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Modern interior of the bathroom: wash basin, basin and wash basin, worktop

My free spaces with its simplicity and expressiveness, rigor proportions, geometric designs characteristic of the modern interior in general, did not ignore the attention and bathrooms. He appeared in stressed simple front cabinets, virtually no hardware, minimum decor. The geometry of the forms has affected not only furniture, but also in the plumbing fixtures. Today we introduce you to two original and stylish lines in the design of taps.
Wash-basin , standing on a flat surface countertops, as shelves. The correct form, geometric simplicity - cubes, squares, rectangles, cones, circles. And yet no other details, no extravagance. This is unusual.
Minimalism in plumbing offers not only new forms, and new materials. Use not only sanfarfor, marble crumb, Corian, but also materials that used in the production of basin were not used: colored glass, metal, wood.
The most " inappropriate " in the bathroom seems to tree. But this is only at first glance. And remember, in than our grandparents washed, bathed in what? In the tub, gutters and barrels from the tree. Material is considered very hygienic. But the modern tree is no longer what it was before. It passes through the processing of modern technology and finds Extremely robust. In a separate certificate vendors promise that if they sink out of pressure-treated wood for 600 hours to pour water dissolve in her washing powder or soap, there's nothing to it will not. Cone shells from a light beech or dark wenge, slightly relating to counter tops, designed for exquisite light, open interiors.
No less than the air, gracefully and cheerfully look on the flat planes of pink, blue, green transparent glass " basins " glass.
The most traditional material - sanfarfor. But due to the shape (circle, oval, square, rectangle) He also appears before us in a very original form. These sinks can be refined or stressed primitive, but always smooth, no frills. If the tree achieves a cone-shaped, the base table basin, made of fairly heavy sanfarfor always wide. Rectangular sinks its strict forms chopped emphasize ascetic interiors, perfectly fitting in bathrooms with a minimum furniture, consisting of a deliberately simple shelves, cabinets and benches low.
Table top - also an important component of design, not do without it. After all, it is in this case - a kind of " pedestal ", " scene ", emphasizes the dignity of basin. It can be made from any material that produces an interesting combination of marble and glass, glass and wood, and sanfarfor wood, glass, and glass. Mounting basin is not difficult. He is placed on the countertop, which is already prepared holes for faucet and deducing the hole in the sink. Siphon at the same time, in accordance with the style of minimalism, remains open. Place seam is treated with silicone. Under the table top and shelves are frequent podstolya. The mixer is concise and easy, mounted directly out of the wall. If purchased as part of a wash basin design collection bath and then it may be the same shape as the washbasin. And also will be installed on the platform.
Sinks, basins occupy a separate, rather a small niche. They belong to a class of luxury - a designer clothes and stand accordingly expensive. You will not find them in public restrooms, and in private homes are not too common. Although not so new - Italians began to produce them ten years ago. Each of these products awaken your association - with cups of, plates, inverted cones. Despite the seeming simplicity and modesty of one such shell is able to transform the interior of the bathroom, make it quite unusual and significant.
Wash-countertop has its own, its specific merits. This beautiful and practical decision to design the ideal bathroom. In the area of ​​basin is always a lot of things that are needed on hand, so a horizontal planes increases the functionality of the basin. But it is not only useful additional space - the lack of connecting seams easier cleaning. But the greatest achievement in tandem-washbasin countertop can be considered a leak. The traditional version is built into the countertop washbasin, and there is minus the inevitable - the slot in the plane. And if the countertop is made of fragile materials that will not serve long.
The materials of which produce such models varied. Luxurious look great granite worktops, marble, onyx. Corian is used, fragranit - lasting form of materials of new generation. To one of the most promising building and finishing materials can be rightfully attributed cast marble or artificial stone. Noteworthy is the mineral casting. This natural minerals such as quartz, mixed with polyester resin. Look " mineral " products such as construction of sanitary porcelain, but lighter and thinner. Less common, but there are sinks, countertops, made of glass and attached to the wall without any support on the floor, with a shallow bowl and an open siphon. Only metal towel holder sticks emphasize lightness of original transparent structures. There are models made of metal and even wood, more precisely from a sheet of plywood of high quality dark tint. Alloy design can be performed in any material, but the most popular, reliable, eternal - it is ceramic. Large luxury sinks, countertops plumbing china constitute a separate section in the catalogs. They are easily adapted to the size of any room, as well as similar products are made to order, you can order a sink with different wings, edged shelves. Make such products from china plumbing technologically very difficult, so are sinks, countertops expensive.
Design washbasin countertop can be different. For example, a narrow countertops and luxurious in size washbasin. Or vice versa. Symmetrical or asymmetrical, smaller on the right and the left, surrounded by furniture or simply with a wall column - these models with centimeter accuracy can be adapted to any desires of the consumer. When selected open design with no lockers, just put on the table top legs.
In the market are monoliths, as well as their friends basins, they are not very accustomed. Although they are both found in the catalogs of Italian producers since the beginning of the 90s of the last century. And it is believed, not in value, and commitment to the traditional version. But look at it from the point of view of the professionals: Maybe just this basin and not enough in your bathroom.
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