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Cascade bath faucets, sinks and showers

Cascading mixers. The beauty and comfort.

We can assume that cascading mixers are descended from human aspiration possible to recreate the beauty of nature at home. Anyone who at least once in my life seen a real waterfall, or roll down the rocks and ledges of the river, understand what it is. Cascades - waterfalls are small man-made for the bathroom. They give aesthetic pleasure of seeing the flow of water flows out of the luxury and sophisticated facilities, which are sometimes difficult to know mixers.
There is another important aspect, namely the factor of fun. Broad powerful jet allows you to feel all the charm of bathing under the waterfall or surrender to the waves turbulent river without leaving the comfort and safety limits own bathroom.
Cascade bath faucets, sinks and showers
Cascade bath faucets, sinks and bathtubs and sinks showersdlya on the internal device is practically no different from the usual. Also made hot and cold water, its mixing and distribution. There are, however, some technical details. For example, eyeliner has a larger cross-section than conventional mixers, which provides much greater bandwidth.
Cascade bath faucets, sinks and showers
It is much more important than external differences. First of all, it's much enlarging the size and the width and shape of the spout itself, which creates a strong uniform jet. However, the most important point considered setting performance. Cascade bath faucets, sinks and showers and sinks are designed in such a way to successfully pass through a huge volume of water. Unlike conventional basin mixer, which is at a maximum pressure of water in the water able to pour out only 16 liters of water per minute, the famous cascade faucet Supergrif, for example, passes through itself is almost 25. And this is not the limit, there are stages that can skip 35 55 Mitrov water per minute!
Baths, both conventional and hydro, all the increase in volume and size. And the question of the speed of their content is highly relevant. Where conventional mixer need from 10 minutes to half an hour, the cascade mixer, the width of which can spout reach 30 cm, handle in just 3-5 minutes.
Cascade bath faucets, sinks and showers
But the cascade mixer may not have the increased bandwidth. In this case, designers emphasis is not on the jet power, and its form, compatibility with an exquisite view of the mixer, a general view of the shell. It's also important: that was nice and easy to wash at a stream.
Flexible hoses used in the installation, allows you to select any of the options for placement of the mixer on the bath: it can be " seated " not only directly on the edge of Wana, but also on the podium or a special shelf nearby. Locate the taps and shower nozzle can be as it is user friendly and the most appropriate in terms of design - right next to the spout or even on another edge of the bath.
Most of the mixers of this type is universal, but some models are created solely for the installation with strictly defined types tubs and are an integral part of expensive collections.
Quite special and exclusive form of cascades stands somewhat apart, it is difficult to be attributed to the fact mixers, although they also serve to quickly fill bath water and used as primary and secondary options. Spout this mixer looks has nothing to do with the traditional and stylized under a small waterfall or rapids in a nutshell. These stages are directly embedded in the body baths, being an integral part of, sometimes greater effect exquisitely illuminated. Often, they put a thermostat which makes their use more convenient and enjoyable.
Cascade bath faucets, sinks and showers
Typically, these stages - Part of a hot bath. Particularly interesting in this regard is one of the great models of Kohler, which is called Riverbad (River bath). Expiring from the wider the head, resembling a run-in Water Stone, a powerful stream of water mimics the swift current on the rapids and falling, it's nice massages your neck, shoulders and back, bringing pleasure not only the body but also soul, affecting all the senses.
Cascade bath faucets, sinks and showers
Cascade bath faucets, sinks and showers
Cascade bath faucets, sinks and showersdlya showers There are various options, from a simple cascade nozzle head shower by Hansgrone to almost real waterfalls, which are already quite a long time offered on the market by many known manufacturers of sanitary products.
Multifunctional showers quite often equipped with a powerful cascade showers, which can be taken standing and sitting. The water flow is literally crashes down on the user's head from the spout, which is located on the ceiling of the cabin. For the most recently well-known proposal in this area was a brilliant creation of the company Jacuzzi - cabin Flexa Tower. It is able to pour waterfall caught under its jets 170 gallons of water per minute! The water for this purpose in the required amount is accumulated in the cabin and the pallet moves in circles. But that, as it turned out, is not the limit.
Cascade bath faucets, sinks and showers
A true masterpiece in this area turned out to be a proposal from Kohler. In the whirl system BodySpa, in addition to the ten most powerful hydromassage jets, a huge part of the upper stage with a spout, made of aluminum and glass. It is able to pass through itself about 300 liters per minute. It is not just a waterfall, but the real Niagara in miniature. Even scary for the owner: yes suddenly washed away and carry it a stream? However, all designed so that the procedure is more than pleasant.
Cascade bath faucets, sinks and showers
Of course, no running water is not able to provide a similar volume of water. Therefore, it is stored in a special container and the desired pallet is fed into the spout powerful pump. Water is always the desired temperature and does not cool down because of the thermostat.
If, say, you wanted to have its " home ", Niagara for this is not necessarily the presence of hydro-massage column. You can set only one stage, for example, on the wall, natural stone, that can create the illusion of this waterfall and allow to enjoy the best special effects.
At the moment, no self-respecting manufacturer has not can consider their collection complete mixer, if it is not cascade. Although the high cost of this product is, of course, refers them to the class of luxury and exclusive. Despite the importance of the practical side of the issue in a cascade mixers, the emphasis is on the external aspect. He, though, and is the result of development of high technology, especially expensive designer products. Hence, such a game with the forms and the richness of the materials used for decoration. An illustrative example is the French firm cascades THG, produced with a huge proportion of manual labor and the use of precious metals and stones. Always there are consumers willing to pay for glamor and shine.
Cascade bath faucets, sinks and shower showersdlya
Cascade bath faucets, sinks and showersi cascades - one more attempt to repeat itself and bring to the fact that so successfully managed to nature. Basking under a man-made waterfall, so nice to imagine real. Of course, not enough rock ledges, iridescent curtain of droplets hanging vines. But there is no cold water, slippery rocks underfoot, danger of catching cold, perhaps uneasy and unsafe travel to a free jets. Professionals offer a nice adrenaline rush to get quite a civilized way.
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