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Measuring tool

Without it, it is impossible to perform even the simplest operation. Before proceeding to the actual processing of the wood, you need to choose the right bar and mark the position of future items.  

Measuring tools:  

  • Roulette
  • Folding rule
  • Elbow
  • Erunok
  • Malka  
  • Elbow -tsentroiskatel
  • Compass
  • Nutromer
  • Level
  • level with a plumb line  
  • dragged
  • Clip
  • Surface gauge


Roulette is a measuring tape of a thin flexible steel enclosed in a metal or plastic housing. Unwound the tape automatically. The length of the measuring tape ranges from 100 cm to 1000 cm. Division on tape marked every millimeter. The numbers marked centimeters and tens of centimeters. Tape measure used for measuring linear values.

Folding rule  

This meter is made of metal, plastic or wooden plates with millimeter and centimeter divisions. Among themselves plates connected by a hinge. This meter is useful when the device flooring and measuring small quantities.  


Elbow used to establish the exact right angle for measuring the angle between the sides of parts. Most often it consists of metal and wood pieces, rarely made entirely of steel. On one side of the markings applied to 1 mm for ease of operation.  


Erunok a square of two plates, one of which is fixed in the middle of another at an angle of 45 degrees. This square is also useful in determining the angle of 135 degrees.  


Malka used for transferring angles without pogradusnogo exact specification. Such a tool consists of two wooden plates mounted on a hinge.  

Elbow -tsentroiskatel    

This square is used when searching for the center parts of cylindrical shape. It consists of a ruler, fixed to the middle of the base of an isosceles triangle. Elbow is placed on a cylindrical surface, and then gradually move to the center, and the sought quantities are the diameter of the circle.



Used to vyrisovyvaniya round parts on workpieces, as well as the rapid transfer of the marking.  


Nutromer a semblance of a compass whose ends are turned outwards. Such a device is used to measure the inner diameter of the various parts.  


  The level used for the correction, the correct vertical or horizontal surface. It is a fairly wide range of thick and equipped with liquid ampoules. That is the position of the bubble liquid in the vial is determined by the horizontal plane.  

level with a plumb line


This type of level is a small cone-shaped or cylindrical weight on a string. Omitting it parallel to the wall or the side of a large workpiece can identify deviations from the vertical.  


dragged used when the mark lines on the edge of the workpiece. It is a small bar with a bevel on one end and delivered a hammer a nail. The lines marked on the surface of the wood is the sharp end of the nail.  


The bracket is used for drawing lines for manual sample timber under the nest and eyelets. The core of the device is a wooden clamp bar in which one side in the region in the third quarter of the entire length selected. Then, in this quarter at a certain distance driven in nails, which is applied in the form of parallel marking lines.  

  Surface gauge

Surface gauge is used for coating the surface of the bar parallel lines. Marking gauge itself consists of two thick planks, which are inserted into a large block. On one side of the strips are sharp hairpin, and that made the markup. Caliper Caliper is used to measure the parts. For this side of the part is placed between the bar and the frame; upper whisker will display the size of the measured distance.

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