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Asbestos-cement roofing

This type of coverage is most often used in the construction of low-rise houses with sloping roofs of 25-45 degrees. The roof of asbestos cement sheets characterized by sufficient strength, durability, fire resistance and cost.  

Crate under a roof made from bars section 50 X 50 X 60 mm or 40 mm, nailed at a distance of 500 mm from each other, which is slightly less than half of the sheeting.  

It is advisable to perform roofing work 4 people. Before you start you need to sort through them all the sheets, depending on the direction of stacking. If laying from right to left, the sheets should be chosen so that the extreme right wave to them was ordinary and the extreme Left — overlap. In standard asbestos-cement sheets ordinary wave height is 54 mm, and the overlapped — 45 mm. Selected sheets are collected in a stack of three conventional and one truncated and placed along the wall.  

To maintain the installation needs to be done to prepare the boards and a strong rope. One person feeds sheets to his partner, located on the stage, and the other two standing on the crate, take and set lists.  

To asbestos cement sheets are attached to the crate, they make 3 — 4 holes for nails or screws.  

Doing a hole with a drill so as to be located on the crest of the wave, and the diameter was about 2-3 mm larger than the diameter of the nail or screw.    

Roofing begin with a series of cornice, proper installation is controlled by a cord-prichalku. Lay the sheets from the bottom up in horizontal rows. Overlapping adjacent sheets connected to a wave or half of it. Sheets let in the second row on the page of the first series 100 — 150 mm (size of inlet depends on what kind of roof slope, the higher it is, the less overlap).    
For convenience, before the start of the board along the eaves secure the bracket against ovetrovye — two on each page — so that its bent ends are held firmly asbestos cement sheets for the wave crests. After you have laid the first row, on it with chalk or a pencil line is planned to overlap and fit the second row.  

Asbestos cement attached to the base length of galvanized nails or screws 70-90 mm, which enclose under the bonnet washers made of galvanized steel, rubber, or pads made of two layers of roofing material (rice). Nails in the crate should score above through asbestos cement sheets, otherwise the latter may be formed cracks and chips.  
  1. crate
  2. Bracket
  3. Sheet Slate
  4. gable overhang
  5. Nail or screw

  After the roofing nail heads, and all the suspicious cracks covered Surikova putty.  
Stack asbestos cement sheets in two ways: vrazbezhku by shifting them towards each overlying row, or exactly one above the other.  
A more simple and reliable method is the first, as when laying the sheets over each other without displacement along the edges of one sheet overlaps four adjacent, resulting in the formation of the gap through which moisture may penetrate. To avoid this, you need to pre-cut the corners of the sheets.  
The last stage — Floor ridge, which beat the special, with a rounded top edge, ridge bar having a section of 100h60 mm. Then the bar closed strips of web material and put him ready asbestos details PAC-1 and PAC-2. The first item is placed in the direction of wide bell gable. To make the nail holes (two on flat flaps on two axes of the convex portion). The holes on the flat lapel make so that they pass through the wave crests of asbestos-cement sheets.    

Instead of finished parts to the ridge can be used two downed angle board mounted on top of the asbestos-cement sheets and nails hammered them.  

It should be noted that the hemming eaves and gable boards easier to mount before roofing. So bare crate will serve as ladders, and the work can be carried out both from below and from above.

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