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Tool Bag

In order to facilitate, accelerate and do security work at any height (from stools and much higher) are tool bags , they also tool bags , they the bags and pouches for tools .

Imagine that you need to hang a bookshelf. What do I need? Drill with a drill, plastic dowels or wooden plugs, screws, screwdriver, tape measure, pencil & hellip; and perhaps even level for greater horizontality. 

In general, all that. But the thing while considering what happened, I forgot where I left a pencil with a line after drawing markup (and in fact when the tears, put in plain view!). Found. Cursed. He continued his work. While drill holes, dropped a screwdriver: had to come down from the stool, put the drill and pick up the screwdriver, and the screws hurt pricked the thigh through the thin fabric pocket & hellip; These are the small, seemingly insignificant details of routine processes, and they spoil the mood fun and deprive a large portion of the satisfaction of a job well done.

complicates the task. Bookshelves twenty-two, hang them to be at a height of three meters around the hangar (modern design style hi – tech), « and that three hours was done, and the electrician before six in the evening lamps must be mounted, wiring « throw » and alarm check. Tomorrow morning object delivery! & Raquo; & hellip; Here it is once again up – down will not run. And the right amount of screws can pocket pants just do not climb. A mounting some sly « luminaire » required in addition to the screwdriver and wrench more & hellip; one on « thirteen », the other on « fourteen » & hellip;

What's in the hangar! TV antenna on the roof of the villa tie — Again task is not for the fifth grade. In one hand, the antenna, and the other hand you can hold on to the horse, or rely on the roof slope. An awkward movement — hammer slipped from his belt, flew down & hellip; nobody zashiblo? Thank tt th! & Hellip;

And now, when thanks narrated « horror stories » our readers to ask one question: « What to do? », — it's time to remember the simplest devices, known since time immemorial — tool bag, or in the English way — tulbegah (toolbag). Tool bags are available in many countries. More willing to use all their workers and specialists in the US and Western Europe.

The main materials in the « instrumental sumkostroenii » Two: leather and nylon. We both have pros and cons, there are supporters and opponents.

Skin — natural material, thick and strong, pierce or cut through the edge of the blade itself retains its shape and volume, is very durable in use. Finally, it is known for a long and glorious tradition of use. On the other hand, will feel the weight of its own leather products, does not tolerate getting wet, difficult to clean, very small range of colors. Pretty expensive.

Nylon — modern synthetic material that looks like cloth, but much denser, light and durable. It is easy to wash. It happens all the colors of the rainbow, which allows the product to pick up the color of the uniforms, in the corporate style. The 1 – 2 times cheaper than leather counterparts. On the other hand, it is easy to pierce or cut through, shaggy in the joints, short life of the — about six months. There are also things from canvas upper, synthetic leather, leatherette.

tool bags Actually there are mainly two types of shoulder and waist.

The first type — Shoulder by shoulder with button-lid. The simplest version — tarpaulin « protivogaznaya » a bag; by virtue of its low cost is widely used, but after a short time wear, and even more quickly loses appearance. Content is « bulk ». However, the idea lends itself to perfection. If we take the canvas instead of a tight nylon, the product turns beautiful and durable. To improve the functionality can be dividing the interior space into compartments and adding a socket on the partitions. Although the placement of the tool in such problematic nests — wall soft, easy to wrinkle.
Adding a frame and rigid inserts solves the problem; as a result of shoulder bag for tools become more like the popular business case or a small suitcase. Although costs accordingly. Leather bag in its class reminiscent fotoreportersky trunk, but not popular because of its high cost. The logical continuation of the series are plastic tool boxes, but their descriptions deserves a separate article.

The second type of tool bags — waist. Belt Bag is a small plate with the slots and pockets of various sizes. The first thing that comes to mind when you look at it, — « bandolier ». Attached to the waist belt. In many cells such bags may be a certain way, in a convenient manner to decompose the necessary tools. And then do not have to dig, to touch fishing expedition « slot », also will be able to save a lot of time. In the pocket of the bag rolling in stock fasteners, by type and size. It's not climbed? — add one – two additional pouch.

The professionals tend to pick « handbags » according to specialization. For example, drywall installer will holster for cordless drill and one – two small pouch under the screws. Electricians prefer pouch with lots of small slots to conveniently sort belt variegated screwdriver, wire cutters, pliers. Roofer choose waist bag, which has a roomy pocket under the nails, and two loops — certainly the two! — Hammer (from roofers Hammers « work in pairs »).

For any repairs in the home best suited so-called « mounting belt »: Dual Zone – pouch sewn to the belt. It is the most common and known to almost every handyman. In fact, a modified apron with two large pockets, two or more medium-sized pockets, a dozen nests for small tools, one or two loops of a hammer. This design bag has no pronounced specialization, it is convenient in many cases.

So, for hanging bookshelf, we need: a drill with a drill, plastic dowels or wooden plugs, screws, screwdriver, measuring tape, pencil, level for greater horizontality. Knock down all tool bag to once again not to climb on a stool.

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