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Design and installation of soft tile

Design and installation of soft tile Design and installation of soft tile
Structure shingles " Icopal ":
1 - Sprinkling granules;
2 - bituminous mass;
3 - wool-based;
4 - self-adhesive strips of bitumen (at the end).
The structure is completely self-adhesive Shingles " Tegola ":
1 - Sprinkling;
2 - bituminous mass;
3 - wool-based;
4 - self-adhesive layer;
5 - protective film.

Coverage of the soft tile " Tegola ", lined copper sheet:
Design and installation of soft tile
1 - self-adhesive strip;
2 - thin copper sheet;
3 - modified bitumen;
4 - glass;
5 - an intermediate layer of bitumen;
6 - a protective polypropylene film.

The device is a soft roof tiles

soft tile , as well as all bituminous materials consists of several layers. Different types of soft tile can vary in structure, depending on the method of installation and desired decorative effect.

The basis of shingles - fiberglass or fiberglass coated both sides with oxidized or modified bitumen. The front surface - colored stone or mineral aggregates, which gives the material a variety of color shades and protection from climate impacts, providing thus a long period of operation. The front surface may be applied to the bituminous adhesive patches designed for fixing the tiles to each other when laying the overlapping (in the absence of the adhesive layer on the bottom side of the tile).

The underside of the tiles, or completely covered with a layer of silica sand, or on the edge of the tiles added a layer of self-adhesive SBS modified bitumen, which is protected with a special film.

Mounting soft tile

For roofs with a slight slope or having a base to which it is impossible to fix the tile nails, apply tile adhesive completely.

A number of companies used for the surface layer copper plates that although the cost of the product increases, but also offers additional possibilities for design.

soft tile , lined with copper sheet, has a somewhat different from conventional bitumen tiles structure. Tile is already out of 8 layers of adhesive strips, copper foil, two layers of modified bitumen, two layers of fiberglass, lightweight coating and protective film.

Tiles covered with copper sheets can have both scaled and rectangular in shape.

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