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Construction and bathroom accessories

Construction and bathroom accessories Construction and bath accessories Room are no less important than, say, the interior of the living room. And both rooms should be well decorated. In this case, all the houses will look decent and cause satisfaction. Moreover, for some bath it is even more important, because they love water treatments and carefully take care of the body.

Sometimes in the early repair of the apartment owners decide to simply change the bathroom accessories   and toilet. Buy your favorite plumbing and furniture, bring home, and only then it turns out that something is not taken into account, we are not checked. As a result, devices are not squeeze into a small room area of ​​only 2.6 m 2. Yes, to be sure, bathrooms city apartments do not indulge us with their size. So before you go to the store, you need to measure the bathroom and toilet, where to ask where in the sewer riser passes (for those who want to move the toilet), what material and how the return pipes laid from the bath and basin, where the valves, etc. . When planning the wall cabinets make sure that the home will not be at the entrance to beat their head against the sharp corners. In general, the current approach is that it is always at the preliminary stage is better to consult with the designer, and together map out a new plan bathroom and toilet.

Previously believed that the combined and separate toilets - that being said, two big differences, and an apartment with separate bathroom valued higher. Now all he swept reverse fashion in the course of redevelopment with combining the once separate bathrooms. This is because imports had seen directories designs (which, as a rule, take into account is not our standards of life). Along with this, other reasons were the improvement of living conditions in general, the disappearance of crowding, increased living space for each resident, which naturally eliminates intra morning queue to the toilet.

When combined bathroom, it is important to consider what to do with vertical pipes of cold and hot water, to which is connected and heated towel rail. Most often they hinder reconstruction and they have to be somewhere to take away (to do « knee »). Without professionals plumbers can not do here, as it is necessary to block the main gates around the riser entrance of the house.

When installing the toilet in a new location should take into account that the distance in front of him - in the range of not less than 60 cm - should be free. And on either side of the midline of the toilet should be a free space of about 40 cm. The height of the installation washbasins, mirrors, cabinets, furniture should be chosen taking into account the growth of family members.

Save space, gain in space is today one of the main points when retrofitting bathrooms. All heavy and bulky seek to replace the modern and compact. In this regard, unsurpassed in design and usability are considered sinks, mini sinks, toilets, showers branded IDO world's leading manufacturer « Sanitec ». They are a graceful porcelain products, straight or angled. Mini sinks take up very little space. They are in high demand in new construction where arranged guest bathrooms of small dimensions. Besides housing a mini-sinks comfortably installed in bars, hotel rooms, bathrooms catering, etc.

Conventional sinks the same manufacturer can easily fit into the interior of the bathroom. They are placed on a pedestal - the so-called porcelain-leg stand, hiding povodyaschie pipe or semi-pedestal (short leg). Semi-pedestal, as well as various furniture stands shells intended for the so-called console sinks (when eyeliner half-hidden in the wall).

Installing plumbing console - another contemporary bar everything bathrooms   and toilets. No doubt, the console allows great saves space and significantly improve the interior bathrooms in general. No more tanks and pipes. All this plus a sewer drain device hidden in the wall. Outside is only the toilet, hung on the wall. Above it - control buttons flush.

Console washbasin also suggests partial concealment in the wall liner. Brand produces IDO and durable mounting stands (devices for flush-mounted console santehpriborov). The advantage of the company's products is the fact that it produces special sinks, built on top of a washing machine, toilets for the disabled (with armrests) complements washbasins removable siphon (position of the discharge of water), which are easily removed and cleaned, and legged squat toilet is already available nipple hole for connecting the drain of the washing machine.

Sinks are equipped with mixers or SROE ORAS - to choose from. If there is insufficient space for the installation of a bidet mixers are available with shower, bidet. Button allows you to use the shower nozzle bidet.

If you change the squat toilet but liked the choice of model, it is important to take into account a technical detail, namely a comparison of the widths of the foot bowl with holes for fastening. It can be wider and close the old fixing holes. But the best is broader than already.

Eyeliner to the sink is not necessarily hide the stand-pedestal. And sometimes it is even impossible to do because of knee bend. Then wash basin set into a special cabinet with legs and doors. It is convenient because it can be stored in a variety of bathroom accessories. Kinds of different models of supports coupled with cupboards bathroom - a great many of the most famous manufacturers. In addition to its functional role, they are also a new word in the interior design, are a real decoration of the bath. The directories you can choose the color of the front panel, and choose the hardware (handles, stands, hangers, etc.).

Those who have no place to install a washing machine except under the sink, can be used for this purpose a special wash basin, washing machine mounted on a front-loading laundry.

Very often when remodeling bathrooms carry the toilet. This can be done, but with caution, as too strong extension of the discharge pipe to the riser facing its biggest blockage. It is necessary to consider each decimeter length. Sometimes, to increase the drainage angle squat toilet mounted on supports. But it is not always convenient and justifiable for use. Yes, high and elderly people comfortable slightly raised toilet seat, but not much, just a few centimeters, and erect the pedestal is fraught with the loss of amenity and the deterioration in the overall design. In this respect, much more convenient to use the console toilets, if technical conditions permit. And if the toilet and completely transferred to the opposite corner, then without a special pump and toilet special design is necessary. This is especially true for the basement and ground floor.

Toilets and other sanitary ceramics are subject to rapid contamination. On the surface deposits are formed, which are then difficult to remove. This is due to the wide spread of the latest cleaners. In this regard, not to mention the novelty of IDO. It offers a toilet, a porcelain bowl is covered with water-repellent coating polymer Siflon. Due to this coating surface is not contaminated and does not need cleaners. Suffice usual flush water and toilet brush.

The essence of innovation in the next. Plain porcelain, in which the water is moving, has properties to absorb it. During the drying the moisture evaporates and the mineral substances and impurities remain. So crust is formed. Siflon also prevents the absorption and water repellent. It does not spread, it rolled into balls, like mercury, and can be easily removed. There is such a toilet is not more expensive than usual.

Bath allows you to restore physical strength and nervous stress after a busy day. This is facilitated by a variety of water and massages, cosmetics. Her appearance, the location, as, indeed, and finishes the bath in general, play a big role. As for color, then everyone tries to find an individual solution.

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