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How to cover the roof?

Roof – It is a very important engineering construction, which protects the building and the people in it, from the weather. Moreover, from its appearance often depends of the building as a whole, because the structures, as well as its owners, first estimate for « clothes ». When choosing a roofing material should take into account many factors – practicality, style and affordability in material terms.

First of all, according to the existing norms roof structure must withstand 200 kg per square meter. This number means wind and snow loads and the safety factor. Consider the durability and reliability of load-bearing structures: if your house is sturdy and powerful system of rafters, may be preferable to almost any type of material, including ceramic tiles. If the roof skeleton, then roofing material must be lightweight – soft asphalt shingles, Onduline, metal and others. All the material must not exceed 5 kg per square meter.

Also the choice of the material can affect the shape of the roof, the number of edges of its complex shape and elevation. For complex roof does not fit the usual slate, the material should be light and pliable.

The cover the roof of the house?

First of all, it is worth recalling that the roof is divided into two main groups – flat and pitched. We pitched slope is quite large, flat roofs at the angle of 3-5 degrees.

Based on the features of   roof structure and material must be chosen to cover it. Flat roofs often covered with polymeric or tarry materials, sometimes with tiles. Recently, on flat roofs there was such an innovation as the « green roof », for that roof makes concrete floor (using fill or plates), followed by a layer of waterproofing, and then the substrate, which are planted plants.  

Euroslate. With regard to the more traditional methods of direct roof covered with Onduline. Installation of this material is simple – bituminous corrugated sheets of glass or cardboard compressed at high temperatures – they both flexible and rigid. The building materials market offered a wide range of colors Ondulina. In addition, evroshifer convenient because it can even be mounted on the old roof, without removing the previous coating. This roof will last 25-30 years. Another popular variation is considered evroshifer Nulin – it consists of wood fibers impregnated with bitumen. Due to the low water absorption properties and resistance to weathering Nulin will last about 25 years.

Natural tiles. Pitched roofs can be coated with different materials, one of the most popular materials is tile. Natural tile is still popular, though her story began long before our era. The service life of such a roof – more than 50 years, with decorative features tile is not lost for a long time. It is resistant to aggressive environments, temperature, fire, perfectly absorbs noise. Furthermore, tiles absorb little moisture, about 5% by weight of the tiles.

If you're still undecided, than cover the roof of the house , the natural tile – a win-win. It argued that the tiled roof is quite heavy, but if the truss system is reliable, no problems. Durability is provided by special fastening clips and staples, most importantly – do not forget the sealing and impregnation.

Metal. In fact, this material is considered to be a kind of profiled galvanized steel with polymer coating. However, look at the interesting metal because the sheets are subjected to cross-stamping. There is such tiles are cheaper, though inferior kind of durability. The only drawback is considered to be increased noise in the rain, but this is largely dependent on the design of the roof and soundproofing. Properly assembled roofing system is silent and beautiful at the same time.

Soft tiles. This species is also called bitumen shingles or tar board shingles. The basis of the material is a cellulose fiber or glasswork, impregnated with bitumen and covered with mineral chips. She is very beautiful, moisture-resistant and weighs little, however, durability is poor – 10 years shingles begins to lose its decorative properties. But the abundance of shapes, patterns and colors will allow to realize any Architectural imagination.

Slate . Choosing, than cover the roof of the house , many owners still prefer the slate – it is durable, resistant to temperature and is suitable for any type of roof. It should be appreciated that the basis for this material should be a solid, with an air gap. The service life of such a roof – 15-20 years.

Copper . This roofing material is rare, although a roof every building looks like an elegant medieval castle. It is known that copper-covered roof even 4000 years ago. In a roofing greatest lifetime – up to 150 years. This material is easy to cut, it is like plastic and even for complex roof. Properly done the roof does not cave in under the snow or wind. Often the copper produced in rolls, the thickness of one tape – 0.6-0.8 mm. Sometimes, a ramp covered with small drawings – diamonds, scales, squares. When installing copper sheets used method of folding – when a small seam from above the plane of the compound, such construction becomes impermeable and sealed. Try to keep the copper is not in contact with aluminum, secured crate and a sheet with copper nails.

Zinc-titanium alloy . This material is very practical and looks nice on the roof. The climatic conditions it can last up to 100 years. Sheets of zinc-titanium alloy is very flexible, so they can be used for skin or gentle stingrays, giving the surface of the desired shape. One square meter of roof weighs 5 kilograms.

How to cover the roof of the garage?

Ruberoid . It is the cheapest and most ephemeral way to cover the roof of the garage, but many owners choosing, than cover the roof of the garage , preferred roofing felt. This paper, which is impregnated with bitumen, modified material is ondulin and shingles – They are more practical and have a long life. Laying roofing produce strips overlap at the edges of the roof under the canopy wrapped 15-20 cm. Roofing, fastening it with nails for slate. The surface is then coated with a bituminous roof lubricant and a second layer stack, and then repeat the procedure. This roof can last for 15-20 years, while the more modern materials like Ondulina serve 30 years.

Profiled . Galvanized smooth sheet, according to the procedure laid faltsetirovaniya, will not delay the snow and water. Laying is carried out using special equipment, fixed decking screws or rivets. If the roof gable garage, laid begin with the end face upwards. The edges of the sheet is fixed at the eaves in each of the second fold. The side parts make out with a special profile. This roof can last up to 50 years.

Slate . It asbestos boards, they are light and practical. Before you build the roof in slate pre-drilled holes into which with an allowance of a few millimeters are driven stainless steel nails. Laying slate is simple, it is worth remembering that the inner corners have to saw off, the sheets tight. The service life of a roof 30-40 years.

Metal . In fact, this is not tile, and a sheet of metal that bear the picture of this tile. This material is lighter and cheaper, although in performance is slightly inferior to natural tile. The roof of the metal will last up to 50 years, and a variety of colors and textures allows you to choose the suitable material, so that it was in harmony with the roof of the house.

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