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Differences polymer coatings of metal

Appearance and durability of construction materials of steel is largely dependent on the protective coating, which protects it from aggressive environmental influences. The correct choice of polymer coating metal (taking into account the climatic and geographical conditions) can significantly increase its service life.

Differences polymer coatings of metal The Finnish manufacturers have developed several coating metal , which have their own characteristics and applications. Let's take a closer look at each of them:

Pura (PU) - coating based on polyurethane-modified polyamide. Developed in 1999 by experts of the Finnish Rautaruukki Group exclusively for use on the roof, as the best of the coatings available today. Pural coating has a silky matt surface.

Why pural considered optimal coverage?

  • Pural is highly resistant to corrosion, fading and mechanical damage. Pural Coating Thickness - 0.05 mm with 0.02 mm accounted for primer. Its thickness is much greater than the thickness of the primer paints applied to other polymer coatings, and thus anticorrosive component it contains greater.
  • Pural coated steel used for the production of both metal and seam roof. Sheets coated Pural easily processed (cut and prevent microcracks on bends) at a temperature of -15 degrees Celsius, which is lower than that of the sheets with other coatings. Roofers and Tinsmiths really appreciate this cover.
  • The manufacturer's warranty - 15 years.

    The combination of all these qualities, and gives us reason to believe that is the best pural coated metal.

The market also provides metal coated with PUR. Some vendors mislead consumers by claiming that it is the same pural, not only Finnish and Swedish. However, it is not. Steel coated pural produces Finnish company Ruukki (since 1 September 2004 was called the group Rautaruukki). The above coatings are significantly different, especially the coating material. Pural - polyurethane-based coating, it is much stronger than the coating PUR. PUR - coating based on polyester (also known as P-50, the producer - Swedish concern SSAB). Furthermore, pura thicker undercoat layer is therefore more reliable corrosion protection. Metal roofing coated with PUR difficult to mount the sub-zero temperatures - the minimum working temperature is only 5 degrees Celsius compared with -15 at the Purana. Laboratory tests show that the Purana higher color stability. And finally, from the unstable coating PUR coating thickness (42-48 microns to 50 microns from Pura).

POLYESTER (PE) - coating based on polyester. This is the most expensive of the proposed Finnish manufacturer of coatings. It is suitable for those who do not have any high reliability requirements. Metal with this coating can withstand the high temperature of the air is resistant to corrosion, its resistance to mechanical damage is lower than the Puranas, and coatings PVF2.

MATT POLYESTER (PEMA) - This polyester coating has a good color fastness, corrosion and mechanical stability and good resistance to climatic influences. Most often this coverage is chosen by people who need no gloss on the roof.

PVF2 (PVDF) - near the industrial air pollution compounds of various chemical elements (sulfur, chlorine, nitrogen), as well as dirt and soot. For such corrosive conditions best suited PVF2 coating (PVDF), 80% consisting of polyvinyl fluoride and 20% acrylic. Initially it was designed to cover the facades and is mainly used in the facade design. Durable, more resistant to UV coating almost does not fade, has a beautiful shine. In performance coating PVF2 comparable coated pural, but this metal coating is more expensive.

plastisol (PVC) - a decorative polymer composed of PVC and plasticizers. Due to the large thickness of the plastisol (0.2 mm), this coating is one of the most resistant to mechanical damage, but it has a relatively low thermal resistance and resistance to UV radiation. Warranty on the coating of the Finnish manufacturer do not provide and gradually reduce its production.

As they say, trust but verify. If you choose metal roofing, bypassed several roofing companies, where they took samples of coated metal, and still doubt the quality, come to us, together with you we will conduct comparative tests and choose the most suitable cover.

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