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Is it possible to make, in general, the usual apartment sanitary completely custom look? Make it a spacious, stylish - and thus without surreal piling pipes, ledges, bath? Thus, where seemingly almost nothing except a tile and glass – this home temple of purity, soothing nerves? Of course - because nowadays even the impossible possible!

The steps of fashion

In Soviet times, all had about the same. Bathrooms in the apartment is spacious and on a tiny patch of three – four square meters butt grouped bathroom, sink and toilet. It was rich and choice of tiles: tiles only primitive two or three colors. Surely, then even people with the most imaginative spacious home could not shower in dream and in the dream.

However, in more recent times, when the stores are gone queue for surfacing materials and their range expanded seriously people have become more selective in the establishment of home interior. First of all, the citizens thought about the redevelopment rooms, drop ceilings, high quality wallpaper, etc. etc. Reforms in the bathrooms in the 90 years associated with the replacement of a mixer to something more reliable, beautiful as Grohe or Jacob Delafon, and the dream of « Jacuzzi ». However, mini-pools with Jacuzzi then could afford only very wealthy people, and in view of the weakness of the ceiling and installing them is not permitted in all the houses.

 - After all, today in most European countries became fashionable visual extension of the space bathroom, and accordingly – avoiding the installation of bathrooms, replacing them with showers. They quickly became popular in our country, and is now sold in almost any large store plumbing ».

Bath or shower?

Of course, in spite of the new developments, not all are willing to part with its own bathroom. Everyone chooses what for him is the most interesting. After all, the question is better or worse than a bath shower, can not be answered unequivocally. Ideally, if we are talking about a large apartment or private home, and if funds allow - is to have something, and more. The rest will have to make serious choices, carefully weighing all arguments « for » and « against ».

By the way, modern showers, such as, Jacuzzi, Albatros, Novitek, Hansgrohe, let you take a variety of wellness treatments - massage, shower, and even sweating etc. And this is a good occasion to show off your bathroom to your friends and acquaintances.

But do not forget, and that is not in any room can fit a normal bath – do not let the size. Thus, in many city apartments bath length does not exceed 150 cm, and really soak it may be only those whose growth is not more than 150-160 cm. High as people are forced to sit in the water up to his waist. But shower is suitable for all – and small, and large. Of course, you can accept it and standing in the bath, but & hellip; High rim, spray, risk of slipping, etc. do this procedure is not as nice as we would like.

It is also important that the bath lead to greater consumption of water and take the lion's share of space is really turning a bathroom into a kind of even and beautiful, but the cooler. Shower frees the bathroom a place for washing machine, water heater, etc. and arrange them as you want, and not as removed.

The truth about the soul

It is worth recalling that the showers can be a variety of devices, and radically different from each other. First appeared on the market structure with tray and sliding walls – in limited and virtually confined space they allow you to take not only the water treatments, but also to create the effect of the bath. If the pan deep enough – it can be used as a mini-bath.

The design with edge and floor drains where for normal floor drain was placed at a slant, traditionally more common in hotels or sports complexes. But in recent years it has become increasingly used in private homes and cottages. Of course, this design is very easy to clean, but the slope of the floor increases the risk of slipping, which makes taking a shower a very traumatic. If the bias is insufficient, you will have to wash, standing in a pool.

Original design-engineering solution to combine the best advantages and shortcomings of the previous designs have been developed not at once. Come to the aid of the so-called drainage channel for the bathrooms, which appeared on the market plumbing only in 2005. Before that, similar structures to drain used only for industrial purposes. According to the experts of Theseus who were among the first released drainage channel for bathrooms, « this device is so simple and convenient that even wonder why it did not apply at home before ».

Drain channel - is a special system to drain water, made in the form of a metal tray in length from 70 to 150 cm. When using it in the shower area of ​​the bathroom, we can see a beautiful designer bars. All work is providing engineering hidden under tiles: siphon, communications, etc.

Reliability and beauty in a new

Showers new generation often have a completely custom look. For example - a beautiful niche in the wall. Or the corridor of the passage between different rooms, decorated with seemingly a tree, but in fact – just imitating the color and texture of the tiles. Habitual eye plumbing accessories for the most part non-existent! There is an involuntary question – how this is done from a technical point of view?

The answer is simple: the basis for a new generation of shower enclosures is the same drainage channel, for example, TECEdrainline, allowing you to quickly accumulate and take down the drain all the water from the floor, even with a very small surface slope toward him. Thus there is another advantage: using the pan is necessary to significantly reduce the height of the room bathroom, and a drainage channel requires raising the floor for laying of communications only 90 mm.

However, this small increase in height allows, first, if you want to equip a warm floor, and secondly, – own bias toward the drainage channels is small – only 1%. Such a small difference reduces « to naught » risk of slipping, does not require a tile diagonal cuts in different planes and is perceived by the human eye as the ideal smooth surface!

« for cottage construction, this system makes it possible to drain implement the most interesting design solutions. Using drainage channels instead of the pan allows you to not spoil the beautiful views of refined ceramic tiles. And in a small city apartment thanks to this decision, you can make maximum use of the bathroom space, even to take a shower while sitting on the Sanitary Ware.

Every drainage channel covered with beautiful bars with original « picture » drain holes, and itself serves as an ornament of the room. For example, lattice TESEdrainline are 6 kinds of drawing and plate steel, which makes it possible to assign distinctive accents in the interior bathroom. By the way, is in the range and the option of using the tray under the tiles. It is suitable for those who do not like nothing more - in this case, the drain channel is closed ceramics, which will lie on the floor. It can hold the surface of the floor in the same style, making drainage system almost invisible.

If it is a variety of designer grids does not satisfy the most refined taste of the client – German experts TECE company can perform this element under the order, for example – engraved with her name or monogram.

To designate space shower area is not necessary to install the cabin. You can leave the room the bathroom as open as possible – deliver, walls of glass and glass blocks, and all the plumbing in the wall mount. This creates a feeling of lightness and uncluttered space. A bathroom interior becomes truly unique!

By the way, these showers is easy to clean: they wash even easier than a regular floor: it is enough merely to turn the water on full blast! Quite simply solved question obstruction. The grid can be easily removed from the tray, allowing access to the siphon, where it may accumulate dirt. The « classic version » This requires a nuisance call, plumbing, and at least a few hours of operation.

No need to be a designer to guess: today's desire for higher living standards and modern fashion trends call for the most efficient use of the bathroom space. Inject a sense of spaciousness and ease, so necessary for the implementation of the boldest ideas and ideas, the austere beauty of simple lines today have become quite common desire. Home – choose what you would really like!

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