air vents, otherwise the engine may overheat;
  • Provide adequate ventilation.

The popular brand

Choosing termofenov different manufacturers is quite wide, and visiting specialized shops selling power tool or construction markets, you are unlikely to return home empty-handed. We tell only certain brands.

Today, SKIL is one of the most popular brands of power tools, which reached a reasonable compromise between the number of service functions and ease of use.

Technical dryer model 8003 AB has a heating element power 1800   W and provides three temperature levels for a wide variety of applications: 50 degrees in the first mode (250   L/min) 400 at the second (250   l/min) and 570 degrees in the third mode (500   L/min).

Dryer Technology HG2000ACN company STERN - domestic class model with increased power to 2000   watts. The three-position switch allows you to choose the optimal thermal conditions 300/550   degrees and the volume of flow 300/500   liters/minute.

Model CD701 German firm Black & amp; Decker has a power consumption of 1400   W, two modes of temperatures of 300 and 500 degrees, the air supply 500/600   l/min., pistol grip. Model KX1682 (1600   W, 145/450   degrees) different "extended" design (cabinet knob), so it is convenient to work in tight spaces. Thermo HLG2000E KRESS company has a smooth adjustment of electronic   temperature between 80 and 600 degrees, respectively, and the power of 160-1600   W at an air flow of 400   liters/minute.

Termovozduhoduvki BOSCH presented professional model GHG 650 LCD. Form - pistol, closed handle in the center, under the body. Dryer is a very powerful (2300Vt) with continuous electronic temperature control from 50 to 650 degrees, with the regime of cold air. There is also an LED temperature and removable heat shield.

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