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The healing properties of hydrothermal vents are known from ancient times. So in the territory of Georgia during the ancient state of Urartu baths were built on the basis of hot springs and has a natural steam. Attraction Tbilisi (" warm city ") were always sulfur thermal baths, the water being supplied at a pressure of ceramic pipes from the mountain hot springs.
In Western Europe, baths appeared after the crusades in the XIV-XVI centuries, but under the influence of the church were soon banned as obscene institution. This was one of the causes of epidemics of cholera and plague that swept through Europe. Only in the XIX century in Europe reappear public baths. At this time were very popular Icelandic bath.
Icelandic baths and pools, as well as Georgia, based on natural thermal springs. The capital of Iceland - Reykjavik - very eco-friendly city, as it is not contaminated by combustion of coal and gas. Long since there homes and greenhouses in which even grown pineapples, heated water from thermal springs. Translated from the Icelandic " Reykjavik " - Means " pair of bay ".
And in Belgium, the hot water from the springs is used to treat many diseases. Created there is a world famous resort gave the name of spa pools. They use a high pressure water jet (2-4 atmosphere), the temperature maintained at 38-40 degrees.
The therapeutic effect of a spa is based on a combination of the action of heat, massage and the effect of weightlessness. During the massage jets of hot water in the body accelerates metabolism, improves blood circulation, thereby increasing the supply of nutrients and oxygen to tissues and organs and toxic substances faster output with increased sweating.
Scientists hematologists believe that for people with a sedentary lifestyle, such procedures are essential. By its impact, they can be equated with the exercise, resulting in tones the heart muscle, increase blood circulation and lymph flow, restores muscle tone.
Hydrotherapy is now - a recognized and effective way to deal with stress and insomnia, helps to restore and strengthen the nervous system and the treatment of a number of other diseases.
Whirlpools Spa, mimicking the effects of natural healing thermal springs, first appeared in America. And their designs are divided into portable and stationary. If stationary pools for equipment, cleaning and providing water supply, require additional space, the portable spa, it fits completely in the case.
Portable spa are designed for family use, they are called home. They are supplied fully assembled, it does not require complicated installation and fixed connection to the water supply and sanitation. The fact that these pools are supplied fully assembled and do not require complex installation, conveniently enough. There is only one " ": but if you plan to install a spa at home, you must remember that your chosen pool may not pass through the door, so it is necessary to acquire it in the early stages of construction or repair. But there is an alternative - you can choose the more compact models that are quite standard in the door.
In addition to size, the choice of a model home spa pool is determined by the convenience of its interior layout and a variety of options whirlpool. To do this is to understand the design of the pool.
The main elements are portable spa: an inner housing in the form of bowl with embedded injectors and an outer casing made of wood or plastic. Between them the necessary piping and equipment for water circulation.
The inner shell, the cup is made of acrylic or advanced composite materials and may be smooth or simulate the surface of natural stone. Installed between the inner and the outer casing piping and equipment filled with a special thermally insulating foam. This facilitates not only the conservation of heat, but also enhance the strength of the structure as a whole.
From the convenience of construction of the inner body depends on how comfortable you feel, taking " spa treatments ". Several options for the interior layout will allow you to choose the right model. This may be an option, when every seat precisely delineates the shape of the body, providing support the spine and is separated from other relatively high barrier. There are barrier-free model, when the seat is only slightly marked. In these pools to swim comfortably. And there are mixed versions, combining convenience with the freedom of seats barrier-free models.
It is very important when choosing interior layout to draw attention to the essential " fines ", such as steps to enter the water, the presence of armrests, head restraints and the ability to adjust their height. And also correspond to your spa, this model for growth: the water must be below the level of your shoulders.
The choice of form spa is important, for example in the form of rectangular patterns, in contrast to round and can stretch out in water and to fully relax.
The water in the pool is fed through special nozzles, by their design, number and location depends on the effectiveness of the whirlpool. Pryamostruynye jets provide a strong jet direction, and rotating - create a stream of vibrant, knead the muscle tissue. The diameter of the nozzle depends on the power of the jet, it is less than, the jet will be tougher. Using special nozzles may be saturate the air stream. A possibility of adjusting the customization injectors extends the range of massage options. This option should be considered when choosing a model.
There are also commercial spa used in hotels and fitness centers. They have a so-called system overflow when the water is poured over the edge of the pool, runs more cleaning system.
Semi-commercial spa, despite the name, are usually used in the home. They are different from laptops that are connected permanently to the water supply and sewage systems, and installed flush with the floor, usually next to the pool house.
But portable versions of their hydrotherapy effect is much more effective other, since the location in which the nozzles carefully considered, and for each area of ​​the body creates its own optimal combination.
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