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A reliable roofing material for qualified professionals

I think that many professionals would agree that today's market there is a huge choice of roofing materials.   Slate, ondulin or evroshifer, metal, flexible and natural tile – You can choose any material to perform the tasks of different complexity and on the most diverse customer request.  
What determines the choice of the material from the customer, and professional?

Green & Fire
Resistance to weather and climate features of  
Ease of installation
To begin with, that the main criterion for the choice of roofing – its durability. And here is hard to beat ceramics. This tile is placed on a century. Next on the reliability followed by metal and shingles. But Slate and least durable ondulin: after a few years, these materials can lose form or even collapse.  
In recent years, customers are more likely to insist that during the construction of an environmentally friendly and safe materials. In this respect, a lot of questions to the slate (Asbestos – one of the most toxic materials) and shingles, which is a part of the bitumen – carcinogenic material, which can lead to dangerous diseases tenants of the house, where the most flexible tile installed. In addition, bitumen - combustible material.  
The most attractive appearance, of course, a ceramic tile. Wide range of colors can boast of metal, shingles, Onduline. However, with regard to the latter, after a couple of years, it may lose its appeal.
I agree that it is most pleasant to work with Roofings, easy to install. Quickly mounted slate ondulin and metal. Will have to tinker with classical ceramic tiles, as well as shingles. Regarding the latter, then it is further necessary to install OSB boards, which greatly complicates the work.
We are often baffled customer inquiries: « I want affordable and well! & Raquo ;. But a huge amount of different materials allows you to make the right choice. Based on all of the properties of different types of coatings, it can be concluded that the most appropriate materials for quality – metal and ceramics. However, if you choose the pricing issue, the undisputed leader in the ranking of « price-performance » It becomes metal.   As you can see, and other parameters lead this cover.
Touch on another issue: whether the material takes into account the peculiarities of the climate of the region, where it will be used?   It is, you see, an important point, because it is the first roofing resists the aggression of the environment: the hot sun, high humidity.
Recently, the market there are materials that meet the climatic characteristics of the region. The recent discovery of – Steel metal silk, which is used   more and more of our colleagues. Steel silk specially designed to meet the climate of the region where the roof is installed.
A reliable roofing material for qualified professionals A reliable roofing material for qualified professionals
Steel Silk is available in several varieties (protection from the sun, water, sun + water), differing weight of zinc and polyester coating thickness that ensures durability in various climatic regions where the roof will be used.

Now, in order.

The temperate climate is characterized by normal humidity and normal solar activity. The roof, made of steel produced silk Classic for a temperate climate, has all the necessary features that will ensure its long and reliable service. The thickness of the rolled metal material of this type – 0.5 mm, weight 180 g zinc \ m & sup2 ;, and the thickness of the polyester cover 0 25 mm.
In conditions of high humidity increased the likelihood of corrosion of the metal. Steel silk WP (Water Protection) with the increased weight of zinc rolled metal (275 g \ m & sup2;) will make the roof resistant to wet attack of the environment.
In regions with high solar activity the roof needs to be protected from ultraviolet radiation. Here, the manufacturer offers a solution to this issue – thickening layer of polyester coating. In steel silk SP (Sun Protection) polyester coating thickness - 30 microns, thereby providing additional protection roof, and it will keep bright and attractive much longer.  
In the context of both humid and sunny climate the roof must be protected from both corrosion and from sunlight.   Steel silk DP (Double Protection)     provides this protection by increasing the zinc content and the thickening layer of polyester coating (weight of Zn & ndash ; 275 g \ m & sup2 ;, polyester coating – 30 microns).  
Steel Silk - an aesthetic and modern material. Specially selected material color as close as possible to the natural color of tile European cities. Importantly, Steel Silk meets environmental and fire safety.  
On quality and durable materials manufacturers provide appropriate safeguards. This is the case of silk Steel: Manufacturer boldly offers customers a guarantee to twenty-five years.  
Steel Silk complies with all European and domestic standards and has all the necessary certificates.
Well,   and the last. Good material can not be cheap. If you want to have a reliable result of their work, it is necessary to pay attention to the material,   of construction of the roof. In the production of   Steel silk into account all   needs   builders and customers, and as a result we have a product with optimal « price-performance ».
For more information about all the features and benefits of metal for the production of steel roofing silk can read the   is.
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