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How to make hot water in a private house

We used every day to use hot water and can hardly imagine a comfortable life, if you can not take a warm bath or have to wash the dishes under the tap, from which flows a trickle of cold. Water is the desired temperature and in the right amount - that's what everyone dreams of the owner of a private house.

There are different options for domestic hot water (DHW) in a private home. For example, the installation of a special two-circuit boiler, in which a heat exchanger unit provides the heating network, and the second " busy " DHW. Very popular with single-circuit diagram of hot water boiler, operating in tandem with cumulative water-water heat exchanger or boiler. Another option is based on a hot water water heater. The fourth circuit includes a plurality of flow heaters for each delivery point (often used in apartments). Finally, the house can be provided with hot water from a separate composite heater having a core (due to coolant heating system) and the additional heat (due to electric power). No matter what scheme of hot water supply will be arranged with you, one thing is clear: without a reliable water heater can not do.

Set boilers for heating the two circuits and DHW heating with a remote control. The most common combination of: gas boiler paired with pressurized water boylerom.My today it will lead to water heater made as a separate product, not built into the boiler and allowing to provide hot water three or more people living in a country house. As source of energy used, these devices can be divided into electrical and gas and indirect heating (water-cooled). Some are equipped with a capacity to heat and store water and apply to the storage type water heaters and other heating water flow and are flow-through type.


Flowing elektrovodo heater VED E exclusiv of VAILLANT.

Savings (capacitive) electric heaters

Today the market their great variety. The models with capacity from 150 to 1000 liters. You can find drives from firms GORENJE (Slovenia), TATRAMAT (Slovakia), GENERAL, ARISTON, BAXI, HEIZER, ISEA, LORENZI VASCO (Italy), VAILLANT, STIEBEL ELTRON, DIMPLEX, SIEMENS (Germany), WESTER (United Kingdom), AUSTRIA EMAIL (Austria) and others.

Storage water heater works by thermos heated and is thermally insulated container (flask) with a heating element (TAN) inside and outside facings. The device is provided with heating elements control temperature and power. Good thermal insulation of the flask is very important: the thicker it is, the less energy to maintain the temperature of the water.

Flange with heating elements for horizontal installation in storage water heaters.

The temperature can be adjusted in the range from 7 to 85 & deg ;. The water is heated to a predetermined level, which is then maintained automatically by a thermostat, if necessary switched on and off heating elements. Water heaters usually are protected from freezing, which prevents the temperature drop water below 5-7 & deg; C.

Storage water heaters are divided into open and closed (or non-pressure and pressure). Open-unconfined can only be used together with a special mixer, closes the water inlet to the water heater at the termination of the draw, and operate accordingly, only one water points. Therefore, the volume of the tanks are generally low (5-10 L). Such devices it is advisable to install in the country, in the garage or workshop where hot water is used to water dispenser or kitchen sink, but for the cottage does not fit.

Cumulative electric heater is good for the garden, but its installation in the cottage makes sense only if all of a sudden there were faults with water supply.

For operation in country houses, inhabited by a family of 3-5 people, more suitable storage devices gated capacity of 50-200 liters. Warm water flows out of the unit automatically when you open the tap on one of the points of water pumping, and in return receives a portion of the cold water. In order to have the heated water does not replace the cold, the system provides a uniform mixing of the water.

Electric water heaters horizontal design successfully placed in hard to reach corners of the premises.

All capacitive heaters are supplied with steel sleeve with a special anti-corrosion coating inside. Each firm has its own secrets of its manufacture. Company ELECTROLUX, for example, covers the inner surface of the storage tank EWH series of very fine enamel with aluminum additives. Then, Enamel tempered at a high temperature and becomes as smooth as glass, and at the same time sufficiently plastic. This coating provides long life and good protection against corrosion. Special enamel is used in storage medium size (50-200 liters) series of Super Glass from ARISTON. One of the latest developments of the company realized in the model series TI TECH Elite, was the inner coating of titanium enamel. STIEBEL ELTRON pre-processes steel for storage pnevmoabrazivnym manner (without chemical etching), and then applies a special coating anticor, able to withstand water and steam for more than two-layer enamel.

