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Making the roof canopy of polycarbonate

When we begin to think about equipping your home, yard, garden and other areas, we try to choose materials that have a high durability and reliability, to introduce them in any form or ornament decoration. It is in this material is fashionable and practical polycarbonate. It is the best material to make shelter from rain, snow and wind. It is mainly used in the arrangement of porches, entrances and terminals as cover industrial and warehouse premises, public institutions. The advantage of this material is the ability to combine aesthetics and ease of use, as well as a fairly simple installation.

What type of modern plastic?

The design of polycarbonate allows to solve several problems in the construction of a canopy: First — provide the necessary protection from rain or snow, and secondly — play the role of interesting additions to the design decision of the building as a whole in the third — implement quick and inexpensively installation. Polycarbonate sheets are lighter   — they can be transported on passenger transport, fold and bend.

It should be noted that most often seen this construction in places such as the playground for the car, terrace or veranda, various temporary structures on the site. The variety of shapes, forms and colors creates a wealth of images and possibilities. Polycarbonate sheets of various types and sizes made to use in a residential building, because it is such a material makes it possible to quickly and accurately replace old paint shed no extra cost and without using lifting equipment.

Among the already traditional applications of this material it is particularly necessary to mark the entrance to the building group. Canopy polycarbonate help create the most favorable conditions for a comfortable entry into the house or office. It is convenient in those days, when it's bad weather or the need to leave the car at the building. Such material can be applied in the construction of pavilions, lightweight structures in the area in the cottage. Among the public buildings in great demand bus stops, which are made of a combination of a metal frame and a plastic roof of polycarbonate sheets.

Making the roof canopy of polycarbonate

Types of polycarbonate

In the modern production today are three main types of polycarbonate:

  • High-quality polycarbonate. This form of the most durable, excellent transparency is different, has a huge advantage in the form of a low degree of flammability. Due to the unique production technology of solid polycarbonate is not damaged by ultraviolet radiation, does not change its characteristics over a long service life, it allows you to create an interesting play of light and shade due to refraction in the colored surface;
  • polycarbonate. This kind of material gets its widespread use due to its « cellular » structure. In the production of polycarbonate are used modern technologies for the extrusion of raw materials. Honeycomb reinforced polycarbonate sheet, they have a good impact resistance and high insulation performance. In this way they are used in the creation of all types of awnings;
  • wavy (corrugated) polycarbonate . An interesting form of material considered to be attractive in terms of aesthetics. If we talk about the qualities of the polycarbonate, it is characterized by a high degree of protection against harmful UV rays (98%   — according to the manufacturer). The strength of the material can be used in roofing different levels of complexity. Among the obvious advantages it can be noted and simplicity of use, and excellent resistance to anything Mother Nature, including adverse climatic conditions in areas where often there are extreme temperatures. In other words, corrugated polycarbonate – one of the universal means for decoration and construction of shelters.

Making the roof canopy of polycarbonate

Installation of polycarbonate

  1. Cutting panels.

Depending on the type of polycarbonate is used for cutting tools (both electrical and manual). As a rule, cutting is not difficult if you use a high-speed saw with special teeth. After the material is cut, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the joints and cavities on the chip, so that later it did not affect the integrity failures in joints.

  1. Rules drilling .

For mounting panels and create a design necessarily require the opening. You must use only sharp drills, besides the drill should be placed just below the 90 & deg ;. In order not to break the panel, it is necessary to drill at least 40 mm from the edge of the polycarbonate segment.

  1. The procedure for sealing the ends.

Among all the preparatory work sealing ends plays a major role. If you plan to vertical or inclined position in the design panel, the seal is made differently: the upper ends of the process of self-adhesive aluminum tape, and lower – perforated tape to provide both the detention of dust, and the outflow of condensed moisture. Also today, it is possible to combine the panel with a profile of the same color to make the whole structure of the original design solutions. There are three main rules for sealing, which must be observed in any type of construction of sheds:

  • closed all ends at each end of polycarbonate;
  • and the use of perforated aluminum tape rather than replacing them with cheaper analogues (Scotch);
  • Obligatory arrangement of holes in the lower end to prevent the accumulation of condensate.
  1. The vertical, horizontal and arched installation.

If vertical or horizontal installation is more or less light, the arched means competent unit frame and ribs. In order to bear the weight of the polycarbonate canopy of snow, it is necessary to entrust the settlement construction professional. In addition, there are clear rules for the orientation of panels that should be followed strictly. You should carefully watch over the observance of placing themselves plates: The front side has always marked by the manufacturer.

Making the roof canopy of polycarbonate

  1. The methods of fastening of polycarbonate panels.

In order to mount the polycarbonate, there are special profiles of different shapes, they are made of hard plastic, which can be subjected to bending, drilling and other mechanical stresses. Profile for mounting can be matched exactly match the color of the panel or with mild abnormalities in the darker side. There are two main options for the installation of polycarbonate panels: one-piece assembly with profiles, or, on the contrary, with split.

The means of fixing the panels:

  • point fixing;
  • corner installation;
  • Mount adjacent the wall;
  • Installation of polycarbonate roof ridge.

Each of these methods has its own rules, which are known to professional installers. For example, the mount point is made with special screws, in the process of installation can be used threaded studs and thermowashers. The angular mounting necessarily apply special profiles ensure reliable connections in difficult corners and contiguity to the wall on wall profiles, to mount on the dowels and screws.

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