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Water recycling

Water recycling water recycling in our homes conceals certain nuances. Get tips from professionals for their own safety and peace.

If the water tank in your back system is not entirely new and insufficiently sealed, you should not drink water from his taps without any special filters. Always take water for drinking and cooking, or any other connected to the water mains. If the home lead pipes in soft water your area, be sure to drain the water in the morning, which is stagnant per night and absorbed the killer particles of lead.

Once the old coating on galvanized tank in your system, water recycling   damaged, it starts to rust rather quickly. In this case, immediately replace it with a new plastic. Flexible round plastic tanks can be compressed when you move, so that they will pass through even a fairly small attic opening. Old tank can be removed and slide into the corner of the attic, if you do not want to tinker with the dismantling of parts.

To provide hot water at recycling water supply should be remembered that if the house is an older heating system with natural circulation of water, economical use of the boiler instead of immersion heater in the column. It is connected to the timer to the hot water   submitted at the right time.

If you use gas for heating water, it is best install alarm carbon monoxide in the air near the water heater and gas stove, near a gas boiler.

If water recycling works with the swap, there must be intermediate valves to direct the water into the column, or radiator. should not be placed on the column oven temperature more than 60 degrees to avoid scalding water from the tap and adjust the room temperature using the thermostat.

To perform some of the work is not enough just to turn off the water supply must be completely drain the pipes.   Turnaround vodosnayuzhenie and heating have some special fittings, called the drain valve,   to which you can attach a hose and drain the pipe.

The water recycling system, a valve to drain water must be directly behind the main shut-off valve from the house. Other - water heating at the base of the column.

The central heating system can be set multiple drain valve. It is important to know the location of the drain valve in the house.

It is very important for the circulating water supply and heating systems to all metal fittings securely grounded. Use the special clamp is screwed. If there is the slightest doubt about the reliability of the ground, it is best to seek help from a professional electrician.

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