For additional corrosion protection in storage tanks with steel used magnesium anti-corrosion anodes, which gradually destroyed, filled with micro-cracks in the enamel (feedback of hot water and steam). How does the anode? From him, according to the electrochemical voltage range, to the places of possible defects in the enamel coating directs the flow of electrons. He also has corrosion resistance at the fault location enamel. Lifetime magnesium anode depends on its size and quality and cheap water heater is no more than 1 year and have better - from 2 to 3 years. The longer the anode, the longer its life (in some models - about 7 years). If you remember the timely replacement of the element, the water heater is quite able to serve for 10 years without causing any problems to the owner.

However, the replacement of the magnesium anode and control of its state - rather laborious and expensive work. It is necessary to drain the water, dismantle the electric heater and remove the anode of its flange. If the anode is small, this procedure should be carried out twice a year. Independently make it virtually impossible, since the dismantling of PETN entails damage to the gasket. We'll have to call your service representative manufacturer of the device, which will require additional expenses for travel specialist, replace gaskets and, if necessary, the magnesium anode. STIEBEL ELTRON company solves the problem by setting the status indicator of the magnesium anode and anode uses a special design - he gets out of the tank without deforming heater and gaskets.

Storage water heaters gated applications require that so-called security group - valve, which is installed on the cold water pipe and includes a pressure relief valve, check valve and the gear (with the pressure in the water supply system 6 bar). Pressure reducing valve reduces the pressure to normal (3-4 bar), if the water supply network is exceeded. The check valve protects the device from draining if it suddenly stops feeding. Thus, the heating elements are protected from the combustion in the event of an emergency. Because water expands when heated and the pressure inside the bulb growing, which can lead to failure of the device, the safety valve on the need to open pits and water down the drain. Safety group, as a rule, are not included in the standard, it must be purchased separately. Now, many manufacturers (eg, SIEMENS, STIEBEL ELTRON, VAILLANT, DIMPLEX) released security group gathered in a single device which is easily installed during the installation of the heater. Tanks water heaters are made with a margin and withstand pressures up to 10 bar. Most heaters average capacity (150 liters) can be mounted on a wall using special brackets.

Security group for storage electric heaters:
1. Funnel with siphon drain.
2. The safety valve.
3. The non-return valve.
4. Pressure reducer.

Water Heater average volume (100 liters) can successfully place even in the sewer pit.

An important role is played by selecting the heater power, which depends on the rate of heating water. Savings instruments small amounts (up to 50 l) typically have a power of 2 kW and are powered by 220 V (necessarily grounded, which is necessary both for safety and for proper functioning of the anti-corrosion anode). Some models of tanks volume 5-30 liters from STIEBEL ELTRON VAILLANT and provided with mains plug and can be included in the " ". earthing-pin The company STIEBEL ELTRON have a pretty powerful devices (1-4 kW) are designed for connection to the network 220 B (as well as 3-6 kW for 380 V). For heaters use large amounts of power so little impractical as the water will be heated for too long.

About time heating can be calculated using a simplified formula: with a power of 1 kW 860 liters of water is heated 1 & deg; C for 1 min. Typically, conventional power storage devices (2 kW) heat the water volume of 100 l to 65 & deg; C for about 3 hours. To accelerate the process it is possible, at the time of increasing the power tool. Thus, the company offers a hinged VAILLANT (Series VEH exclusiv, volume from 50 to 150 hp) and outdoor 200-400-liter heaters are available, in addition to the normal mode, the function of rapid heating at twice the power. This allows a short time to restore the supply of hot water consumed. And the presence of water heating mode at night (for more lower rate) makes it possible to reduce energy costs. Similar modes also have heaters on DIMPLEX, SIEMENS and STIEBEL ELTRON. The lack of instruments medium capacity (200 liters) that after taking a shower stock of hot water in the tank will remain, and the next portion of the heating will have to wait a long time. As a result of wanting to take a bath can line up the whole place, which is not too comfortable. So it is better to think about installing the heater of greater capacity (200-600 liters).

In many modern capacitive electric heaters provided for the night (during the preferential tariff) water heating. Some devices, such as SIEMENS and ELECTROLUX, can be switched to an economical heating, and during the day the temperature of the water will be maintained at 55 & deg; C (at such a mode substantially not formed therein, and in addition, time is saved during the subsequent heating of water).

For all high-power devices (2 to 4 kW/220 V and 6 kW/380) requires its own dedicated wiring, connectable to your machine. It makes more sense to hold a separate cable from the ground and small heaters. This applies to all devices capacity of more than 2 kW. For normal two-wire outlet they can not be connected.

