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How to use the paint brushes and rollers

  • How to use the paint brushes and rollers During painting operations often have to be removed from the brush the excess paint.
    A piece of wire bent at both ends tightly and put on the edges of the buckets paint can be both stand for the brush, and kisteochistitelem.
  • Take care of the safety of the brush.
    Do not place brush near the banks, and always keep it lowered into the paint. To do this, please be metallic and drill rod in the handle of the brush a few holes. As you decrease the level of ink in the bank, rearrange bar in another hole.
  • How to extend the life of the brush?
    It is known that the paint brush can serve as long if every time you are finished wash it thoroughly in a solvent and warm water with soap or detergent. And if it then also how to comb-toothed comb, brush will be like new.
  • To paint brush, stained with oil paint does not dry out,
    put it in a glass jar with a solvent, put on the neck jars plastic bag and fasten it with string or pharmacy eraser.
  • A piece of old bicycle camera intercepted by a rubber ring, excellent temporary storage serves as a paint brush.
  • To wash paintbrush paint
    It is convenient to use a small plastic bag. Dip the brush in it and fill it with solvent. Attach the upper part of the package to handle a brush with a rubber ring. Thus, a long time will be able to save solvent.
  • Clear brush from the varnish, that covers the floor, not so easy.
    Organic solvents are needed, and they are rarely at hand. We recommend after working with paint brush to put on the day in the water Lac, although and cured, but it will be loose and easily removed with a brush.
  • Before you throw away brush a hopelessly dried paint on it, try to boil it in water with detergent for several hours. After that, disconnect the bristle with an awl, comb using a metal brush and rinse.
  • If you have a few small flat brushes, and a stipple fleyts need, then you can do it yourself. Take two flat brushes, and connect them firmly clamped between two plates of plywood and knocking small nails.
  • By combining the spatula and brush, you immediately as soon as you start to paint the surface, which, after putty still have traces of roughness, feel the benefit of such a universal tool.
  • To whitewash the ceiling is not always at hand is a brush with a long handle. In such cases, conventional brush is pushed on a long stick can do it this way: the end of the stick cut down at an angle AOR degrees and put on her rubber segment hose. In the hose make two holes and insert them into a pen brush. So strengthen much more reliable than tie a rope.
  • The ceiling in the kitchen or bathroom can be painted using a paint roller, the handle of which elongated aluminum tube or a suitable stick. To protect yourself while from drops of paint, attach a small tin pan roller.
  • Paint brush with hair gets out - things torment. Make a clip size brush, put it on the clip clips the hair and pull the bolt firmly. Loss of hair from the brush stops. A few drops of glue to drip into the drilled hole ferrule brush, suspend the process of hair loss.
  • With whitewashed ceiling of the solution runs down the brush sleeve. Push the handle of the brush on the cap of tin, cardboard or other waterproof material. The cap will bring a whole flowing from the brush solution. The junction of the cap with a handle promazhte putty or clay. Save clean sleeves when the sleeves of the painting works will help of plastic bags in the bottom of which cut the hole.
  • To use after the roller with paint not dry up, it is convenient to store the high and uzkotsilindricheskom glass. Glass is made from a piece of pipe or metal sheet. The roller is placed in a box and fill in with paint or varnish.
  • Of a piece of foam rubber, clamped in a tin holder turns the brush handy. She has good shade paint it leaves no streaks. Wash it is not necessary - just a dried foam replaced by the new.
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