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Multifunctional showers

The subject of our conversation were showers that sellers are called " simple ". In them we just wash and nothing more. Did you know that buying a shower, you can also get a bath or hot tub, and maybe all at once? In these showers have more than one function (just a shower), why they are called " multifunctional ". Moreover, a set of functions can be quite different. In each case, all individually.

Types of showers

shower + bath. A distinctive feature of cabins with a bath is a roof (dome) - without pairs just did not hold. Height " closed " Cabins range from 210 to 240 cm. sauna lovers immediately disappoint you: full of the Finnish sauna, in this case we are not talking. The temperature was 80 & deg; C, the material from which made the cabin, of course, endure, but part of the body touching the heated wall is unlikely - severe burns here is guaranteed. Therefore, in the multi-functional cabins use a special mode - steam, or as it is called, " Turkish " bath temperature 40-45 & deg; C (sometimes up to 50 & deg; C) and a humidity of almost 100%. And to warm up for 20 minutes (so much, but no more steam is recommended), this mode is enough, because such a temperature at such humidity - almost the pain threshold of the skin.
shower + hydromassage. feature whirlpool is required for each multi-function cockpit. Another thing is that in some showers massage modes can be larger, and in others   - less. Accordingly, the number of nozzles in a row may be different - from two to twelve or even more. And implemented massage modes may be different. For example, sometimes we do not only vertical massage, but the neck or shoulder. As in the cockpit seat there, the procedure can be taken standing and sitting, which is much nicer. In addition, the water in some models is not just pouring and pouring in a certain mode.
shower + whirlpool + infrared heating. Recently, a new type of cabin, which also should be attributed to the multi-functional. This hot showers with infrared heating. Infrared Emitters special design are set to warm up the human body in its entirety. If you stay a little longer in the cabin (maximum recommended time finding it - 1 hour), in the last 10-15 minutes of the session come sweating.
Shower + bath. Good design like first of all, that combines the advantages of hot tubs and showers. There are two types of combined showers: tub with hot shower, separating only a part of the bowl (the cabin can be located both in the center and with one of the edges) and a bath with shower full cup. As a rule, they are closed on top " roof ", which allows equip them not only whirlpool, and steam " Turkish " bath. In this and in another case, it offers a variety of options for configuration - can be fitted with hydro massage as a cabin and a bath or both.

Aromatherapy. At the rear of the cab integrated special motor-feeder, which is filled with an aromatic substance. When the function " aromatization " it is added to the drip couples and the whole container is filled with the scent.
Chromotherapy. in the shower ceiling mounted light sources, of which the choice of color from the remote control. This color and has a physiological and emotional impact on the human being in the cockpit: blue relaxes, calms green, yellow strengthens, stimulates red.
Sound therapy. The cab is equipped with a good stereo system, and during the adoption of the procedures you hear the noise of the forest, the sound of the surf or the shower, singing birds, and so on. n. The sound has a relaxing and healing effect on the body.
Radio. The modern multipurpose cabs, mostly of Spanish production, there is also a radio. And it works so that the sound of water does not choke the music, news or " news from the fields ".
phone has one of the models of the company " Jacuzzi ". Standing his cab soared. And in between times with friends on the phone chattering.
Impressive such a stall. Washes herself, she sings, she dances & hellip; But back to the harsh reality. When purchasing a multifunctional shower, you need to pay attention not only to the music, or the number of functions, primarily to assess whether the requirements are met to the shower as a whole. What should I consider? Virtually all parts of the shower enclosure made of plastic. All - except the valves, which are made from a special hardened glass, which is almost impossible to break. For the production of booths, a special and absolutely harmless plastic. But the quality of plastic still different. For example, among the highest quality our vendors is considered a German plastic. Please note that any, even the best quality plastic cabin will serve maximum of 15-20 years, then it will have to throw away.

Selection and shower

Choosing the cabin, consider also that it should be of no less than 80 x 80 cm, otherwise it will be inconvenient to wash. Exception: If the cab is round, then it can be less.
Note whether fortified pan. Especially if it is made of acrylic. Most often sold in our market acrylic trays, reinforced along the perimeter of a frame. Furthermore, the legs are arranged at it only at the corners of the cabin. But this is not enough: there is a danger that this will be acrylic tray sag under the weight of a person. To avoid this, you need to buy a shower, where the bottom (except for the frame and four legs), it will support two crossed the bar. Better yet, to the center was located another, the fifth leg.
Before you buy a multi-function shower cabin, ask in ZhEKe, if you have enough water pressure at home. It is necessary to operate the function " ", a massage and she works at a water pressure of 1.5 bar. It is important that the water pressure depends on the floor and the time of day. But not all manufacturers that sell shower booths, massage is powered by 1.5 bar. Most often we are asked to shower enclosures, " including " massage with water pressure of 2-3 bar. And if such a device is purchased, it is necessary to install the system also increases the pressure pump (and under it because the place is required), except by the soul, nothing of expensive oddities do not get. Oh, and incidentally Think you cope with the flow of water existing sewerage system.
By purchasing technique that uses massage, and even more so having a steam generator, a very serious thought to the issue of water treatment. And then all this miracle technique will last you much longer. Best of all, if the function is already provided for purifying water in the steam generator.
If you decide to buy a multifunction shower with parobaney, be sure to choose a cabin with a comfortable seat. Keep in mind that the desired effect (that is to get a good warm up), you will need to hold it at least 20 minutes. Well, not to stand as a pillar All this time, if you will sit uncomfortable! Therefore the choice of " chair " - Important point. How to determine whether the seat comfortable? Sit on it, raskintes more freely, as if bathing. It should not be too small and not very deep, not too low and not too high.
You must be prepared for the fact that buying multifunction shower in the bathroom will have to carry out repair work. In each firm, wherever you appealed, you must provide a preliminary scheme of work: plum (if you set the cabin to the other side) and wrap wiring.
Most functions in the Multi-function can be controlled with an electronic scoreboard. As a rule, it shows all the functions, and by the way, what lit lamp on the screen, you can understand what you have included. It is clear that in the cabin for $ 2,800 " manual labor " It will be much greater than in the cockpit for the $ 11,000.
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