With a large consumption of hot water (up to 1 m 3 /h) it is wiser to use electric water heaters combined increased capacity in the outdoor version. These models are manufactured by OSO (Norway), AUSTRIA EMAIL (Austria), ARISTON, SIEMENS, UNITHERM, STIEBEL ELTRON, TATRAMAT, VAILLANT, DIMPLEX, etc. Very popular with the volume of the tank water heaters from 200-600 liters (capacity of 2-4 W/220 or 6 kW/380) to 1000 l.

Savings heater Floor Type SHW-200S from STIEBEL ELTRON.

The design allows you to install such devices in the boiler (water heater tank) or heater or a heat exchanger through which the heating season will be able to be used for heating domestic hot water heat boiler, saving electricity. In summer, when the boiler is turned off, the boiler is equipped with Taine and hot water is provided by electric heating. In the range of devices combined AUSTRIA EMAIL, STIEBEL ELTRON, VAILLANT, REFLEX has models with two holes - a flange and a flange heaters with heat exchanger. Simultaneous operation of two heating elements to reduce the time of preparation of water. But flanged connections, usually does not come as standard - you have to buy them separately.

Built exchanger for installation on flange pressurized water heater connected to the boiler.

DHW cylinder EPC 100 on AUSTRIA EMAIL.

How do you determine how much hot water you need for your home? First, count the number of water points. It must be borne in mind that each of them uses a definite amount of water (at an inlet temperature in the order of 60-65 DHW & deg; C). For example, the sink in the bathroom consumes an average of 3-4 l/min shower - 6-7 l/min, the tap in the kitchen - from 2 to 5 l/min. Bathrooms, incidentally, may be a few, such as the host and guest. If the guest is and sink and shower, water consumption will be about 8 L/min. Of course, we are talking about water flowing through the mixer, as open and cold faucet. Suppose you want to take a bath. Average bath has a volume of 150 l. If your boiler configured for heating up to 65 & deg; C, the water will be diluted to approximately twice the temperature of about 40 & deg; C. Therefore, in a bath of 160 liters will need 80 liters of hot water, then another 20-40 liters per shower, that is, during water treatment consumed 100-120 l.

Of course, during the day the water is consumed unevenly. " peak " burden falls on the morning (bathing, cooking, washing dishes), the middle of the day (lunch) and evening. Of course, you can only roughly determine your estimated need for sanitary hot water. The calculations use average data, making allowance for the habits of each individual inhabitants of the house.

The approximate daily consumption of hot water   one person

Place the draw The volume of water, l Useful temperature, & deg; C The volume of water at   at 60 & deg; C, L
Kitchen sink 10-20 50 8-16
Bath 150-180 40 90-108
Shower 30-50 37 15-27
Sink 10-15 37 5-8
Washer   Hand 2-5 37 1-3


Need for   hot water   based on   one person l/day

Water consumption Hot water temperature Specific power consumption, kW · h   1 person.
60 & deg; C 45 & deg; C
Economical 10-20 15-30 0,6-1,2
Average 20-40 30-60 1,2-2,4
Big 40-80 60-120 2,4-4,8


Electric heaters accumulative type

Company Model L Power kW Price, $
BAXI (Italy) SV580 80 1,2 126
SV510 100 1,5 142,1
SV550/R15 50 1,5 155,7
SV580/R15 80 1,5 178,2
SV510/R15 100 1,5 200,8
ARISTON (Italy) SG 100   H 100 1,5 158
The SG 120 120 1,5 191
SG 150 150 1,5 218
SG 200 200 1,5 295
TI 150   QB 150 2 370
TI STI 200 3 749
TI STI 300 3 832
TI STI 500 3 1946
STIEBEL ELTRON (Germany) PSH 50   Sl 50 2/220 B 232
SH 80   A 80 2/220 B 512
HFA 100   Z 100 2-4/220 B   2-6/380 B 705
SHZ 150   S 150 1.5-4.5/220 B   1,5-6/220 921
SHW 200   S 200 2-4/220 B   2-6/380 1349
DIMPLEX (Germany) ACS 200 200 2-6 220/380 1222
ACS 300 300 3-6 220/380 1352
ACS 400 400 3-6 20/380 B 1492
ACH 100 400 1-6 220/380 633
VAILLANT (Germany) VEH 100   classic 100 2 539
VEH 80   classic 80 2 499
GENERAL (Italy) 100 MH 100 1,2 135
MV 140 140 2 180
SVT 150 150 2,5 450
SVT 200 200 2,5 550
SIEMENS (Germany) DG80014 80 1/3/4/6 407
DG80014 100    




















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