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As the roof and what to choose?

As the roof and what to choose?

How to choose a roof?

Good roof - a reliable, durable, technically advanced and architecturally attractive. It is about a dream of the roof all homeowners who are building or renovating a house. In this issue of the choice of roofing material all decide differently. How? The most important rule, according to which it is necessary to choose a roofing material: it depends on the type of roof pitch. If the angle of inclination of up to 18% - preferably soft roof, more than 18% - hard. In the city of Ivanovo there is a large selection and hard and soft roofs. We analyzed the most interesting in our opinion offers the Ivanovo companies.

What kind of roof to choose?


On the one hand, to the soft roof are the cheapest web materials (such as roofing, steklogidroizol, linokrom), on the other hand – it is also an elite shingles, and democratic ondulin. What unites them is that all types of soft roof require installation on a rigid base – concrete or wood. If you need to make the roof quickly and inexpensively, then the best option – Rolling facing materials: cloth, rolled in rolls. The most accessible of them – linokrom and Bikrost . They have a similar design: the basis - canvas, fiberglass, polyester - which both sides suffered oxidized bitumen. Oxidized bitumen to increase the heat resistance of the roofing. To improve consumer quality of bitumen, it is combined with various polymeric additives. If the bitumen is added to styrene or SBS (synthetic rubber) – Uniflex is. If, together with SBS in bitumen added mineral fillers – is Technoelast .

According to experts, the most high-quality rolled materials, preserving its quality up to 40 years. All are designed for stacking in two layers. It can be laid on the wet surface, which allows the roof « breathe ». In Ivanov official dealer « Technonikol » It is the company « Synthesis ». Who is « Synthesis » It provides 70% of all supplies to the region of a soft roof. In August a cooperation agreement with MPZHH on which the « Synthesis » delivers all firms won the tender for the repair of roofing materials on credit without interest. On the basis of the Ivanovo « Center Building Systems » company « Technonikol » and « Ondulin » opened a warehouse of custody, which means that materials these companies can be found in stock at any time.

« Ondulin » - is the polymer – bituminous roofing, original wavy roofing and cladding material, which make France. The company guarantees the quality of the material, at least 15 years, although, generally it is not less than 50 years. Onduline sheets are painted before impregnation with bitumen, which makes them resistant color. In Ondulina has its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, it is an environmentally friendly material. The water is collected from the roof, covered with Onduline, it can be used for watering plants. Sheets Ondulina withstand snow loads up to 900 kg per square meter. For all its benefits ondulin - just cheap stuff. But it also has disadvantages: it burns. Moreover, at its rough surface retains dust and dirt. Although if you compare the cost of « galvanized + work » and « ondulin + work », ondulin get much more profitable.

Flexible (asphalt) shingles – a sort of hybrid ceramic tiles and roll materials. From the first she took the aesthetics and form, from the second - the plasticity and high bonding strength. Shingles is a plate in the form of flakes, consisting of fiberglass impregnated with bitumen (although this description is suffering Simplified), top   - armor basalt granules stained at 800 & deg; C. With this flexible tile throughout the service life (40-50 years) retains its original color. Shingles is especially good for complex roofs, because it has very little waste (for comparison: the sheet materials, and above all, at the metal complex on the roofs of the waste goes to 40% of the material). The drawback - you need a solid crate of quality planed boards or waterproof plywood, sheathing for corporate backing keeps the rug and only then - actually shingles. The total cost of such a roof « pie » will be about 600 rubles. per sq.m. However, given the beauty and durability, shingles can be a good choice for the buyer.

Metal roof

You've decided that your roof is metal? Then, you choose three roofing: profile flooring, galvanized sheet metal and metal. Metal tiles invented in the West for more than 30 years ago, and since then it has successfully replaced the more expensive and time-consuming to install ceramic tile. Metal is manufactured from galvanized steel by stamping in the form of sheets that reproduce the pattern of traditional tiles. When choosing metal important to bear in mind that its consumer characteristics (and therefore price) depend on the type of coating. Polyester - the cheapest cover, but it's no different color- and wear, even if it is a Finnish « Ranilla », which is traditionally considered one of the best materials. A more resistant coating is « pural », which gives 15-year-old guarantee. Best Quality covering - PVDF, but he limited colors: Only « metallic », as favorite Ivanovo cherry and green no. The advantages of the metal include its light weight, ease of installation, rich color palette, long service life, a set of necessary components (they are supplied by firms with material). Arguments against the choice of metal may be that it makes a noise in the rain and wind gusts.

It is important that during the renovation of the old roof does not require dismantling of the existing pavement. On the contrary, roofing, flat iron and other roofing materials - a quality extra waterproofing. The main thing to remember that it is necessary to prevent corrosion islyuchit direct contact of galvanized steel with bitumen. If you make a flat roof of galvanized sheet, according to employees of the center of the roof « NEXT », is better to buy « Gostovskaya » size sheet 1,25h2,5 m. Novolipetsk production or Cherepovets. According to them, in the production of sheets Mariupol (they often have a size of 1x2 m.) Often receives criticism because of the quality of the zinc coating: fairly quickly after installation they can be covered with dark spots. To the roof of the « galvanizing » is not « Sail » wind sheets during assembly to be cut lengthwise into two parts. The easiest way to work with galvanized corrugated roofing sheets. This steel sheets were cold-rolled to obtain the desired shape of the corrugations and, usually covered by a protective layer of polymer. This material is used for the simple device of roofs of houses and outbuildings. The sheets are made throughout the length of the slope from the eaves to the ridge, laid overlapped and attached special roofing screws with a gasket. At a cost of « material + work » profiled to date, it is one of the cheapest options.

The roof of natural tile

In Ivanovo roofing centers sold as ceramic , and Cement-sand tile .     The traditional ceramic tile is produced by forming, drying and firing clay. " crude " pottery is placed into a special furnace at a temperature where more than 1000 C, it takes on its technical properties and reddish-brown color to boot. Cement-sand tile is preparing pressing under high pressure colored mortar, the distinguishing feature is that it is gaining strength in the operation. It should be borne in mind that 1 sq.m. natural tile weighs 40 kg, which places increased demands on the thickness and strength of the rafters. And if you decide on a roof tile of this, you need to pay careful attention to the selection team that will mount it. But tiles fireproof, heat, frost, indifferent to corrosion and durability.



  • Roll materials and corrugated board - cheap, though short-lived;
  • Onduline - inexpensive, diverse in color, but is flammable;
  • Metal - easy to install, but very noisy in the rain;
  • Ceramic tile - durable, but difficult to install and hard;
  • Shingles - especially useful for complex roofs, non-waste, but it is quite expensive.
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