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Fiberglass - versatile material for construction

Fiberglass - versatile material for construction fiberglass - it is glass fabric, glass fibers obtained by interlacing, warp and weft. Meshes woven from glass fiber aplyumoborosilikatnoy a specific cell size, and are impregnated with a polymer composition.
Glass grid, depending on the density, cell size and the type of impregnation have a different purpose. For example in the construction industry are used for the grid:

  • External insulation systems
  • Reinforcement of internal and external plaster
  • Laying on the walls and on the floor in front of their plate of tiles
  • Repair floors with fine leveling materials
  • Waterproofing flat roofs
Thus it becomes clear that the scope of the reinforcing plaster and fiberglass is large enough and is constantly expanding, t. To. The fiberglass can be called a universal material for repair and construction.


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