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Overview manufacturers of lawnmowers

Lawn – it's not just green grass that grows by itself, as a result of caring attitude owners, decoration of the site. If you decide to create your own backyard lawn, it is worth remembering that caring for them – troublesome and not cheap, so that no suitable equipment can not do. Previously cultivated lawns using hand tools – shears, sickles, scythes, but in 1830 the English inventor Edwin budding created the first mechanical machine which has cut the grass. It was she who became the prototype of modern technology. The first model was heavy, scissors moved by the rotation of the wheels, only in the late 19th century there were steam, and then the gasoline car. In the 20th century, when the ubiquitous fashion « a house with lawn » Lawn has ceased to be a luxury, but has become a necessity. There were electric models, but Trimmers – hand scythe appeared only in the 70s of the last century thanks to George Bollasu from the US. They make it easy to cut grass in confined spaces.

Lawn mower and trimmer have a lot of differences: in fact, Lawn – This trolley on wheels, cut grass is collected in a special bag or ejected through the hole on the lawn. Trimmer same – lightweight and portable device, it consists of the motor and the mounting rod, it is lightweight and comfortable. Lawn mower, despite the apparent slowness, more powerful and accurate, so is characterized by high productivity. And cut grass turns out perfectly flat, trimmers, because of the design features do not allow to cut the lawn smoothly, but with matted grass or small shrubs quite cope.

Engines lawnmowers

Modern lawn mower models can be equipped with two types of engines: electric (battery or recharge from household electrical outlet) and gasoline (internal combustion engines). Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

Gasoline Engine: Benefits

  • Mobility. When you refuel gasoline lawn mower, do not have to worry about the presence of outlets and the length of the wire: the range of such models is limited only by the capacity of the tank and the engine power;
  • Power. As a rule, trimmers and lawn mowers with electric drive have less power, the petrol counterparts hardier;
  • Reliability. With proper maintenance petrol engines will serve for a long time, they are not afraid of changes in temperature and precipitation, unpretentious.


  • Noise and environmentally unfriendly. Noise operating a gasoline engine and exhaust – not the best solution for the job, especially if the lawn area impressive, so when using the mower, many people wear special headphones and a respirator;
  • Impressive weight. Because the engine is composed of a large number of parts, it can not affect the overall weight of the unit;
  • Price. Mostly lawn mowers and trimmers, equipped with a gasoline engine, is much more expensive electrical devices with the same technical characteristics.

Electric motor: Benefits

  • Low noise and ease of construction. If you've ever worked with petrol trimmer, then picking up the electrical analogue, you will immediately feel the difference. Power operates almost silently, and his weight is much easier;
  • Cheapness. Ultimately, electric mowers will spend less energy than trimmers or mowers on gasoline because the price of fuel and electricity can not be compared;
  • Simplicity. The design of the electric lawn mower a simple electric motor lighter and more compact than the « heart » petrol unit, because it consists of fewer parts. As a result, it is easier to maintain, it does not require special care, there are no problems with warming or bad fuel.


  • The power supply and wire. The device is completely dependent on them, many owners are faced with the challenge of lawnmowers wires entangled in the grass or trees. It is not always enough wire length periodic voltage disappears;
  • Inability to use in the rain. It is worth remembering that the appliances can not stand the proximity to the water, so that in rainy or wet weather, the use of such units is fraught with unpleasant consequences;
  • The use of plastic components and design features. To reduce the cost of equipment, many manufacturers use plastic parts, resulting in reduced strength and reliability of the machine. If the metal parts can be sanded, fix or just carve new ones, plastic parts have to be replaced with new.

Overview of manufacturers and models of lawn mowers  

In the market of lawn mowers and trimmers presented many models of domestic and household assistants, which can be divided into three price groups.

Budget models of lawn mowers

Most low cost and simple trims cost from 1,000 rubles, lawn – from 4000 rubles. We can distinguish the company among manufacturers Gardena (lawnmower PowerMax 32 E, trimmer small Cut), Bosch (mower Rotak 320 Grass Trimmer ART 23 EASYTRIM). Model trimmer in this price range are equipped with small motors – up to 300 W, lawnmowers have the power to 1200 watts. Weight units reaches 1.5-3 kg (trimmers), 6-15 kg mower.

Budget options are not suitable for large areas, because not intended for long-term loads, but for small lawns would be a good option. They can not boast an abundance of functions and their design is simplified.

Segment of business-class  

In this price range represented more expensive models – cost lawnmower starts from 8-10 thousand, trimmers – from 4-5 thousand rubles. You can buy both gasoline and electric models. This segment includes manufacturers such as Alpina, MTD, AL-KO (they produce petrol lawnmowers),   as well as GARDENA, Husqvarna, SOLO, Partner (found in both gasoline and electric models).

Let's look at some of them: Partner P51-550 CDW – This lawn mower, which is suitable for multi-level lawns. Can mulch grass, collect it in a collection box or a drop in the direction.

Gardena 51 VDA is suitable for lawns up to 1,000 square meters, the height can vary from 2.5 to 9.5 cm, there is a wide range of functions.

Partner P51-500 CMD is used for the treatment of overgrown lawn area up to 2000 m mowing width – 51 cm, 7 heights for different haircuts. Solo 547RX – petrol lawn mower with comfortable handles, its functionality is not only to mowing the grass, but the collection of leaves.

lawn mower Solo Model 532 P is designed for use on high-sections: 117 cm bevel, big wheels, powerful engine – it will cope with the tasks which are powerless to conventional mowers and mower.

As you have seen in this segment placed models with additional features: for example, mulching – this cover soil covering materials, collection of leaves, height adjustment of mowing and so on. Suitable such lawn mowers and trimmers for the treatment of medium-sized lawns.

Premium models of lawn mowers  

For the highest category are trimmers equipped with gasoline four-stroke engines, which can not only mow the lawn, and small shrubs. These units will cost 20-25 thousand rubles. We should also highlight the company Oleo-Mac and Partner.

As for the lawn mower, it aggregates production company Oleo-Mac, Honda, MTD, McCulloch, Partner. Such models will cost from 35-40 thousand rubles. Here, a wide range of additional functions, including self-propelled, mulching blades disc type. Such high power mowers, bulk collection box, they are suitable for continuous operation over large areas.

For example, model McCulloch M53-190AREPX can boast of an electric starter by which progress becomes flat and smooth, the system Auto Walk with variable speed spetsrezhuschimi systems.

At the petrol mowers P53-625DW very voluminous wheel that best stseplivayutsya the surface, there is a mulching (multiple grinding for natural fertilization), self-propelled.

Model MTD 46 PO is equipped with engine capacity of 4 hp, thanks to which the band is cutting 460 mm. In aggregate galvanized steel body, high-quality anti-vibration system and bulk collection box (80 liters).

Partner P46-450 CD – self-propelled mower is equipped with an American four-engine Briggs & amp; Stratton air filter is suitable for large lawns.

Before acquiring this or that lawn mower or trimmer is a good estimate their potential. Decide on the area of ​​your site, whether it is convenient to connect electrical appliances, what additional features shall be fitted with trimmers and lawn mowers. Determine the type and the type of vegetation in the area, you wash away narrow down the search by finding the appropriate price range and power. If the site is small, it is not necessary to buy expensive professional equipment, you can do an amateur.  

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