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Modern washbasin

Remember this terrible from our childhood: " sinks boss and commander of the sponges "? Poetry became a classic and almost all generations of children in Russia are familiar with this monster, created by the imagination of the writer at the beginning of the last century. Then wash still resembled a ritual, and in the course were white porcelain with subtle pattern basin and pitcher with the same delicate pattern, filled with warm water in the morning.
How much has changed since then, it has grown several generations of people do not realize that water can not flow out of the tap, not in the sink, and in the pelvis. Decades communal when washing the morning of fun turned into almost urgent collective " rinsing " face in full view of the neighbors. And the thing of the past shabby Khrushchev enameled sink first. The process of our " communication " with water once again become happy, and the companies that create sanitary ware and related accessories strive to ensure that this pleasure was as complete as possible.
Time rushes forward and now losing their recent popularity usual Washbasin - sink at the front-pedestal as the pedestal stupidly takes place under the sink. Now this place is occupied by metal supports with shelves hung on them. Sinks with attached directly to china handrails siphon indoor elegant protective screen - these are the elements of a comfortable modern plumbing.
A modern ceramics, from which it is manufactured, produced using a patented technology, it is the most dense and smooth surface, so that the dirt it just does not stick. In addition, special disinfecting impregnation comprising silver. Modern sinks are not only easy to use, has a high hygienic parameters, but the original design. What, for example, is a spectacular view of the sink, standing on the four bars of anodized aluminum and equipped with the lower shelves of tinted glass. A shell that mimic city fountains in Paris?
All this is complemented by the splendor suspended toilets with built-in wall tank, do not occupy space and spoiling the landscape. Built tank produces less noise, it is very reliable, and if it does break, you do not have to disassemble the wall: the size of the keys is quite draining enough to repair a hole through it.
From childhood we are used to cast iron baths, but now in Europe pour only 10% of the iron bath, while the other baths are made from more modern materials, for example, PFI - patented material consisting of three layers. The outer layer of sound and thermal insulation polyurethane foam. Its thermal conductivity is much less than that of iron, it means less heat loss. The inner surface of the bath is covered with acrylic gel durable, easy to clean, dirt to it almost does not stick. Middle layer - a high strength alloy and polyester fiber, imparting rigidity and stability of the construction. Bath from PFI durable acrylic and requires no additional backups. From the ratio of lightness and durability it is second to none. And thanks to the plasticity of modern synthetic materials, forms baths can be quite complex: round, oval, very different shapes with curves and bulges under human body.
Another modern variant - the so-called baths of cast marble, alloy marble chips and polyester resins. They are heavier and acrylic baths from PFI, but surprisingly durable and decorative.
Spa, equipped with hydro-massage, has long ceased to be a curiosity turned into a useful pleasure. The principle of the whirlpool is very simple: water passing under pressure through the pipes, and is enriched with oxygen, " vystrelivaya " from nozzles massages the body. This massage is effective enough - this method was cured one of the brothers Jacuzzi - according to the official history of the company, whose name has become a household name. The first bath in the company were created in the 50s.
Now, hot tubs - stuffed with electronics product that can be improved indefinitely. Already equipped with bath portable console, inflatable headrest, water temperature gauge, ozone generators, radio and CD-player, ultrasound systems, inhalation of aromatic oils, disinfection system.
In the mid '90s, thanks to borrowing techniques of Chinese massage ", Shiatsu bath equipped with additional steel nozzles, which at the same corresponding position of the person with spinal energy meridians. This massage is much more effective from a medical point of view. And the latest addition - a collaboration of engineers and doctors - a combination nozzle with a small ultrasound transducer. This invention has been successfully certified as a medical device significantly improves metabolism at the cellular level.
These achievements of engineering, that is already hardly a bath, have a super-modern and appropriate design solution. Some companies that produce such works of art, can be applied on request to the polyester layer, which is under a transparent gel coat is not just any color shade, but any pattern. Spa complemented lighting, electronic control unit, stylized, for example, under the pebbles on the flat side of which has a small screen LCD, which displays the status of water - its temperature, saturated air, etc.
Keep up with baths and showers. Most " advanced " of which combine shower with several modes of water supply, various schemes hydromassage shower or cascading waterfall system, steam room, and even the telephone receiver to the TV. The most exotic option - a shower, combined with sports training complex - a kind of fitness center. Needless to say that such ultra-modern design with sophisticated cabin management resemble fi spaceships.
And the final touch, without which a bathroom can not do - mixers. They should ideally complement and emphasize the basic design of plumbing, working without leaking for years. Here, in addition to the already known to us, sintered (from a very durable material), mono-command (with one rotary knob) and absolutely hygienic valves with electronic control, which is enough to bring his hand to poured water appeared cranes of a new generation of plastics. Mixer becomes translucent and color, but by the appended lighting turns it into an elegant nochnichok bathroom.
So, there is no limit of the human imagination, engineering and design ideas in an effort to make life as comfortable as possible, pleasing not only our body but also his eyes, bringing us aesthetic pleasure and unusual forms of beauty, even everyday objects such as sanitary equipment.
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