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How to cover the roof metal tile, Decking, Ondulin, Slate

Question than cover the roof of concern to many owners of private houses, because it is a very important element of the building, which protects us from the elements. Whatever the roofing material you choose, about the intricacies of technology and styling you need to know. On this and will be discussed in this article.

How to cover the roof metal tile?

How to cover the roof metal tile, Decking, Ondulin, Slate

Metal – This hardened steel plates that are coated with a polymer coating and pattern that simulates a real tile. It argued that the metal produces a lot of noise during the wind and rain, in fact, this phenomenon occurs due to poor or incorrect installation. Metal – flexible, plastic material, so it can be even cover the roof of the complex form. There are many variations of colors and shapes of the material and the right amount can be determined after a thorough measuring roof slopes. For example, if the width of a standard roofing sheet – 1.1 m and 11.3 m length of the cornice, you need the number of sheets: 190,27 (11,3: 1,1).

Placed on metal lath so that it appeared on the edge of 3.5-4 cm, but no more, otherwise the severity of the sheet will lead to deformation of the ramp. Before you cover the roof metal tile, you will need tools – electric drill, saw, metal shears, a hacksaw, fastening. You can not cut the sheets of abrasive discs, since they can damage the protective coating, and you lose the manufacturer's warranty, better use tin snips.

Rafter system should be strong, according to the standards it must withstand a load of 200 kg per 1 sq.m. Do not install metal roofing to the rafters right – only lath of metal sheets or wooden planks. Begin with the end of the installation, if the roof gable, if the tent type, metal fastened to the highest point. Lay the sheets so that the new leaves cover the previous one is fixed to the roof ridge using screws and bolts. Where the overlap is made, metal roofing is best to mount on each wave a 2 cross pattern. Pay attention to lathing and rafters were skewed – otherwise the risk to spoil the whole look of the structure. Boards crates before put metal roofing is treated with antiseptic.

Where slopes are adjacent to each other, fix the roof valley, the bottom of which should cover the Cornice strip and the upper – on top of the wave plates. The overflow system is mounted on special hooks directly to the crate rather than shingles. Also, do not forget the lightning protection of the roof.

How to cover the roof Decking?

How to cover the roof metal tile, Decking, Ondulin, Slate

Corrugated – sheet steel or galvanized steel with a polymeric coating. There is a profile of varying heights and configurations, so it should be chosen taking into account features of your roof.

All begins with the roof measurements to determine the necessary amount of material. It is also worth to take into account the angle of rays. If it is not more than 14 degrees, the sheets are stacked overlapped by 20 centimeters. If the roof angle of 15-30 degrees, the overlap will be a little – 15 cm, with a slope of about 30 degrees overlap decreases to 10 cm. If the angle of slope of less than 12 degrees, for sealing joints need to use silicone.

Also, the angle of the roof affects the type of crates. For grades of corrugated board C20 is a solid framework for the C35 in increments of 30-50 cm, C44 step crates can be more than 50 cm. If you simply change the old to the new cover, crate, you can not redo again. Profiled weighs a bit and will not increase the load on your roof. As the fasteners for corrugated sheets used for roofing screws – on their end have a little bit, but under the bonnet neoprene lining. They may be of different colors, and you can easily pick up suitable option for your professional flooring. Screws are attached to the bottom of the wave. The ridge of the roof is secured by means of screws longer – 8 cm, the rest of the roof is secured 4-5 centimeter. Cutouts on the material to pass, grooves and other structures made of roofing using scissors or a sharp saw blade. Steel wool is removed with a soft brush. Decking can not be cut grinder. When the plates were formed scratches, they can paint or lacquer paint repair. The edges of the plates from the roof of the roof and covered with paints, it is not desirable to use an aerosol form of paint.

Work with a steel roof should be wearing gloves, protective clothing, when cutting sheets required to wear special glasses. Remember, decking can be slippery, so if you are traveling on the roof, use shoes with soft soles and tether. You need to step on the decking in the hollow waves of the crate, otherwise you risk to bend the material. If you are worried that the roof will be easy to slip into the snow and rain, can be directly installed and special snegoderzhateli. Drainage construction mounted on the crate with special hooks, and then later the roof is covered with corrugated roofing sheets.

How to cover the roof Ondulin?

How to cover the roof metal tile, Decking, Ondulin, Slate

Ondulin – evroshifer a kind, which is based on recycled cellulose or fiberglass impregnated with bitumen composition. In the markets a wide range of textures and colors Ondulina. This material is fairly easy – the weight of the sheet is less than 5.5 kg, standard sizes – 0.95 to 2 m, in addition, it is reliable and quiet, it is possible to put even the old roof.

When installing Ondulina look for overlaps and lathing. If the angle of the roof does not exceed 10 degrees, the crate should be continuous and overlapping – to 30 cm. If the roof is inclined at 10-15 degrees, the crate can be evacuated to 45 cm, is made to overlap one wave (20 cm). When a slope of about 15 degrees spacing of battens should not exceed 61 cm to 17 cm overlap.

Bars crates stacked to the rafters, cut sheets Ondulina hacksaw or reciprocating power saw, pre-lubricated with oil painting. Stacking sheets start from the bottom up, the sheets are mounted on the ends of each wave, along the edges of the side and end laps. To be more precise fasteners, we can pull along the axis of timber battens special cable. Endy are made using special ridge elements, which are beginning to mount on the leeward side, driving nails or screws into each wave evroshifer. The fins are made using the roof gable or ridge element. If you arrange ondulin vents and chimneys, the place of their   joints with a roof, it is desirable to process the sealant. Crate may be not only of wood, but also metal, then used as fastening screws. For the waterproofing of the roof with add-ons you need a special adhesive tape.

Please note that ondulin can only be set at zero temperature. During installation, you can only step on the crest of a wave, it is impossible to stretch the canvas. To fix the sheet you want to use 20 nails.

How to cover the roof of slate?

How to cover the roof metal tile, Decking, Ondulin, Slate

Slate is still popular among homeowners. It is inexpensive, durable and more affordable than metal or corrugated board. First of all, you need to measure the roof to determine how much you will need sheets of slate. In most cases, this material was used for roofs, a ramp which not less than 20 degrees. Sheets of slate attached to the crate with a step of 60-80 cm.

Before you begin, determine the wind direction, you should start with a ramp, which is on the leeward side. Slate sheets attached special nails with a cast cap and rubber pads to ensure a good seal. You can not punch holes in the slate for fasteners, such actions weaken the plate. Use a 6 mm drill bit and a template to drill from slipping. Nails are driven into each wave of the first row in the   subsequent rows fasteners present in each of the second wave. Longitudinal overlap should be not less than one wave, transverse – up to 15 cm. For the ridge of a gable roof using special corner elements, which are attached with the same nails.

When the installation is complete, it's time to take care of the integrity of joints, and you can use silicone sealant or mastic harness. And finally, painting. Agree, gray slate looks boring and monotonous, using acrylic paint, you can revitalize your home and protect it from the weather, because after painting on slate there is an additional protective layer. In addition, the paint will protect the slate from the growth of lichens and mosses, increase frost resistance.

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