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Features shingles

Shingles (it is soft or bituminous) – relatively new for the CIS countries and the material, despite the fact that on the world market it is known for a hundred years. With regard to the structure of the material, shingles easier to compare with the multi-layered cake, which consists of bitumen, stone powder, durable glass fiber and, of course, the adhesive layer. Fiberglass provides high strength material and stone chippings protects against mechanical damage, exposure to damaging ultraviolet rays. The task of the adhesive layer – ensure the necessary tightness of the coating after mounting. On the transport and storage of the adhesive layer is protected by a special silicon film which is easy to remove if necessary.

During installation   shingles   is securely attached to the base of the roof mounting nails, each element is placed so that the cap mounting nails were lying under the shingles above the lobe. Due to this fact, a perfect surface on which is absolutely not seen any hats.

Today, interest in this type of roofing material has a tendency to grow. This is due to its advantages, among which the extraordinary plasticity and flexibility that makes the choice of roofing material is obvious and allows to realize the most daring imagination of architects and designers. Shingles can be covered with a roof with any level of geometric complexity.  

Also plasticity, it also has several other features that distinguish it from similar types of roofing materials. So shingles:

· provides the best roof waterproofing;

· waste materials, even on difficult roofs minimum;

· has excellent appearance;

· ideal for roofs of any shape;

· resistant to sudden temperature changes;

· easy to install, no need to use special tools;

In addition to the above, a special mineral dressing ensures color stability of shingles, regardless of the intensity of the destructive action of UV rays and aggressive environment. Variety of colors allows you to choose tiles for any facade.

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