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Gutter Systems PVC and galvanized steel

Gutter Systems PVC and galvanized steel Gutters need almost any roof. They protect exterior walls and basement from water, the foundation - from excessive moisture. Due to the drain water from the roof is collected and sent to the same place, and the building is not threatened premature failure. In addition, the system can also be decorative, to emphasize the transition from the roof to the walls of the gable to the front. This house will look stylish and elegant.

In the simplest case water with roofing (pitched roof) runs directly on the ground. This way of drainage is usually called unorganized. Unorganized drainage is justified only in a small building with a shed roof, and provided that the water will not fall on the sidewalk. This drainage causes damage to the facade elements, the destruction of the cap, premature wear foundation because of the excessively high hydrostatic load.
The most common and practical way to remove the sediment from the roofing – is organized by the external drainage. When organized outdoor wastewater flowing down from the roof gutters drain water on the outer eaves.

Modern drainage system have a full complete set of all the necessary elements, including fasteners. Form gutters and pipes can be circular or rectangular. Application of an element type is determined by the aesthetic perception of the overall architecture of the building and selected by the architect or owner of the building.

Gutters have a very wide range of sizes of gutters and pipes. The size of each element is calculated in accordance with regulatory requirements, while it is always possible to combine the dimensions of the elements, each time making the best choice for the cost of the kit. The calculation takes into account the slope of the roof and the area, as well as the number and location of the points of water flow.

Cost system drains , is usually determined by the complexity of the roof, elevations and, of course, the area.

The material of construction of the roof, in general, does not affect the selection system. At the same time, experts advise to choose gutters and roof from the same company that will pick up and perfect color and fastening. However, you can install and drains of different firms, because they are all similar in structure.

The most common materials for gutters - PVC, galvanized steel with polymer coating and copper.

Gutters PVC

Plastic gutters every year are becoming increasingly popular. They are resistant to adverse natural influences, corrosion, chemical attack (acids and hydrocarbons) and ultraviolet rays, as well as easy to install. Compound individual elements can be glued in a manner and with rubber seals.

Plastic constructions, as well as other materials, tend to change in linear dimensions temperatures. Drains with rubber seals compensate for the effects of this phenomenon due to the free compound elements. The adhesive systems used gutter expansion elements (ordinary and funnel). They are installed in accordance with the recommendations of firms - manufacturers.

Gutters PVC represented in the market the following companies: Hunter (England), Nicoll (France), Galeco (Poland), Scala Plastics (Belgium), Plastmo (Denmark) and many others.

Gutters of galvanized steel with polymer coating

For the production of elements spillway systems are used hot-dip galvanized steel with thickness of 0.5-0.7 mm. The resin material used plastisol layer having a thickness of 100 microns, in contrast to the roofing material, the polymer is applied to both sides of the sheet. Due to the plastic coating (plastisol) overflow system can withstand temperature extremes from -400 C to 1200 C, which allows to use it in all weather conditions.

The main advantage of steel drainage systems is the high strength of the elements, which is very important for systems running under the load of snow and ice. Durability is provided by the use of systems of high corrosion resistance and durability of the polymer coating to the effects of media coverage.

Products represented firms: Aquasystem (Germany), Lindab (Sweden), Rannila (Finland) and others.

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