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What to install the bathroom: acrylic bathtub, shower or steam shower?

Gone are the days when most of the apartments of average bathroom is a tiny square, half of which was occupied by a massive cast-iron bathtub draws the curtain. Today bathroom took many homes decent place and the wealth of opportunities this design, harmony of colors and styles can compete with any other part of the dwelling. Special expanse for imagination gives, of course, a private house of individual building or in a cottage, where her area allows you to equip beautiful and comfortable equipment. It is about the modern equipment for bathrooms and tell us today.
But even in the bathrooms and typical small houses, little measurable redevelopment and innovations, there is always a “ a place feat & rdquo ;. Also familiar to us enameled cast iron bath, today it is possible to install steel enamel and acrylic bathtubs, as well as the so-called marble baths. Marble, strictly speaking, they are not, they used marble chips, coupled with acrylic resins.
Perhaps out of habit most popular, as evidenced by the sale in the market, are Enameled cast iron bath . Iron, as we know, is durable, silent, well-kept warm. However, current cast iron bathtubs more subtle and graceful, often equipped with comfortable handles and screw feet. Basically their vendors – French, Spanish and Italian firms. These baths are reasonably high quality. The average price of a bath - 270-350 dollars. If it is such " twists ", as handles, chrome or gold plated accessories, semi-automatic drain, its price can reach $ 500.
Spa luxury and super-luxury can cost 700-1000 dollars. There are on the market and Turkish bath, are low quality. They cost 170-200 dollars. Buying a bath, you save on money, but eventually may find at first invisible to the eye defects, internal cracks.
Steel enamel baths is much cheaper than cast iron. They retain less heat. These disadvantages include noisiness when filled with water. Because of its relative ease of weight they are less stable. To avoid these drawbacks, it is advised to install a bath in the sand. But is it worth if the market have a choice. This bath is usually 15 years. The price range of these baths is quite wide – from 90 to 220 dollars.
Acrylic bath have not gained mass popularity. Meanwhile, in the West, such a bath, produced from a polymer material, much appreciated. It is quite durable and reliable, even in the form of light, and even fragile. Looking at it, I do not think that was used in its production thermoforming with fiberglass and resin, and the skeleton of such a bath is often a metal mesh. Glitter same ease and it gives gloss acrylic material. It has a smooth, non-porous surface that is pleasant to the touch.
The advantage of this material is that it allows them an unlimited range of colors and combined with the general color scheme bathroom. Plastic tubs are durable, well-kept warm and easy to clean. If there is over time the yellow plaque on enamel baths cleaned with difficulty, while the enamel loses its shine and becomes rough, like the acrylic baths are not threatened. Simply wipe with a damp cloth and ordinary soap, though it should be noted at the same time that the traditional cleaning products can damage acrylic bath.
In acrylic and has another advantage – it meets the hygiene requirements and prevents the spread of bacteria in a moist environment bathroom. Acrylic bath costs an average of $ 250. Accordingly, it is more convenient and more than difficult to find, the higher the price.
If it contains elements such as the seat, armrests, decorative panel, the price can reach $ 600.
Form bath is very diverse: rectangular, oval, triangular corner. Taking the form of a bath, we should proceed in the first place, of course, of planning a bathroom and financial capacity, as well as for reasons of convenience, its cleaning and cleaning. Buying a bath, you should take into account that it must necessarily be equipped with the necessary reinforcement.
Owners of small bathrooms advise consider installing shower .
The easiest option - to fence wall of the bathroom space, provided that the bathroom floor and walls lined with waterproof material and has a floor drain. This can be a hinged door which opens in both directions, but may be a sliding door. These shower stalls in shape may be rectangular, round, prismatic. Commercially available glass partitions for shower attached to the wall and to the floor, and tempered safety glass can be transparent, tinted, patterned or embossed. All bearing elements doors and walls are made of aluminum profiles, and that the water does not leak, they are equipped with special seals.
If the bathroom does not have waterproofing properties, it makes sense to install shower tray with its own sink. Enameled cast iron pans durable and cheap, but it may crack on impact. Stamped steel pallets easier and cheaper iron, but less durable, can bend under the weight of the body, with thin steel heats quickly and creates discomfort in the fall of water, they are noisy. There are massive trays of marble chips, which retain heat well and almost no noise. Finally, acrylic trays. We have already mentioned the use of this material in the production of baths, as in the case of pallets it in terms of ideal operational properties – hygienic, wear-resistant, lightweight, does not lose color and shine.
You can choose a shower tray of any desired shape - rectangular, round, multi-faceted, and adjust it to any form of shower. So, the consumer, choosing the shape and color of the walls and the tray can make their own shower bath. It should take into account that properly installed doors should open easily and silently closed securely in place.
If funds permit, you can access ready-made shower. In the market they are represented mainly by Italian and Scandinavian companies. Despite the seeming simplicity, showers can perform various functions, such as massage, ultrasound massage, tropical rain, Turkish bath, shower “ waterfall & rdquo ;.
Cheap showers are usually from 1200 to 1600 dollars. They are equipped with a whirlpool system with several nozzles, non-slip tray, safe, mixer, shower head, shower holder and bathroom shelves.
There are more expensive models – with built-in seats, shelves for accessories, thermostats, massage shower on a tripod and hydromassage jets. These cost more than $ 2,500.
Consumer choice is wide: you can choose a cabin with delights – lights, decorative mirrors, waterfall faucet, shower head mobile devices cervical, dorsal and vertical massage, steam sauna, radio, temperature gauge, clock, electronic control panel, system, options for climate regime.
If you find a $ 6000 for such a cabin, you will need to go into it just as well it will wash itself.
But that's not all. In any such cab can install steam bath kit worth $ 1,000. The steam generator and the dome with dense insulation convert it into a steam Turkish bath with low-temperature steam. This gentle steam is not contraindicated, even for people with heart disease. It can be flavored vapor with special oils.
The cost of the steam bath, depending on the configuration may be 4000-5000 or even $ 75,000.
Installing these “ smart ” Multi-function – a serious matter. After all, it must be secure, leak-proof, comfortable, fit into the overall layout of the room. To help choose the best you can always professionals.  
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