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Tools for bricklayer

The tool of the mason:  

  • Mortar Shovel
  • Trowel
  • Hammer-kirochka
  • pointing
  • Shvabrovka
  • Plumb
  • Building levels
  • Rule
  • Wooden polygon
  • Cord prichalku
  • Wooden poryadovkoy

Mortar Shovel    

Designed for feeding and spreading the solution on the wall. Shovel and the solution was stirred in the box and leveled it between versts by back filling.    


is polished on both sides of a steel blade with a wooden handle. Designed for leveling solution for masonry, fill the solution of vertical seams in the joints and trim excess solution.    


It is used for cutting the whole bricks into halves, quarters, and so on. n., as well as brick scabbling.    


These are used for the seams — with their help, the seams give a definite shape. Profile cross-section and shall conform to the dimensions of dilatation predetermined shape and thickness of seams.    


Designed for cleaning ventilation ducts from the projection of the seams of the solution, as well as for a more complete solution grouting and smoothing them. On the steel handle shvabrovki bottom fixed between the flanges rubber plate size of 140 x 140 x 10 mm, by means of which the process of cleansing and smoothing.  

The following tools are used to check the quality of masonry and called gauging:      


With it shall be verified vertical walls, piers, columns and laying corners. Plumb weight of 200-400 grams check the correctness of a laying of the tiers and within floor height; plumbs weighing 600 — 1000 g are used to test the outer corners of the building within the height of several floors.    

Building levels    

Available in lengths of 300, 500 and 700 mm. It serves to check the horizontal and vertical laying. In case the level of two fixed glass ampoule tube, bent in a curve of large radius, filled with antifreeze so that there remains a small air bubble. If the level is horizontal, the bubble, rising up, stops in the middle between divisions vials.  
Offset bubble left or right of that provision shows that the surface on which the level is horizontal, and the more its inclination to the horizon, the greater the bubble moves from the center position.  
Due to the fact that the tubes are arranged in two directions, the level can be checked not only horizontal but also vertical planes.    


Polished wooden rack section 30 x 80 mm, a length of 1,5 — 2 m. It is also made of duralumin in the form of an H-shaped profile of length 1.2 m. This rack check the front surface of the masonry.    

Wooden polygon    

has a side length of 500h700 mm and is used to check the squareness pledged angles.    


Swivel cord 3 mm thick, which pull at a laying of miles between poryadovkoy and lighthouses. Cord prichalku use when laying as a benchmark for ensuring the straightness and horizontal rows of masonry, as well as the same thickness of horizontal seams. With cord determine which position should be less than a mile each stacking bricks.    

Wooden poryadovkoy    

It is a rail section of 50 x 50 or 70 x 50 mm and a length of 1,8-2m on which every 77mm marked division (serifs), respectively, the thickness of the masonry series. Size 77mm composed of brick height (65 mm) and the thickness of the seam (12 mm). Poryadovkoy used for marking rows of masonry, fixing marks top and bottom of window and door openings, bridges, girders, slabs and other building elements. The outer surface of the walls poryadovkoy set so that the side on which the marked rows of masonry, were converted into the building, from where the masonry. Poryadovkoy fastened to the masonry with steel holder in U-shape. Here's how:  
In the course of the horizontal joints of masonry every 6-8 rows in height administered skobyderzhateli, placing them one above the other. Staples should enter into a wall at their ends and the crossbar. Having laid on the second holder of one or two rows of bricks in brackets inserted poryadovkoy and fix it with wooden wedges. By poryadovkoy zachalivayut cord-prichalku on which are laying. Cord prichalku establish and rearrange by double brackets, which is held on the rail poryadovkoy tension cord-prichalku and as a result of friction between the bracket and poryadovkoy.  
Poryadovkoy removed together with the holders of not removing the wedges, which it gently sway in the plane perpendicular to the wall surface.  
Holders, overcoming the resistance of the solution out of the horizontal joints of masonry and poryadovkoy lifted up along with them. Inventory poryadovkoy do as a metal angle bar 60 x 60 x 5 mm. On rebpax poryadovkoy corner cut dividing the depth of 3 mm every 77 mm or drilled holes to secure the cord-prichalku.

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