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Building materials: range of roofing materials

Building materials: range of roofing materials Work on the construction of roofs « take » over about 15 percent of the funds allocated for the construction of the building. Justified whether such a provision imposing? Maybe we should do « a little blood », when it is carried on the surface of the roof arrangement?
The house will never become important centers of comfort as long as the issues are resolved his heat and waterproofing. The roof protects the house from rain, the quality of the performance of roofing activities largely depends on the comfort of building occupants. Thus, 15 percent of the finance allocated to the implementation and commissioning of the house - the real figure. It remains only to determine the choice of materials through which the settling plane.

More than half of the cases for works used metal. What is it? The basis of the roof panels of galvanized steel coated with polymer compositions. Steel provides mechanical strength, the polymers are responsible for the waterproofing characteristics. We should also point out the obvious advantages of the material, which imitates the natural tile. It is about him:

  • affordable cost criteria (it can afford the customer building production with different financial capabilities);
  • wide field of use (metal is actively used not only in civil, but also in the industrial and special construction);
  • decent appearance;
  • a wide selection of color solutions (in the trading network material is presented in red, yellow, green, blue, brown, gray and many other color versions);
  • decent insulating properties.

Building materials: range of roofing materials In addition, the installation of metal is carried out without the need for the construction of the frame & ndash ; bases of trees or water-resistant plywood (OSB). Sheets of metal itself has an impressive mechanical strength. Attached to the elements of the truss system, they are able to withstand directed toward them impressive wind, snow load and installation. The service life of the new generation of roofing material over 15 years – All this time, the panel remain useful custom criteria adequately protect occupants from the « vagaries of the weather ».

Gone are the days when trade network were presented roofing materials exclusively imported. Attention buyers a wide range of domestic products, made in accordance with both the sample size and technical requirements of the customer.

Equally in demand on the network is the building hypermarkets and soft tile. The basis for its implementation is a fiberglass – abrasion-resistant material with many advantages. Bitumen roofing imposing different regulatory resources, unique waterproofing properties, abrasion resistance, ease of installation. This flexible arrangement is suitable for roof roofs of complex configuration, including towers and dome vaults. Components of the roofing material can take any form – adhesive surface provides a secure fit tiles.

Installation of bitumen roofing is made with galvanized nails. Laying sheets begin with the lower part of the roof, is gradually moving upward. The peculiarity of this roofing material is the fact that it is necessary to strengthen the pre-assembled frame (wood or plywood). The service life of the soft roof more than 10 years.

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