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Unusual and sometimes extravagant forms, have recently considered quite unsuitable - all this has now become almost the norm in the design of plumbing. But if in other subjects is dominated design, the shape of the bath means something more. The correctness of the choice of shape and material of the bath (two of these concepts are vzaimoopredelyayuschimi) - a pledge not only its aesthetic perfection, but also user-friendliness. After all, it depends on how comfortable and pleasant to use it. Good form ensures correct positioning of the body, which is especially important in the presence of a hot system.
Let's face it - the choice is. Although the baths are stable on the ground, progress in the field of comfort and design is by leaps and bounds. Modern forms baths let you embed them in almost any space and, therefore, freely dispose of the layout of bathrooms. Bath can be located anywhere: free-standing in the middle of the room, adjacent to the wall (two or three), built into the walls, podiums and design of complex configurations, sink into the floor. Even in severe cases, you can choose the option. More and more fans are gaining angular bath. Rounded in the form of a triangle, they leave more room for maneuver in the room free space for passage. And to any wall, which can be grasped, a stone's throw.  
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circle, square, ellipse, triangle, polygon & hellip; Manufacturers are trying to take into account the requirements of the most demanding customers. And every year there are new models, sometimes completely unexpected form, opening in this area new horizons.




One would think: well, there is in selling something broader and deeper, but the parameters of a room over the years do not change. I know that this argument is outdated. Now the bath of the same height and width are much more capacious and profound. At what expense? Previously, all cast iron bath with a gentle descent to the bottom, both on the part of the head, and from the feet. Company leaders have come to the conclusion that the bottom of the tub to do more to clean, for example, one of the backs or making a descent to the bottom of the sloping sides less. This increased the length of the bottom with a 110-120 cm to 130-140 cm. And at the same parameters, with the same perimeter objectively places in the bath became more. Now " cool " baths and steep sides.
Bath differ not only in form but also on the " depth of the dive and swim the length ". There is, for example, very high standing bath. They have to go into dry land, closing the door, like a door limousine, and then let the water to approximately armpits and stand in it. These baths are designed for very old people. And it's very rich. Or for passionate bathers who want to bask in the layers of water, and it is in an upright position. Whether the rich people in our country do not have time to really grow old, whether there is life in the old dog - without taking the height of the door there.
But sitz bath We have every chance of success. Sredneraschetnaya ordinary bath depth varies from 40 to 50 cm, and at the deepest point passes for 60 cm. Those who choose this model, you need to think about whether they are ready to get out of a deep bath. But the most profound in the world reaches a bath in the deepest place of 81 cm.  
designers came up with a curious design HANSGROHE. In models Pharo 750 and 760 as the pedestal to sag under the person sitting in one place, like a hammock, and under the feet of depth is much less than under the seat. This design allows you to be immersed in water up to his neck, and to come out, stepping over the edge of a shallow bath. A bath of 760 minutes with such a model is made on both sides. As a result, under the knees bent legs is like a convex substrate. With dimensions 190h190 cm and depth of the lowest point of 79.5 cm, it is roomy, even for a couple of physically large users.
ALBATROS Italian company created a model ForEver Rettangolare. Outside, the rectangular tub and inner walls seemed impressed. The actual width of 1 m, while the head and under the legs of 85 cm.
And for fans of talk-talk, sitting in warm water to make a model firm JACUZZI Fiore. In this small corner Half-bath (167h167 cm, depth 67 cm) are located near the back. You can chat while sitting in the water and sipping coffee - like living water.
In general, the bath began to appear in the light " families ". Similar configuration bathtubs are issued under the same name, but with an overall similarity of different sizes and shapes parts: a little higher or lower, a little round or square, a little wider or narrower. Or, for example, offers a collection of baths for family homes, where everything is done on a large scale and in the future, for the inhabitants of the house of different height and age. For solid man - Bath povmestitelnee. For infants - round as a font, a depth of 44 cm with a diameter of 180 cm, resembles a flower cup.
There are models for family bathing. For example, the model Duo-Pool (150h100h50 cm) wider than the usual bath, it is built into a niche. There may flounder children or wife to take a bath together, and the water will not spill.
It is impossible not to repeat that such a wealth of choice of the consumer is obliged to modern materials and technologies used today in the production of bathtubs. We already wrote about the basic ones. They make it possible to create such geometric configurations, which Pythagoras did not dream: with a notch in the legs, with rounding to the head, with the bottom, follows the curve of the body, other " capricious " form. Recently at one of the exhibitions became a sensation glass bath in the form of a flower.
Now it is prestigious to have a house wide and deep bath. As they say, a large ship - great diving. But some seem to feel is not even the ships and nuclear-powered cruiser. And imagine: " cool " set at " sea ", then include jetted tubs, and begins his dear, worn in a huge bath, like a chip. And women, as evidenced by the experts, on the contrary complexes. When choosing a bath, as well as in fitting clothes, they try to choose a smaller size than they really need. Sometimes Madame Rubens forms will choose for your bathroom " ", a saucer and then resents merchants for " ". shoal
Of course, choose a bathtub   is not easy, you need to choose carefully than any other piece of furniture. It is very tied to the lifestyle, and the installation and dismantling it - not the easiest process. Seller's not always the adviser because it is not always based on our interests. Experts advise to objectively evaluate their physical characteristics. And mentally " try " the bath as if you buy clothes, even underwear (because it will touch the body). That was not necessary then to jump from the sixth through the high side too. And do not feel discomfort from the temperature difference between the submerged parts of the body and protruding knees or shoulders.  
The design of the bath is prized for anatomic, ie proximity to the needs of the human body. These findings are constructive forms pearls. Professionals will help you choose and install a bath, most comfortable for you.
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