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Buyer shingles: who is he, what is it?

A variety of modern roofing provide tremendous opportunities for buyers. And at the same time it complicates the selection process since the consumer has to consider a number of different categories tovarov.Pochemu people prefer a particular material? This question is of interest to all participants of the construction market.

The aim of this study was to identify the tastes and preferences of customers shingles. The survey involved people who recently purchased a soft roof Shinglas, Tegola and Rufleks. The study organizers:

  • find out what roofing buyers considered as competitors of shingles.
  • to find out why consumers prefer it to this material.
  • Have revealed the emotional rewards and rational benefits that are important to buyers of shingles.

When buying?

According to the results of the study revealed that the adherents of all three brands have decided to get shingles in the construction of a new home or you want to update the old roof. In some cases, soft roof was chosen because of the complex configuration of the roof.

How to choose?

In the first stage shingles consumers compared with other coatings. On the second evaluated all brands and preference for a particular brand. In the course of studying the properties of the material were used all possible sources: the stories of friends, conversations with employees of construction crews and representatives of construction companies, the study of specialized magazines, websites, producers, advertising and information booklets, visiting stores and construction markets.

Why shingles?

Among the positive characteristics of the material surveyed called light weight, good noise, hydro and thermal insulation, environmental safety, a large choice of colors and the ability to manufacture customized coverage. At the same time, customers have expressed a number of concerns with respect to the mechanical strength of the material and its resistance to the negative effects.


What choose?

As options interviewees considered all the most popular roofing materials: metal, natural tile, slate and ondulin. The least interest among customers caused slate. According to survey participants, he   modern enough and does not provide opportunities to create individual style. Consumers also noted the fragility and noise slate and concluded that the low price of the material can not compensate for its shortcomings.

Natural tile is not too interested in the survey participants. They considered it unacceptable for a high price of the material. Furthermore, among the disadvantages of coatings were named complexity of installation and too much weight.
Slightly higher in the ranking of buyers of shingles appeared ondulin. Among the advantages, along with the low price, respondents mentioned low weight, long life and good sound insulation. However, it was observed an insufficient number of colors, the external similarity with slate and rapid loss of appearance.

The greatest interest of survey participants has caused metal. According to consumers, it   It can be regarded as an option, due to the relative ease of installation, attractive appearance, durability and dyeing. Clincher « against » in this case, was the high level of noise, a lot of waste, complexity of delivery and the possibility of corrosion damage.

Selection Criteria


As the table shows, the views of customers of different grades of shingles are very similar. However, adherents of each brand have focused on the specific qualities of the selected products. For example, buyers Rufleks indicated a desire to keep up with the times, and the level of prosperity, allowing you to select high-quality roofing material.

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