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Materials for the installation of the roof

In recent years, the quality of roofing give preference to all, and the development of chemistry, physics and other sciences a direct impact on the improvement of the characteristics of roofing materials. No one knows that the life of the roof is a derivative of roofing material durability and quality Roofing . In other words, if we use reliable materials and do not save on labor in the installation of the roof , then we will repay our roof reliability for decades. Hence, the conclusion is self-guarantee longevity of the roof - a reliable roofing material and the device according to the technology. Sometimes people save on roofing attract   for the installation of roof-party team, but not having the proper qualifications Roofers and can ruin the material reward we further renovated the roof that few nice and very expensive.

All roofing materials are divided into:

- silicate (asbestos cement sheets that are flat and wavy, clay (natural, ceramic tile) and cement-sand   shingles). They are used in the construction of pitched roofs and flat roof installation

- Organic   (bitumen-polymer with additives of polymer modifiers and without them - bitumen, roll waterproofing and shingles, plastic - PVC and TPO membranes, materials of wood.) are used in the construction of pitched roofs, and installation and repair flat roofs

- Metal roofs (galvanized sheet and neozinced steel, often galvanized steel covered in the factory dopolnitelnymm layer polymer coating, which serves as a decorative element and additional protection of the metal. For elite coatings should include copper and alloy Aluzinc.) Used only when device pitched roofs .

Of course there are materials with different terms of service and natural class of their assortment is constantly growing, which leads to a renewal of technology installation of roofs and roof repairs as a consequence. Specialized organizations trying to monitor the dynamics of the construction market, to help the client navigate the abundance of roofing materials and to help select a suitable roofing. Usually an inexperienced person in the choice of the roof is only aesthetic and design solutions, it can not assess the reliability of the roofing and correspond to the coating specifically for this project or not, in these cases you can help both designers and experienced roofing company, who are engaged ROOFING many years and know the subtleties of the installation of various types of roofs can compare features of constructive attic or attic and roofing unite them in one complete and reliable system.

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