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Plumbing repair their own hands - Tips Master

Plumbing repair their own hands - Tips Master

Tips for repairing plumbing

The rotary tube mixer rubber sealing ring eventually wear out and starts to leak. Place the ring in the groove for a few turns of thread and put a ring on them. It will be stretched, and flow will be eliminated. For this purpose, you can use tape FUM sold in stores.

The rubber gasket tap too quickly wear out, especially under the influence of hot water. Crane begins to leak. Resistant linings, serving several times longer than usual, obtained from an old tire from a car or motorcycle. Gasket is cut out of the sidewall (where the tire is thinner), give her strength cords.

Extend many times over the life of the gasket and faucet to get rid of buzz can be to obtain a gasket in the shape of a cone. It is cut out of hard rubber and grind on the sanding disc.

Often the cause of the leak is sink faucet or wear his seat. Extend the life of the crane helps simple operation: stick to the bolt head waterproof sandpaper, hold the bolt in the chuck manual drills, and then grind the saddle tap. After that he will act better than new.

Plumbing repair their own hands

You can tap and reinforce this: ream seat and drive (or put on the paint) in a brass bush. Another way — mounted on the valve seat is a soft rubber gasket and metal washer with holes.

You can do so. Saddle cleaned to a shine, and plug in the valve opening a wooden box, and then pour molten tin defective place.

Repair leaking from the faucet can mohovichka himself to obtain a new rubber ring gland. It is harvested from cork from the vials. Internal punching a hole cut — sharpened metal tube. Outside size and height is customized with a razor. Remove the old packing and put a new awl is most convenient.

Repair the leak in the valve, switching the water in the shower or bath, it is possible, if vyventit taper tap and cover it with a thin layer of wax, any grease or soap.

And here is a way to extend the life of worn-out faucet with threaded rod. In order to stem worked unworn site, you need between the stem and the locking valve set box — cut nails, thick wire, and so on. d. The length of the insert is determined by the place depending on the design of the crane.

Frozen water in the pipe hole ice can be removed by a metal tube with a diameter of 10 mm and put on her rubber hose with a funnel. The tube is lowered all the way to the ice and begin to pour boiling water through a funnel. As the ice melts the tube will be omitted, and a few minutes well cleared.

The cistern " CD " rubber valve due to distortions often do not sit in the nest, and breakdowns occur at the valve or thread rod. All this leads to ugechke water from the tank. We recommend to put on the valve stem rubber tube — the tank will work properly.

The cistern water flow is regulated almost ns — It merged its entire volume. Suffice it to a blower valve hang a load of about 0.5 kg, and you can pour the water you want.

To clean the drain pipes in the apartments is generally used steel wire rope. But you can also use a hard rubber hose with a diameter of 22 mm. One end of the hose should be put on the crane, and the other to clean the pipe. Hot water, fired on a hose, helps to wash away the dirt and fat deposits.

Stretched and one who is constantly in the tubes of the wash basin to and from the bath to wash nylon cord will make it possible to quickly and easily clean the clogged pipe. The ends of the cord rolled up and attached to the outside of the siphon. The joints of pipes and siphons leaving the cord does not interfere. To clean enough to remove the traps, tied to a string steel wool and stretch it a few times on the tube. To skip the cord into the pipe, first in a stream of water allowed a thread tied to the plastic button.

For pipe cleaning bathroom fixtures can be useful old flexible metal hose from the shower. It passes easily bends and breaks the exhaust outlets clogged areas.

But usually, as noted above, pipe cleaning using a flexible steel tpoc. Insert between the conductors at the beginning of the cable 10 — 12 skobochek bent from a resilient wire. The resulting brush cleans dirt well, and the end of the rope, raised in the brackets, pipe bends easily passes.

Generally, clogged sewer pipes clean is not easy — we have to use a rubber plunger, ruff, wire. Occupation is not pleasant! If you want to avoid these troubles, from time to time, clean the pipe with the help of solutions " mole " and " mole-2 ", which include caustic soda. Before opening, shake the package, and then 100 — 200 g of a solution pour into the drain hole sink, toilet and tub or leave as 1 — for 2 hours. Then rinse with plenty of water pipe. Be careful — the drug should not get in eyes, on skin or clothing.

Without waiting for the arrival of the mechanic can repair itself leaky toilet tank float. Of the float shake the water and then placed in a plastic bag, neck which tightly twist with electrical tape.

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