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Shower cabins

For many years in our homes we reigned bath. Then they began to tear out the roots, replacing showers. There are several logical explanations. It appeared on the market the most diverse equipment for bathrooms. And the people, yet most of the cramped square meters, began to wonder: is it possible to convert the small bathroom so that it comfortably accommodated all. And that it does not have to re-plan bathroom. It turned out that this is possible if you set the shower.
In many cases, its use becomes a natural necessity. When, for example, in a house inhabited by people who are contraindicated for health reasons lie in the bath, or find it difficult to climb over the side. In addition, many and so are the bathroom primarily as a shower, and then, from the replacement will not lose anything. The cabin is quite allows refresh and cheer up in the morning, and then take the stress in the evening. And get this pleasure can be in the shortest possible time - Adjust the water and sunset. In addition, the shower is more hygienic than a bath because soap and dirt are washed off constantly running water. And it, by the way, at one time the soul is consumed at least five times less than one bathing.
But even in homes with very spacious bathrooms are increasing showers, often side by side in peace with baths. Simply install them & hellip; to be. Because I want to. Because create additional comfort. Because it is fashionable. Too weighty arguments.
So shower - a walled tray, walls and doors space bathroom with shower unit. Create walling can be different ways. You can purchase some of its elements (sometimes even from different companies) and then collect them in place together. And you can buy a ready-made design. Accordingly showers are divided into teams and packaged.
National showers
Team of the cabin can be closed structure of three walls and a door, then it is easy to install anywhere in the bathroom. And there are the so-called showers corners: they have no rear wall, they can be set only in the corner of the bathroom. This design with a door and a side wall, or two doors, which are attached to pallets and bathroom walls, and the walls are faced with ceramic tiles.
Pallets are made of different materials: iron, steel, ceramics, acrylic, the so-called injection (artificial) marble. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.
  • Cast iron enameled pans are durable and reliable, but their thick walls are heated for a long time.
  • Enamelled steel pans are also quite durable and reliable, but running water is quite " rattling ". To reduce noise, set under the bottom of the pan rubber gasket, or the very bottom is treated with polyurethane foam. Enamel on them may eventually shearing but good manufacturers use the most high-quality enamel. Mounted steel pallets, usually on the frame with adjustable legs.
  • Earthenware trays are massive, stable, beautiful, hygienic and perfectly combined with other sanfayansovymi products. They take longer to warm up, steel, sanitary ware like any, can be broken. Frame with adjustable feet is not here, for ceramic trays must be installed on an almost perfectly flat surface.
  • Acrylic tray all good: and warms up quickly, and beautiful, and does not absorb dirt, and does not darken with time. That's just it lacks rigidity and to eliminate this drawback, the pallet is reinforced with glass fiber polymer adhesive layer. To exclude the possibility of deformation of the acrylic articles mounted on a metal frame or on a system of supports or foamed polyester. One advantage of the products of acrylic is that when mechanically damaged easily restore their surface.

The range of standard sizes square pallets from all materials as follows: 70 x 70 75 xx 75, 80 x 80, 85 x 85, 90 x 90, 95 xx 95, 100 x 100, 110 x 110, 130 x 130 cm. form, they may also be rectangular, radial (one of the rounded corners), pentagonal (the angle of slanted straight line) and the semi-circular (with the flat side mounted to a wall). They differ in depth from the plane (0 to 35 mm) and high (100-180 mm).
Choosing the tray, remember that it is configured and set the size and dimensions of the cockpit as a whole. After all, when washing you do not stand still and raise your arms and legs, rotate and tilt, and cabin space should allow it to do. So that the minimum size of the shower - 80 x 80 cm, preferably 85 x 85 or 90 x 90 cm. Secondly, the surface of the pallet should not be slippery, which manufacturers apply ribbed or special anti-slip coating or wood lattice. Pay attention to the fact whether equipped with pan-siphon ladder. Construction siphons and sizes from different companies can vary greatly. Therefore it is better to purchase a siphon once, complete with tray.
When creating a shower can do without purchased pallet. In this case, constructed podium desired size (with appropriate waterproofing), which establishes a system of drain (trap) and then mount it directly on the walls and doors. This method makes it possible to create a cabin of this size and a geometry which are needed, not tied to the size and shape of commercially available pallets. The disadvantages include lack of access to the gangway and the outlet pipe.
Shower enclosures are frame and frameless.
The frame is usually made of white, colored or chrome aluminum profile. The web of fences made of polystyrene or tempered safety glass. Polystyrene cloudy over time, it may appear stains, but the fences, it is relatively cheap. Tempered glass is more expensive, but such barriers better and more durable. Glass can be transparent, frosted, tinted and patterned. His view of the majority of manufacturers is precisely determines the cost of fencing.
The frameless cabins for making fences is only tempered glass, straight or curved. The enclosure is attached to the wall, to the prepared space, and the fixed part - also to the pallet. The joints are sealed with silicone. This wall must be almost perfectly flat and strictly vertical. For mounting to non-vertical and " shaped " the walls of the company produces custom enclosure with cuts and slopes.


The cab doors are divided into swinging, sliding and tilt-sliding

  • Swing doors are single and double. Single-opening to the outside (left or right), which, of course, require the area. Bivalve can be opened as the outside and inside.
  • Sliding doors are sliding and folding. Sliding moving on rollers, hidden inside the frame at one or both sides simultaneously. In this connection may be one, two, three, three-and. However, the larger the wings, the less space inside the cabin, but strong skeleton and wider input. Folding also ride on roller skates, putting on the go " accordion ". They can have 4 or even 6 wings.
  • Tilt-sliding (sold only with a shower) by way of opening the door strongly reminiscent of a tourist bus - first the web moves forward, and then as it pulls to the side.
of water-supply fittings. In order to adjust the flow rate and water temperature in the cabin, of course, you need to install the faucet. The most modern solution - Single lever wall mixer - a device that is already firmly established in our everyday life.
In recent years, many companies have started to equip their cabins so-called a thermostat mixer. The water temperature set in a range from minimum to 38-40 & deg; C. Would you like it hot - remove the safety regulator. Same thing with the flow - turning the knob, the user adjusts the head.
By " simple " or thermostat-regulated mixer sold " per se ", will have to buy the bar (metal is better to choose a length of at least 60 cm, complete with soap dish) hose (preferably plastic, not break to pieces) and the shower head. To save, you can do the most common nozzle, but it is better equipped to buy hydromassage. You can just buy a full shower set (mixer-bar-shower head).
Monoblock showers
" Building " shower on an individual project - a good thing, but it was too troublesome and responsible, and not cheap. Simply acquire cab manned already tray, walls, doors and all the rest, provided that it fits into the space provided for it. Set monoblock cabins requires absolutely no civil works - no tile or paint, not to mention the construction of walls. We only need to bring water and sewer riser to hold on to a drain pipe. The range of monobloc cabins in our time is unusually wide - is wanted, and you pick up the necessary product sizes and shapes.
We talked today about the showers that sellers are called " simple ". That is, those in which apart from the soul, the pallet and the doors and there is nothing else. Are these the cab from 300 to 1500 dollars. And then there are showers, which are buying, you can get a plus to all, for example, bath, hydromassage and many other pleasant " Service ". These showers are called multi-functional professionals, and we are sure to tell you about them.
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