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Tools for painting works


To perform   painting , needed spatulas, brushes, rollers, lines, power, capacity for dilution of paints, screwdriver, hammer, pliers, small and large sandpaper, a piece of cork or rubber, which is wrapped with sandpaper when working. < font color = "# 666666">   When painting ceilings are   ladder.

The tool   are needed for pointing cracks prepared for painting surfaces, filling cracks and depressions   putty   the composition. It is advisable to have a few spatulas - with a wide ( 180 - 200 mm ) and narrow   (45 - 100 mm )   cloth made of metal, wood and rubber.


Depending on the type of the painted surfaces may require   different brushes . For painting large areas of applied centrifugal brush for walls and ceilings, you can use   pobelochnye   brush -   ceiling brushes , round or rectangular. Small surface paint glue or oil paint with a brush of small size - handbrake with a short wooden handle. Freshly applied paint smooth fleyts - flat brushes made of high quality bristle or badger hair. For the guidance of straight lines, drawing panels and painting small areas apply paneled brushes of different diameters.  

Rollers   better brushes and brushes that greatly accelerate application and feather color. Earlier rollers snug sheep fur, now for this purpose often use fake fur. The roller may be made of rubber, foam or fur.

With the help of pneumatic spray large areas can be painted even faster. In this way, it is very convenient to paint ceilings. The simplest device that is used in everyday life, It is a manual   nebulizer , suitable for the application of lime and adhesive paint. Recently released paint sprayers are suitable for almost all types of paints. For homework the most suitable spray gun powered by a vacuum cleaner. Use and special adaptation Bundled to a vacuum cleaner. Hose from it extend to using the cleaner pipe. Can move freely, if the vacuum cleaner to fix on the belt, which is worn on the shoulder.

The range of about   1   m   beveled useful for direct   lines and stretch panels. It takes capacity for breeding colorful compositions and preparations of   putty   solutions, knife, steel brush, mesh or Nylon fabric and the water level. That's basically all   painting tools , which may be required.

The quality of the tool depends on the quality of color, so it must be kept in good condition. After use, all painting tools must be carefully cleaned from the remnants of paint, carefully be cleaned rollers and paint sprayers. If the paint sprayer will remain and harden the paint, remove it would be impossible, and the sprayer will become worthless .If temporary delays in the brushes and rollers can be immersed in water, thereby preventing drying of paint. After removing the brush from the water, it must be carefully udders dry rag or wipe on paper and remove excess water. If to be a big break, the capacity of paint must be closed, and brush or wash or immerse in water. After the end of the brush thoroughly washed out in a solvent appropriate to use the paint to her leave no traces. After that, it once again washed in warm soapy water and rinse.

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