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Exterior finish of the roof

Carefully designed Finish Roof will not only give the house a decorative look, make it different from all the other houses, but also enhance its protective properties.  

Steel roofs  
For coloring the steel roof of black metal used oil paints made on natural drying oil and nitroemali. Before painting the gap in the pipe collars, various irregularities and imperfections, joints recumbent folds carefully shpaklyuyut. Then, the entire surface of the roof is primed iron oxide on drying oil or nitro primer.  
The roof of galvanized steel in the first ten years, you can not paint, covering the inside surface of the hot linseed oil.  

Asbestos roof  
Corrugated and plain asbestos-cement roofing painted nitroenamels, oil or perhlorvinil paints, but, in contrast to the steel roof color choices should be made in favor of a more peaceful.  

Wooden roof  
The wooden roofs, it is desirable to preserve the natural texture and color of the material. Weatherproof they can protect the layer of varnish or lacquer frost.

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