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Caring for the roof with plastic coating

Sheets, plastic-lined, should be checked every year, best in spring. Believe me, care for the roof is very important if you want to extend its life and maintain its beautiful appearance. Remove the remaining debris on the roof, if necessary, wash the sheets of neutral detergent.
If any damage to the coating (lamination coating), remove all the pieces separated, rusty stains, dirt and debris with a steel brush or scraper. Damaged paint repair paint the place, developed in cooperation with manufacturers of steel manufacturers of paints.
When selecting the appropriate repair paints, paint manufacturers can provide the necessary additional information.
, subject to annual roofing sheets CHECK WITH PLASTIC COATED
Status paint becomes chalky, possible discoloration or cracking or peeling of the coating.
The surface condition of the sheet detect the need for the following actions: washing, cleaning, processing of rust spots and edges of the sheet, tint, or need a new painting.
Debris in gutters. The clogged gutters develops corrosion due to possible leakage
Clear debris from the drain, which holds moisture and promotes corrosion.
Clogging/dirt surface of the sheet develops the risk of corrosion, as Crude surface
Clean the surface of sheets of debris with a soft brush or wash with neutral detergent and allow to dry well.
Possible damage to the coating, scratches and dents.
Choose repair, or replacement of a new painting sheet it needs to determine the nature of the damage.
Clamps, riveting, cutting and drill chips, metal objects left on the surface of the sheet creates corrosion.
Clean the surface of metal objects and process possible scratch paint. Replace uncorrected/incorrect fasteners.
Incorrect installation or inappropriate hardware installation instructions can cause leaks and corrosion.
If the thread is damaged, replace the screws on the larger diameter.
Corrosion edges slope, joint sheets and edge cut sheets. The spread of corrosion time contributes to the raw edge.
Carefully handle the edge of the metal, and then paint.


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