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Suspension plumbing

Suspended ceilings are not only. And not only the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. In the early 80's history of sanitary ware was marked by the appearance of hanging, or as it is called, plumbing wall, and its pioneers were toilets. " Suspended miracle " It has become an alternative to outdoor plumbing. Do not think that innovation has arisen from design delights and quirks. This fashion was formed under the influence of specific and quite mundane requirements of hygiene, comfort, economy.
The first such patterns appeared in the West in public toilets, where hygiene requirements are extremely high. Ten years later, in the 90 years of wall toilets, urinals, bidets, sinks successfully migrated and in home bathrooms. Every housewife knows that the most difficult and problematic for cleaning the place - around and under the sanitary equipment. Suspended models allow us to more quickly and efficiently clean up the room.
The design of the bathroom with them becomes more refined, elegant and open. You probably have already managed to see an illustration. They look such bathrooms not quite familiar, they are distinguished by a certain lightness and ease, " floating " Effect. Due to the fact that the floor space not occupied by equipment, space room looks more spacious. Very wins tiles, pattern is clearly visible on the floor and walls. Do not see the connections, no rusty pipes, shut-off valves. They are hidden behind paneling to form simultaneously useful additional area. Siphon basin is closed or semi-colonies polupedestalom hiding liner and drain the water. Siphon if and remains open, it did not even look like himself, and becomes downright " fusion of new technologies ", outdrawn designers. Easy, elegant - in fact the continuation of shell. It is fully coordinated design. Well-known manufacturers usually represent a ready option within the collection: shell offered together with a siphon, podstolya, mixer.
The proposed collections are often version can be found hanging toilet tank with built-in option and toilet with a tank outside. The tanks usually have two modes of flushing. Pressing a button, consumed half of the tank - 3 liters, thus saving a large amount of water consumed by clicking another button, consumed the full scope of the tank - 6 or 9 liters. Such convenience is fully capable assess the Westerners, where the water flow meter fix each it used liter, for which to pay. For us, saving water - a concept is unknown.
What is particularly good hanging plumbing, so it is that it allows designers to design individual bathroom that meets your needs. There are bathrooms and bathrooms are standard configuration and layout, with the problematic slopes walls and corners, in which seemingly nothing to place. Using the system installation, you can use for maximum benefit per square centimeter (eg, move to a corner toilet or sink). There are models washbasins standard width of 60 cm, it is the most comfortable, wide 100 cm, there is a mini-model, a width of 50 cm. The latter will be of particular interest to those with small bathrooms or there are guest toilets, which often do not have extra meters.
We mentioned the installation of the system. This is making it possible to harness plumbing. At low cost, ready-to-install elements (self-supporting steel frame for single or rail mounting with fully insulated from the condensation moisture retaining material, fittings, screws, etc.) easy to install anywhere in the sanitary facilities. With this universal system installation can easily plan the layout bathroom perestanavlivaya toilets, wash basins, sinks, etc., making alterations in record time (for example, to build additional wall and to organize a " nook " toilet middle of bathrooms ). Advantage - Independence from the already existing connections for all plumbing. Full Installation takes only a few days. Eliminates the work of gouging and masonry, system is installed on existing walls. (There is even a special reliable installation system for mounting the equipment on the wall of drywall).
High durability and reliability - the distinctive properties of suspended models. Painfully, they look fragile. Nicely, of course, hygienic, elegant. Still hunting in such a crucial moment to land on something reliable, that will not fail. And this beauty - stand it? The toilet can withstand loads of up to 400 kg, according to experts.
And what is it by design? The most different. The proposed collections among samples of high design Art you can find models with soft contours, easily rounded forms, close to classical. There are models with very clear and concise outlines in the minimalist style. From exquisite frosted shades of jasmine, pearl to dark blue, black and chocolate colors. Materials - pottery, glass, metal, wood. For any design plans for all budgets.
Suspension plumbing - not necessarily expensive. There are inexpensive solutions at the level of economy-class in which the hanging bowl is slightly more expensive than a hundred dollars. However, to this is added the cost of installation, which costs about $ 200. Alternatively, you can offer special brackets, which you can hang the toilet bowl and tank, and sometimes these brackets are supplied rate with the models. But the system installation - it's aerobatics! Experts do not recommend to save on it, because of the operation depends on proper installation and long service life of your equipment. Equip your home or office with such a system can be a firm that has experience in this field, is able to pick up the equipment, mount it and serve later. No serious company would never be able to offer you modern equipment and high level of service for the " knock-down prices ".
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